Clock Work

Spells, there are thousands upon thousands of spells in vast amount of languages both lost and known in this world. Some incantations need the aid of amulets, relics, gemstones and even blood. The more powerful and complex a spell the more strength of the user it takes, especially if you are a natural user (someone born to use the magic). The incantation used to carry the vessel of Brandis mother in a stone is one of many such spells, but its time is running out. Athame' and the others run as fast as they can but soon she becomes tired and restless, but only three and a half hours are left before the body and soul of Brandis mother, Jean, is lost forever. Soon Athame' grow weak from the effects of the spell.

Inferno: Athame!!!

Everyone stops running to aid her.

Zero: Is she ok?

Inferno: She's alright... it’s the spell... its draining her...

Brandis: How long do we have to go?

Inferno looks around for a little and Athame' points where the city is.

Inferno: Up there... few miles that way (he points and soon a dust cloud begins to start for the beginning of an ash storm)

Zero looks far with his eye.

Zero: I don't see anything!!! What the fuck?! Where are we?

Inferno: It's cloaked! Just relax.... we have to get somewhere until this storm clears up.

Brandis: Who knows how long that will be... (Kneels down to Athame') you half to get up.... that run alone will take 2 hours...

Inferno: She can't man, she's too weak... she

Cuts off Inferno.

Athame': No... I can do it... just..

The storm picks up in intensity and becomes unable to see through.

Zero: Shit!!!

Inferno: It's no use we have to take cover!

All take refuge in a small near by cave like slot in a rock formation about 20 feet away from them wasteland of bone and death. The Ash storm blows and scatters particles of hair and bone all around them, nearly blinding them. The crystal begins to shimmer and glows like a small star in the night sky.

Zero: Fuck!!! This is going to be a while...

Athame': Oh no!!

Inferno: What is it?!

Athame': The crystal... its glowing!

Brandis panic ally.

Brandis: Glowing!? What does that mean?!

Athame looks at him with worry but Inferno Answers.

Inferno: It means time is running out...if we don’t get through this storm.....

Brandis becomes very distraught and with a very blank expression on his face. Zero attempts to talk to him but after placing his head down in frustration Brandis stands up strong looks at everyone, takes the crystal from Athame, and begins running top speed through the storm.

Athame: NO!

Inferno: Wait!

Zero: He's got the right idea! We gotta get there... NOW!

Zero takes off behind Brandis shortly after. Athame' and Inferno look at each other and take off too, no one is able to see. The storm is too much, and blows them off their direction slightly putting them away from the city. Soon all catch up to Brandis and can barely see him due to the dirt and ash of the storm.

Zero: We're off course!!

Athame: How do you know?!

Zero: Because the wind pushed us over about a hundred yards or so...we're going in the direction!!

Inferno: What are we gonna do now!?

They all look around at each other and Brandis gets low to the ground and feels and examines it. He then hands the crystal to Athame'.

Brandis: Stand Back. (He says while getting off the ground)

He then puts his hands together and brings them over his head and comes down with a large force of strength toward the ground. He then continues to punch his way through the ground with his right fist. He struggles a little, and then pulls out a large root from under the ground. The root measures about ten feet long.

Inferno: What are you doing?!

Zero: OH! I know what this is! (Zero says as he takes part of the root and begins tying it around his waste)

Zero: I will lead, with my eye I can see where we are going!

Brandis: Here tie this around your waist!!! Zero can see through the storm!! I will take back the back and you two in the middle! This chain between us will allow us to stay together!

Athame: Inferno! What if we combine our powers to make the path clearer!

Inferno: You can't! You’re too weak! Any more magic in your condition and who knows what will happen!

Athame: I can take it! Trust me!

Brandis ties himself and Zero screams.

Zero: MOVE IT!!!

As a large tree almost take their heads off every one drops to the ground quickly, but Athame' loses the crystal but finds it with startling discovery. The crystal is now cracking.

Athame': We don't have much time now! GO!

All begin to run toward the city again back on track after 20 minutes. Only an hour and 14 minutes are left as the time continues to fall. And with e crystal cracked, minutes become seconds speeding up the time the spell has. Athame' and Inferno use their abilities to help shed light and clear a path to the city allowing them to move a lot fast through storm. And with the wind from the storm pushing their weight behind them it able them to speed up slightly more.

Inferno: There!! Almost there!!

Athame': I can't believe it!!

The storm soon begins to lighten up but still active but not as severe.

Zero: What are you talking about?! I see nothing!

Brandis: I see it...

The storm clears enough to show the city from out side the parameter and past the gates, showing a city of light and peace. Even Zero can't believe his eyes when he finally sees it. Everyone begins to run toward the gates with only 45 minutes left on the clock. But a loud and large tremor stops everyone in their tracks. Soon something large in height and matter rustles up much dust and dirt to blind everyone worse the storm did. When it settles 3 large sand worms emerge from the rubble surrounding all four in a triangle.

Zero: City of peace my ass!

As the worms attack everyone begins to run toward the gates but they are stopped by one of the worms. They are forced to use their talents.

Inferno: Athame!! What is this?!

Athame': It’s the security system! Suppose to ward off intruders of unknown or dark aura!

Inferno: But it knows us!!!

Athame: It's not us! (Athame says as she looks at Brandis fighting one of the warms in the distance)

The City is mere minutes away but with the sand warms keeping them from it, are only eating the time on the clock.

Zero: What is this!!!? Can't seem to make a dent! Not even a scratch!

Struggling in battle very much everyone seems to get further away from the city, the worms are doing their job well. But Brandis begins to get very upset.

Athame': It's the other shell!! Its made of an electronic allow to with stand bursting of energy and even physical attack!

Zero: Electronic?!

Zero gets an idea. He takes his the gun he has and resets it to EMP(electromagnetic pulse). He then charges it and fires it straight at one of the worms charging at him directly. The worm then crashes and falls inches away from him. Zero then smiles with pride.

Zero: Shell or no shell.... just another robot.... ( He then runs over to Brandis who is on top of a worm just pounding on it with his hands while the warm attempts to toss him off from its head)

Zero stands proudly because he has taken down one of the organic robots and is about to take down another. The worm comes charging at him and Zero begins to shoots but his gun jams. He struggles to fix it and the worm comes down on him but Brandis moves him out the way with a split second left. Athame' throws various objects at the creature and Inferno lights them on fire to get the beast attention. But it just whacks its tale causing a huge tremor toward them forcing them to the ground. It immediately tries to eat him and comes close but only manages to rip his arm off because it is stopped by Inferno. The beast then goes for Zero once again, but Brandis quickly picks up the gun and struggles with it as well. Primitive to guns he has no idea how to work it and gets angry and beats it which unarms and fires at the worm but misses. Meanwhile Athame' and Inferno fight off against the another worm but it has very little damage done to it. Two worms are left and time is very few. Zero can barely move and is losing blood fast. Athame' tends to him fast trying to stop the blood. This appears to be the end but suddenly a bright, warm gleaming light emerges almost as hot as the sun. A power stronger than ever sensed of seen by anyone. Inferno had risen into the air glowing hotter than fire. With fire red eyes and blazing long hair Inferno streams a streak of intense heat and fire toward the last 2 worms, he almost hits Athame' and the other but she shields them using a magic force field. The last worms burn to a melting pot, and Inferno collapses to the ground.

Athame': I can’t believe....

Brandis gets Inferno and carries him.

Brandis: How much time do we have?

Athame': Ten minutes... we won't make it....

Brandis: Never say... take the crystal and go on ahead I will get these two.

Brandis grabs zero in his other arm and carries both unconscious warriors two the city as Athame' uses the wind to fly her self to the gates and get it. But she soon grows a lot weaker herself after entering the gates. Moments later she collapses from weakness.

Athame': I....I'm...Sorry....

Athame' says as she looks up with guilt toward Brandis as he puts down Inferno and Zero to aid her. He then looks up stand to his feet, and finds guards armed with Melee weapons and stun staffs surrounding him and the others.

Guard: Put your hands on your head!!

Seven minutes are left standing on the clock.