Mortis Island

Where does the great since of "inner will" come from? Is it the yearn to live? The love and passion within? Or is it the shear desire and care for others? Whatever it is, it brings inner strength and power to the bewilder, allowing them to overcome the most drastic situations. Torture, pain, and even death.

The beings known as Drake's wield great will. It gives them their strength, their passion, love, and loyalty to others. For centuries they have been great protectors to many rulers, kings and the forces of good and light. Skilled in the most ancient ways of the marital arts, they are unmatched in almost every battle. Dragons in human form, they possess great power- from their inhuman strength, to their indestructible- micro-scaled skin. But even the greatest warriors have there weakness.

Hours have passed since Brandis pulled himself down from the steel spikes that bound him to a tall crucifix. A night gaze has fallen, and Brandis has awaken to a small fire. His vision is still blurry. And he is slightly in pain still.

Brandis: Oh... wha? Athame'? Jack? Zero?

He stands abruptly only to fall to his knees from being dizzy. He is then picked up. By a human like figure.

Blond girl: Careful warrior, you have been brave for one day. You lost a lot of blood, please, lie down.

The girl puts him on the ground to lay down.

Brandis: I will be fine. The steel may has punctured my skin but my people heal from such wounds eventually.

Blond girl: Well you almost didn't make it.

His vision soon begins to clear

Brandis: Wait a sec. its you!... How are you talking, your mouth does not seem to..

Blond Girl: My words are in you mind, so I do not have to communicate with you with the movement of my lips... I would like to thank you and your friends for saving my life from those pirates on the ship...

Brandis: My friends?!

He then sees Nightmare and Zero bandaged up like he, but they continue to bleed out non stop.

Brandis: No, I've got to help... Athame' she's still on the ship!!

Blond girl: Calm yourself, we will save her, but I think we need to heal your friends first-- they do not have long.

Beginning to become angry.

Brandis: And how do you suppose we do that?!

Blond Girl: I have lived in these waters and in this area for years, I know it quite well... beyond the jungle lies a healer, well known in this area...

Brandis: I see, but how do you know this healer will help?

Blond girl: She can be reasoned with... sometimes.

Brandis: Then lets get going... but we need to camouflage them so they are not seen and discovered.

Brandis uses various items from branches to large leaves to cover his friends while the blond girl puts out the fire.

The two begin to journey into the jungle past large various trees and plants, some are poisonous and resemble plants in Brandis' jungle. The ground is dark and somewhat misty. One hour has passed.

Brandis: Almost like home... listen I apologize for yelling at you back there, its just that...

Blond Girl: Its alright, I understand far too well. You care for your friends, they are like family to you. You'd do anything to protect them, even if it means your own life...

Brandis: ...

Brandis then stops them.

Blond girl: What is it?

Suddenly poisonous stinger are shot at them from a distance and he catches one that almost hits the blond girl.

Blond girl: Nice catch.

Soon the two are surrounded by three large hornets, approximately 25 feet long, with fangs and large wing span.

Blond Girl: Hornetors!

Brandis: What?!

The two begin to fight them as best as they can. With his wounds finally healed, Brandis is able to put up a good fight. The blond girl movies swiftly like a cat, and her strength is half as matched as Brandis'. The two fight for a bit but realize they cannot beat them on their own. The blond girl is even cut by one of the stingers. But it has no effect, she continues to battle.

Brandis then gets an idea.

Brandis: That's it!! Use their stingers against them!

Blond Girl: How?!

Brandis: Watch!

Brandis then does a lot of dodging and moving to get one of the Hornetors to fire its stinger and hit another, making only two left. The blond girl then uses the stinger fired at her before and forces one to of the two to come after her. She then jumps up and places it between the eyes of the Hornetor. Realizing it was out numbered the last Hornetor flees, but Brandis doesn't let it. With great accuracy he uses one of the stingers fired in the battle and hits him from a distance. The large insect then falls to the ground with a large thud. Into the jungle.

The two then begin to head deeper into the jungle.

Brandis: Are you ok? I saw you get cut... whoa.. your skin...

Blond Girl: made up of an aqua structure, capable of penetration above ground at least.

Brandis: What are you? if you do not mind me asking?

Blond Girl: I'm an aqua demon... otherwise known as a mermaid on the surface...

Brandis: Wait?! What? A demon? I heard mermaids are evil.

Brandis then stops walking to look at her in uncomfortable.

Blond Girl: True, but we do have free will... we can be evil or good, like dragons...

Brandis: I guess... you are right... your actions 'til now prove that... but on the ship you had cuts and bruises and did not speak?

Blond girl: The longer I stay out of water the more my abilities leave me and I begin to die... it is why when you tried to save me from the water I told the octo-spyd's to take me, for when my body hit the water my abilities began to return. I was on that ship for 3 months before you and your friends came... being used like as labor as well as a cheap harlot... I owe you my life...

She puts her hand out for a hand shake.

Brandis: Help one and the other will follow... I'm Brandis... Brandis Xavier-in

Blond Girl: Ivory Rocker

And the two shake hands.

Meanwhile on the Eisenez, Athame' is bullied and pushed around by the ships crew, subduing the pain and brutality that Ivory had come to-- slavery.

Another hour passes.

Brandis: Are you sure this healer is here, we are running out of time.

Ivory: We should be close... I swear it's around here some where...

Brandis: Wait...

Brandis then catches the sense of something.

Ivory: What is it?

Brandis: Sulfur... someone is burning something and its close.

Ivory: Then we must move fast...

Brandis: Wait something is close I can hear it...and smell--

Brandis is cut off due to an attack from an unknown creature. Ivory is also attacked and the two find them selves on the ground looking around for the attackers.

Ivory: Do you see them?

Brandis: No... look out!

Brandis pushes her away from being attacked again but suffers the attack himself. Ivory checks to see if he is alright and both look up to see two creatures.

One creature is a centaur, and female. She is very butch like and has gauged ears. Her skin is flesh tone white, while her fur is light brown Her hair is somewhat short, cut of on all sides but the top. Her hair is a light brown with purple tips. She is very athletically built in the arms and wears a tight black shirt that cuts off at the shoulders. Her lip has 3 piercing in it. She also has to horns, about an inch long, residing from her skull.

The other is a minotaur. He has large horns residing from the top of his skull. He has red fur scattered all over his skin and a beard on his face. He has red skin, and the snout of a bull for a nose. He also has horns residing from his head that curve to his chin about a foot long. He walks on hooves and is very strong and built like an ox. The hair on the top of his head falls to his shoulders and is curly.

Male: What is your business on Mortis Island demons?

Brandis: My friends are in need of help? We have just come to see the one known as the healer...

Female: They wish to see the Mistress... Monsieur Edwards..

Male: I see that Peanut... I'm sorry but you will have to make an appointment first and she will get back to you...

Brandis gets angry and jumps up to his feet with his eyes glowing blood red. And with a growling voice and charges at Edwards. Once he has him by his black shirt, he briefly show the beginning of his transformed state and converts back to how he usually looks.

Brandis: Listen! I didn't come here to make appointments! I came to save my friends! Now is this going to be easy?! Or hard!?

Brandis then lifts Edwards off his hooves. Edwards sniffs Brandis sent and then begins to laugh.

Edwards: You are indeed a unique one... Ha-ha! I like that, you have guts. But remember I have a centaur at my side. But come, show us your friends.

Ivory and Brandis takes the two back to where the Zero and Nightmare Lay. Once they get to them, Edwards looks at there condition.

Edwards: Severe...fatal... they will be dead in next hour. Come, We will take to our mistress, what she decides to do is her own decision.

Brandis then slowly picks Zero and Nightmare up, and place them on the back of Peanut. All begin to walk.

Ivory: Brandis... Think your not speak them... but I do not trust these creatures...

Brandis: I know... both smell stained and old blood...

Ivory: Then why do we trust them to take us to the healer?

Brandis: Leave it to me...

Half an hour later, everyone come up back to the area where the sulfur sent Brandis was smelling area. They come to a large medieval castle with burning torches. It stand 40 stories into the air. In front of them lie a large bridge and below it a large trench of spikes. (looks like Dracula’s castle- kept bigger)

Brandis: Whoa!? Why did we not see that before?

Edwards: Can thank the stealth generator. Come.

Everyone then walks over the bridge to two guards dressed in all black. Almost like shadows. Both match with armor and wear military like clothing. They even wield melee weapons (knives and short swords) as well as various fire arms.

Brandis: Expecting much company?

Peanut: We try to make sure the facility is safe at all time... these guards are located at all entrances doors and windows of the castle... ready to take out anyone who comes close. So you see even if you had got close...right now you would be dead.

Brandis: That's only in theory...

They reach the doors which stood an old medieval church. The doors open simultaneously and when they enter they see many things of countless sin. The place is fills with various lights (like in a club) and dance music. The creatures within, range from vampires and demons of all kinds. There is a sight of dancing, sex, bloodletting, feedings, torture, modification, food and all the guilty life's pleasures have to offer located all around the castle.

Edwards: Welcome to Unholy!