A God…Not a Hero pt.1

Some of us are born to do great things. Others are born to make sure those great things are hard to come by if at all happen. Various forces are at every turn, in the light and the shadows, to bring forth these great things… or to stop them at all tracks. The sky grows dark and evil swarms the entrances to the hidden city as Brandis invades it with a large army of darkness (zombies, monsters, demons of all shapes and sizes). Lament, Zero, and Inferno stare out a window at Sevenfold Labs at the oncoming onslaught. Athame' and Nightmare still lie unconscious in separate comas and Ana Mortis stands off in the distance close to Nightmare.

Lament: H... How could this be?! I mean what…

Inferno: They must have brain washed him or… something!

Zero: Either way he’s a threat now! (Saying as he leaves the room to head toward the exit)

Inferno: Where you going?!

Zero: To take care of business!

Lament: But Zero!

Stopping for a brief moment.

Zero: THIS IS WHAT I DO GODDAMN IT! Protect people… ‘specially against… things (saying as he looks at Mortis). Hop on bored or get the hell outta my way (saying as he leaves the room).

Mortis: Ya know… as much as I don’t like that guy… he’s so hot… (saying under her breath) to eat.

Lament: What are we gonna do?

Inferno: … I’ll back up Zero.

Lament’s face turns surprised.

Inferno: He’s right we have to help. You… you stay here… protect Athame' and Nightmare if you can. (Turning to look toward Mortis) You come with me…

Mortis: Sorry but I’m not in the mood to get my hands dirty besides… uuggghhh (Mortis begins to grow in pain as she hold her stomach and her knees drop to the ground. She looks up to see Inferno gesturing toward her)

Inferno looks on to Mortis with an impatient look on his face.

Inferno: You like that? Little thing I picked up in your world. Combustion, funny how it works, boils your insides starting with the blood, then your organs… or lack there of in your case, until you literally well … combust.

Mortis: UUUggghhh AAAHHHH!!

Lament: Inferno… (Growing worried as she moves closer)

Inferno: I’ve had about enough of your lip missy… cooperate… or the alternative.

Inferno then releases Mortis and her pain subsides. She then stands up looking slightly drained and follows Inferno out the door as he turns to Lament.

Inferno: Do what ever you can to keep them safe.

A huge battle erupts through the city between the dark army and the citizens of the hidden city. Buildings catch fire, landmarks fall, people scream in fear; some in terror others in bravery fighting for their lives. Monsters slaughter all in their path. Some people run for their lives, unable to protect themselves but are helped by those whom are able, but monsters and demons seem to be unlimited as they pour in like an uncontrolled flood. But still Inferno, Mortis and Zero fight their hardest along side various fighters in the city unable to find Brandis whom has some how vanished in the shadows.

With the battle raging on Brandis makes his way through the city ending up at the school he teaches. Various instructors, students and teachers are engaged in combat as monsters, demons and foot soldiers sweep the halls. Brandis comes across his prized student Neo Gil and several other students fighting various soldiers of the dark (covered in medieval armor of all type of origins).

Neo: Master Xavierin! You’re here! We really need your help!

Student: Yea there are too many of them! What are we going to do?!

Saying nothing to the students Brandis begins a full onslaught on the students with his martial arts skills. In the end he kills three and wounds the others severely.

Brandis: (kneeling down to a wounded Neo Gil) Class dismissed. (Then walks off as his eyes glow red)

He then continues to walk through chaotic halls and soon finds the head instructor, Master Stortion. Using his special eyes Stortion is able to see the darkness that has consumed Brandis which makes Stortion draw his katana blade. Stortion fights well, putting up a great fight in the Academy protecting students while fighting along side them against his fell teacher. But Brandis slaughters them like lambs- showing no remorse, mercy or pity. Bleeding heavily he takes Stortion's blade and rams it through his stomach and twist it only to do it again in his shoulder.

Brandis: It was always easy holdin’ back t’not make ya look bad in front all. (whispering closer to Stortion’s ear) how does it feel… t’know I was always better.

Stortion’s eye fall with pain and tears as Brandis then rams the blade through Stortion’s Heart killing him.

Meanwhile Lament feels various tremors shake Sevenfold Labs as she looks over, protects and monitors Athame' and Nightmare. Machines repeatedly goes off line and back on as she hears panic and disturbances go on through out the lab from creatures and scientist in panic. Unable to concentrate she locks the door to her lab, but is still able to see Cold Fusion on slightly distorted cameras. More scared for her brother than Athame' she repeatedly tries to wake him. Lament is soon contacted by the Headmaster, Yunn on a distorted communication viewing screen.

Yunn: An…. On… there?! I … re...peat… Any one?

Lament: Headmaster! Yes it’s Lament! Go ahead!

Yunn: I… can…. He… you!

Lament: Stand by! I’m switching channels! (Begins switching channels) alright! You should be a lot clearer.

Yunn: What is going on?!

Lament: I’m not sure sir!

Yunn: The sky is darkened and the city is over flowing with monsters! What do you mean you’re not sure?! Where’s Athame'?!

Lament: Sir she’s…!

Lament’s communication is cut off when the locked door is blown through by an unknown force. After the debris clears Lament is met by two creatures that look the same. They are green and grey spotted and walk on all four with tentacles resembling an octopus and ant eater. They stand four feet tall. The creatures attack Lament and she uses her telekinesis to fend the creature off throwing various objects sharp and heavy. Eventually she manages to throw both out the window with extreme force. Out of breath and holding her stomach in slight pain she is soon met by a familiar face.

Applauding sarcastically.

Brandis: Bravo… bravo. Y’know I knew y’were strong… but I had no idea dat strong. A handy powa…

Lament: Bran… it’s me… Lament… we’re friends.

Brandis: …Are we?

Lament: Yea… don’t you remember? You come here to see your mom… that… that’s Athame'… you love her…

Brandis: Do I now? (Saying as he looks at Athame' then begins to walk over to the glass to see his mother through it) Y’know… f’years now… I always knew somethin’ was different inside me. Some how… y’knew dat. An’ not once… y’didn’t mention it. Almos’ like ya was tryin’ t’hold me back. Well… shoe’s on da other foot now… (Saying as he goes to grab the monitor to Jean’s life support system).


Athame': Stop him? You don’t mean…?

Jean: It will be the only way… pene…tration… of met…

Jean soon fades away in front of Athame'.

Athame': Jean? Jean?!

Back at the lab.

Lament: NO!!! (Saying as Brandis rips the monitor and system out the wall, destroying it, and tossing it out the window)

The landing of the system on the ground, outside, catches Zero’s attention and he begins to proceed back into the lab to help Lament.

Elsewhere Athame' sees the environment around her begin to grow dark and change.

Athame': Something’s wrong…

She then concentrates(closes her eyes) to return to her body. Back at the lab, Nightmare begins to go into cardiac arrest alarming Lament to attend to him but she is stopped by a new and powerful Brandis. Brandis grabs her by the throat and picks her up off her feet against the wall.

Brandis: Y’know ya are quite beautiful Lament (saying as he takes one long nail and cuts into her cheek drawing blood and licking it) mmm an’ ya taste so sweet.

Lament then begins tear up as she brings up her hand for a telekinetic blast, but Brandis grabs her wrist and forces it down with great strength, breaking it as she screams in pain. Athame' then wakes up and finds Brandis with Lament.

Athame': Bran… wh… what are you doing?

Turning his attention toward Athame'’ but still holding Lament with one hand.

Brandis: Ah… da lover. (He then switches hands to look at Athame') How ya been sweety? Well I hope.

Athame': Put her down… please… you don’t want to do this. (saying as she looks around the decimated lab)

Brandis: (saying as he brings his hand up to punch Lament in the stomach) Perhaps I do.

Athame' (using the broken electric currents around from Jean’s monitor system) channels the electricity through her hands and at Brandis. This makes him drop Lament who then begins to slowly crawl toward Nightmare

Brandis: Nice. (Looking toward Athame') oh no ya don’t! (Using telekinesis he takes a broken stand and jams it through Laments dressed cloths and binds it around her legs, making her unable to move) you go no where… not finished. You on da the otha hand (back toward Athame') have been a pain in m’ass fa da las’ few months. (He slowly begins walking toward Athame') Da arguin’… da naggin’… da constant want t’ drive fuckin’ nail in m’ears. Da only good ding has been da sex.

Athame' begins to cry as she steps away from Brandis toward a wall.

Brandis: Don’t cry love… dats a complinment. Y’are a fantastic fuck.

Athame'’ continues to cry slightly harder.

Brandis: Have t’thank ya for one ding though.

Athame': W… w… what?

Brandis: Dis (he then releases a burst of green lightening from his right hand so strong it sends Athame' into the wall Knocking her out). Cool huh? No channelin’ from da sky or some nearby electric current. Straight from da source.

Brandis then begins to walk out the room toward Cold Fusion’s cell. He kicks the door, denting it massively, and then rips it off the slider.

Brandis: Les go caged birdie. (Saying as he exits the cell with fusion then breaks her cuffs scratching her in the process).

Lament rips her dress and using her one non-broken wrist to telekinetically get free to her brother who has just began to flat line. Brandis then makes his way back in and pins Lament to the far wall with his own telekinesis.

Brandis: Told ya wasn’t done wit ya. Go on ahead… I’ll catch up (saying toward Cold Fusion). Y’ know Lament… You’re special… I mean ya practically grew up here but ya not a native… not like Athame' over dere… but ya baby… she’s half native. Wonda if anythin’ she is flows through ya. (Extracting talons) Only one way t’ find out.

As Brandis goes to begin to cut open Lament with his hands he is thrusted back by an unknown energy blast into the opposite wall.

Panting and weak holding up his hand with a slight blue white glow around it.

Nightmare: Get the hell away from my family.