Hope Part 1

Lament, Rynth and Athame’ arrive at Terakas skull fortress, just miles outside. It is monstrously skull shaped mountain formation surrounded by a canyon of flames. Various winged flying creatures surround the area in the air flying above the large flames lead by a Cold Fusion in the same armor she wore in her invasion of Atlantis. On the ground, behind the flames, is an almost endless army of monsters ranging from trolls, orcs, natural demons, gremlins, vampires etc; lead by Ana Mortis. Within the center of it all Brandis floats below Terakas, above the very top of the very top of the fortress, the two of them basking in a dark light ranging from the deep below the surface to the very far reaches of the scorched sky above.

Lament hear’s a distorted message coming from the radio on the Sinister jet from Jack Nightmare.

Nightmare: Wh… … Down… …. Sky …. (cutting in and out)

Back at the City.

Nightmare: I don’t know what you all are doing down there but its’ getting really dark up here! Very fast!! (saying as he fiddles with the radio trying to get it to work before it goes dead) Damn it!! (saying as he knocks over the radio followed by another headache) Argh! Not again!!

After the head pain resides nightmare continues to work on the teleporter at his lab as last means of bring Lament, Rynth, and Athame'’ back.

Back at Terakas’ fortress.

Lament: Too late?

Athame'’: The ritual has started… are only option is…

Rynth: What about your plan to change him back?

Athame': We’d have to get close…Even if we could…

Lament contracts in pain as Athame' jumps to her side.

Athame'’: Lament!

Lament breathing hard.

Athame': How far apart are the contractions?!

Lament: Every… every 15 minutes… we have time.

Athame': No… you have to stay here… I can’t let you risk this…

Lament: I didn’t come this far to quit… I’m seeing this through!

Athame': But Lam…

Lament: Just… fly us over… use a spell or something…

Rynth: You can do that?

Athame'’: No… well yes… but not now. The flames are too high… and if she moves while we are in the air we can come crashing down to our deaths.

Rynth: Why don’t we just fly the jet over the flames into the castle?

Lament: Can’t… too much air arsenal… not enough weapons. Plus we…. We could pick up speed and crash into the building.

Rynth: Hold on…

Rynth then tries to shadow them closer but it only puts them yards away from the fortress.

Lament: What’s wrong?

Rynth: I don’t know… something’s blocking me from getting closer… like a barrier of magic or something.

Athame' tosses a rock toward the fortress.

Athame': It’s a protective barrier… similar to the one we have back at the hidden city… impenetrable. I could get us through but will take t…

Lament then contracts so hard and loudly it echoes to where Nightmare feels her pain miles away at Sevenfold Labs (which cause splitting headache to him so painful it make his nose bleed) to where it breaches the barrier around the fortress, shattering it. The monsters on the surface then begin to charge toward the three females.

Athame'’: I’m heading for Bran… Rynth, you protect Lament!!

Rynth: I thought it was impossible now?

Lament: Nothing’s IMPOSSIBLE!!! (saying as she contracts and releases another wave of telekinetic energy in all directions which sends a fleet of monster into the burning flames around them) Athame'’! GO!!

Hesitant at first, Athame' then flies off to the skies toward the top of the mountain where Brandis and Terakas float. She encounters many flying monsters which she uses various spells and elemental based magic to stop or destroy them. On the surface, Laments contractions grow closer but she continues to force out burst of telekinetic energy against them monsters she encounters which slows them down just enough. Tremors begin to flare up making things rougher due to the energy being split and expunged from Brandis and Inferno to open the last lock on the lock to hell. Rynth protects Lament using her various skills as a warrior and her shadowing powers. She kicks, punches, leaps, dodges and uses her speared whip to do various maneuvers to ward off monster (think prince of Persia and god of war maneuvering put together)

Meanwhile back at the Sevenfold Labs.

In a panic.

Nightmare: Lam’s in trouble… I… I just know it… I’ve got to get this thing working…

Nightmare then looks over to see the head master, along with various guards, heading to his lab on the security camera.

Nightmare: Damn!

He then control commands, what working medical droids, are slightly still standing to push large objects in front the door preventing them from entering. He even jams the doors just in case.

Back at the Fortress everyone races to stop Terakas and Brandis but the energy begins to crack the last lock open more and the demons begin to pour out slowly. As Athame’ attempts to fly straight to Brandis, through a squadron of monsters she suddenly stopped by Cold Fusion in mid air. An all out battle escalates, with Cold Fusion putting up a strong fight with her flight, wind and ice capabilities but Athame'’ stays strong using various spells. Meanwhile Lament begins to have more contractions closer together. Contractions which start to throw off her own powers, they turn from large waves of telekinetic energy to almost nothing. Rynth does her best to protect both of them until Ana Mortis steps into fight Rynth and keep her distracted from protecting Lament. The two face off and are almost match in speed and skill, but Rynth is distracted by protecting Lament. Ana Mortis is armed with a blade and fan-blade but Rynth is able to counter anything she throws at her. Disappearing in and out of shadows, Rynth does her best against the vampire speed and strength of Ana. Athame'’ is soon put up against physical close range attacks to which she is unable to cast spells. Skilled in physical combat, Cold Fusion turns the tables on the battle when she begins to fight Athame'’ hand to hand in mid air. Eventually Athame'’finds herself at the mercy of Cold Fusion when she straps her arms down, with her own arms and inhuman strength.

Cold Fusion: Do you not understand! He has risen! All must kneel before him! Or we die! ALL… HOPE… IS… LOST!!

Athame' struggling.

Athame'’: It doesn’t have to be! There is always a way!

Cold Fusion: No! There is not! His will is undeniable!!

Meanwhile Lament has fallen into the last moments of labor. Rynth soon loses her upper hand in the battle when Mortis puts a her blade to the Lament’s throat.

Mortis: Looks like… you fold half breed!! GO BACK to your ring of solice! And leave the real world to us women!

Lament attempts to use her telekinesis but she’s unable to focus while in labor. Meanwhile Athame'’ has a brief flashback to the only self defense lesson Brandis taught her.

Flash back. Brandis binds Athame'’s arms around her with his with his strength.

Brandis: See ‘t doesn’t matta how strong ya are. Jus’ how cleva an’ skillful.

Athame'’: So how do I get free?

Brandis: Spread ya arms… (saying he looks into her eyes) an’ drop ya weight… loosens da grip… lettin’ ya get free.

As Athame'’ remembers this it echoes through her mind and into her body, while she sees on the surface the predicament between Rynth, Lament and Mortis, in the present and she gets free. As her weight falls toward the ground she grabs Fusion by her ankles, and with incredible strength (to her own amazement) swings her toward Mortis with great force. Fusion collides into Mortis and the collision knocks both into the flames behind them. Both get up and retreat, engulfed in flames screaming in pain. As demons begin to pour faster and more abundant from below the surface, from Terakas and Brandis’ combined power, and monsters begin to charge down upon Lament and Rynth as Athame'’ looks on. As the monsters fall down upon Rynth and Lament Athame'’ sees Rynth shadow herself and Lament back to the Sinsiter Jet as the last moment. With a clear path to Brandis Athame'’ begins to fly toward Brandis to place the drake symbol upon Brandis’ skin. She soon finds herself dodging pure demons swimming through the air from the surface as she inches closer to Brandis. A winged monster eventually tries to block Athame'’ but the possession of one of the swarming demons sends it tumbling to the ground fast. Athame'’ gets as close as she can to Brandis without waking him from his trance, but just as she attempts to draw the first part of the symbol in drake; Brandis suddenly wakes up.

Brandis: Missed meh? (saying as he looks upon her with black as night eyes)