The Vampire’s Hand

Vampires are a manipulative evil in this world. They only serve themselves and cater to their own survival. Rather it is money, politics or moving the sides of good and evil like chess pawns – it all benefits them and only them in the end. Two days have passed. Brandis, Athame’, Zero, Nightmare, Lament and Inferno are set on a course, in the Death Bat, to Mortis Island. It’s been months since everyone had seen or talked to the mistress vampire, Ana Mortis. Of all people allied with in this world she is the most trustworthy and untrusting of beings. But due to her experience and knowledge of the dark world, she is the best source to finding the whereabouts of the hybrid sphinx. Zero pilots the Death Bat toward Mortis Island, Inferno sits asleep in the co-pilots chair. Brandis and Athame’ lie asleep in there bunk, while Lament and Nightmare are locked away in the ships small medical bay. Nightmare has submitted to his sisters concern to allow her to run test on his neural brain waves for the last two days. Nightmare lays on a lab slab hooked up to a machine that measures his brain waves and another machine that measures his heart rate. Lament stands over him with a clip board and a curious look in her face.

Nightmare: So what is it? I’m fine right?

Lament shutters at what she sees on the monitors. As she writes it down a confused look comes over her as Zero announces their arrival to Mortis Island over the loud speaker.

Zero: Rise and gloom, we’re here folks!

As the crafts docks to the sure of the island, everyone makes their way out the ships exit and begin walking to the cluster of woods in front of them towards Mortis castle miles away. Brandis stops them all as he stands in front of them between the woods and the Death Bat.

Brandis: Look, I don’t want any o’ya goin.’

Athame’: Bran…

Cutting her off while looking sternly at everyone.

Brandis: Look I can’t risk it dis time. We got lucky at Draco. And las’ time we were here, Jack ya almos’ died, and Zero you were crazy ‘nough t’go suicide bomba t’ “save” everyone.

Zero: Look I don’t take orders from you lizard boy…

Brandis: And if I gotta I’ll keep ya here by force… alla ya.

A slight silence comes over everyone. Seconds later Zero marches up hard Brandis with a stern look in his eye.

Zero: Look, I’m the expert of these lands aight. Been doing this for hmmm I don’t know, my whole fuckin’ life! I’m goin’ and theres nothin’...

Zero is cut off from Brandis slowly picking up a near by baulder the size of softball. The intensity strengthens between everyone.

Athame’: Bran!

With a smirk on his face and a sly feeling in his voice.

Zero: Are ya gonna hit me with that dragon?

Brandis looks at Zero with a dead look and swiftly turns around and launches the baulder toward the woods. The bolder strikes a large creature, stealth fully crawling out the woods, ten feet in length, five feet in width and four feet in height. It stands on all fours with claws sprouting from its paws. It is covered in yellow fur with horns receding in various directions on its head and back, complete with large jaws, animalistic fangs, and a long tail. (a creature combined from a lion, triceratops, and alligator) Its knocked unconscious as its growl silences.

Nightmare: Whoa…

Inferno: Nice shot…

Everyone curiously walks toward the creature and surrounds it, Brandis walks up seconds later.

Lament: What is it?

Nightmare: I don’t know? Zero?

Zero pulls out a small device from his utility belt, the size of a cell phone, and scans the creature.

Zero: It’s a tri-ollion. Carnivore… Realm unknown… its horns are made to protect it from offenders… suppose to travel in packs…

Zero puts his device away.

Nightmare: Yet this one is alone… hmm interesting.

Lament: Maybe this vampire mistress was holding him hear as a guard or pet or something?

Athame’: I don’t know… Bran, you know her better… what do you think?

Brandis looks around and sniffs the air curiously.

Athame’: Bran… what do you think?

Brandis then becomes more alert from his ears, which alarms everyone else to begin looking around them as rustling and snarling in the distance grows closer.

Nightmare: What is it?

Brandis: Da rest o’da pack…

Everyone soon finds themselves surrounded by over two dozen of Tri-ollion’s. The creatures attack without fear forcing everyone to fight. Brandis uses his strength, and skills while Athame’ uses various element spells while hovering several feet in the air to protect her self and others. Lament telekinetically pushes and pulls the creatures. Zero uses his arm to blast the creatures but they are too swift to be hit. Inferno takes to the air in human torch form using various fire abilities to scorch and burn the creature when they attack. Nightmare uses his MDM to hulk out but soon finds himself at mercy of his head aches leaving Lament to come to his rescue as he falters to his knees in pain.

Brandis soon finds him self helping Zero by pulling off three monsters, as they pounce him, using one monster as a bat to beat the others away then swing away the last. He then helps Zero up, who refuses to take his hand. The two share a dissatisfied look as they separate to help the others. Lament soon finds her self overwhelmed protecting her brother who lies in pain from his headaches. He soon passes out and a monster finds the perfect moment to pounce Lament like a rabbit, at the last split second she is saved by Brandis who kicks it away with force.


Brandis then continues to fight as Lament telekinetically picks Nightmare up and begins making her way to the ship. The monsters continue to pursue their pray in full force.

Zero figures his blaster is not working so he switches to use his torch. The monsters still move to swiftly for Zero to hit until Inferno lends him allowing his blow torch to hit the monsters more sufficient. The two briefly solute each other with a thank you as they continue to fight. One of the monsters climbs a tree near Athame’ out of her field of vision and jumps at her as she fights other creatures off on the grown below her. Brandis sees this and flies through the air and tackles the monster as it makes its jump for Athame’. When Brandis and the monster touch down to the ground he throws it several feet.

Zero, Inferno, Athame’ and Brandis all find themselves soon surrounded by the more tri- ollion’s, Nightmare and Lament have made it safely back to the death bat.

Inferno: Thought your little machine said these things run in packs not armies?

Zero: Yea… but sometimes out here when you stir up the nest ya get a swarm…

Athame’: Great!!!

Brandis: I’ll lead’em into da woods… might be able to lose’em!

Zero: Ya right dragon fly and do what get mauled?!

Athame’: We’re staying with you Brandis!

Brandis then runs head first into the larger pack with Inferno, Zero, and Athame’ behind him a few paces, when all of a sudden his eyes begin to glow a bright red and lightening forms into his hands. The sight of this causes Zero, Athame’ and Inferno to stop trailing behind Brandis. The lightening soon charges up enough around Brandis like an electric surge of energy as he jumps into the large pack of tri-ollions whom surround him. The others soon follow but are blinded by an electric scolding light as it stops them from intervening. When the light clears only Brandis stands and the large pack is knocked out all around him as he breathes heavily.

Zero: What the fuck?!

Brandis stands confused and shocked as to what’s happening to him as he is riddle with questions.

Athame’: What… what was that?

Brandis: I… I donno… dats neva… happen… Get back t’da ship…

Brandis then takes off running into the woods.

Athame’: Brandis Wait!!

Inferno: I got him!!

Inferno then flies after Brandis.

Zero: What do we do now?

Athame’: um…start…start rounding these guys up… I’ll see if I can configure a spell maybe can teleport them out of here…

Zero: By myself? I’m only one…

Cutting him off.

Athame’: Get Lament to help you for all I care… just do it.

Back on the Death Bat Lament attends to Nightmare who has awoken after being administered another injection of his serum. Jack sits up and begins loading more serums to a small utility case for when they go out again as Lament tries to talk sense into him.

Lament: Jack you have to slow down… I’m worried about you.

Nightmare: I know Lam… but I’m fine. Besides you shouldn’t be worrying so much… it’s not good for the baby.

Lament: Don’t you dare try to make this about me, I’m pregnant not stupid! And you are not fine! We need to get you back to the city to do further study.

Nightmare: I’ve done the entire test I can think of Lam, this serum is the only thing that works at the moment…

Lament: Maybe but I think you’re growing immunity to it or something else… I’m not sure but we…

Cutting her off.

Nightmare: Look Lam theres nothing we can do, least of all until we get back to the city. Would you rather abandon our friends and go take care of your little brother?

Lament: No but…

Nightmare: Good, cause I just want to find this sphinx thing so my little niece can grow up with out being attack at her home again…

Lament:… Just… just promise me you’ll take it easy… most of all don’t use the MDM… I have a feeling it does more harm then good…

Nightmare looks at Lament as his communicator goes off.

Zero: Hey you two mind givin’ me a hand out here before these things wake up?

Meanwhile Brandis has stopped his fast pace through the woods when he comes up on a puddle of water. The faint glare allows him to see his reflection as he looks curiously and confused examining his face, hands and skin. Inferno soon flies in and lands behind Brandis.

Inferno: Are you ok man?

Brandis: …..

Inferno: Just wondering… I mean… that was… an extreme surge of power back there… been workin out?

Brandis: ….

Inferno: Look if you don’t want to…

Brandis: How’s Athame’?

Inferno: Shhheeee’s…

Flying down from next to Inferno.

Athame’: Why don’t you ask her yourself?

Brandis: ….

Inferno: Where are Zero and the others?

Athame’: Back with the ship… ordered them to stay…

Brandis: But whata ‘bout da …?

Athame: I took care of it, their safe until we return… So what’s going on with you?

Inferno: Maaaybe I should return to the ship?

Athame’: No, stay… I think you deserve to hear this to.

Brandis: I honestly don’t know… I… I can’t…

Inferno: Well let’s solve one mystery at a time… for now I say we go see this vampire.

Inferno, Brandis, and Athame’ make their way to the castle, Meanwhile back at the Death Bat Athame’s spell to teleport the Tri-ollions elsewhere is being put to use as Zero, Lament and Nightmare place them into a small vortex. Nightmare drags some into the vortex with Zero’s help while Lament telekinetically moves them in bundles.

Nightmare: So he charged into the pack of monsters and released a huge surge of lightening from his body that knocked all of these creatures unconscious?

Zero: Pretty much…

Lament: So that’s where all that bright light came from?

Nightmare: But if that’s so why didn’t it knock you all out?

Zero: No idea… sense of will or focus on the monsters… I don’t know… but he’s definitely not telling us everything.

Lament: Ever think something maybe happening to him that he doesn’t know? I mean you said your self he seemed surprised…

Zero: Ya maybe, but how does a person live for so long and know that he can’t admit electricity from his body?

Nightmare: Can’t believe I’m saying this but he’s gotta point Lam.

Lament: ….

Meanwhile Athame’, Inferno, and Brandis finally come to a stop.

Inferno: Soooo where is it?

Brandis: Right dere…

Athame’: But theres nothing… no castle no… nothing…

Brandis: It’s cloaked… but I can still smell da sulfur from da torches.

The three walk forward slightly and Athame’ and Inferno finally see it.

Athame’: Wow…

The castle hasn’t changed. It’s still a large medieval castle with burning torches. It stands 40 stories high. In front lay a large wooden bridge with two guards dressed in all black military clothing and armor wielding knives and swords as well as guns. Below a large trench of spikes surround the castle in a pit. (Resembles Dracula’s castle- but bigger)

Inferno: We’re not gonna have to fight those guys are we?

Brandis: I hope not… We’re here to see Mistress Mortis… tell her its Brandis… of the hidden city.

The guard makes a call on a small communicator and allows Athame’, Inferno, and Brandis to enter. The doors are large and similar to a medieval church as the open at the same time.

Athame’: By gods…

The place is filled with various lights (like in a club) and dance music. The creatures within, range from vampires and demons of all kinds and various monsters of the dark. There is a sight of dancing, sex, bloodletting, feedings, torture, severe body modification, food and all the guilty life's pleasures have to offer located all around the castle.

Brandis: Ya… dis is castle unholy…

The three are greeted by a dark and tall woman. Long brown hair and dressed very old English Goth like, she is tall and thick with curves, goes by Ami.

Ami: Evening dark one, I’m Ami…

Brandis: Ami? Who are you?

Ami: A very close personal friend and supporter of Mistress Mortis. She’s pleased to here of your visitation. Please walk this way.

Brandis: Stay close t’me ya two.

Everyone follows Ami to Mortis’ office. When they enter they walk in to see Mortis feeding off a human, naked slave girl from the neck; while another vampire male feeds from the girl’s wrist. The male is a tall, young and slender pale vampire with long jet black hair past his shoulder. He dresses in a dark suit with the jacket open, and a black t-shirt underneath and paten leather dress shoes, his eyes are a shade of gray with a slight glow with light on them. Both stop once the three enter. Mortis has not changed as vampires do not. She’s an average size Romanesque built woman, with pale white skin and low hinted green veins shining through the skin. She is wearing a black dress with various patterns. The sleeves are black, laced and long, and a purple plum silk corset stitched up her back and brings in her large chest. Her nails are long and painted black. Her eyes are purple but glow when only a speck of light hits them. Her hair is longer than it was in previous months. The room looks very renaissance like.

(Vampires in this world have abilities that develop with age and experience such as speed, strength, reflexes, agility, heightened senses, flight [though most do not like to use it unless necessary] regeneration and of course immortality. Some are very skilled with magic and sorcery; very few are born with abilities other vampires can only dream of. For example, Mortis belongs to a vampire clan that not only practices sorcery but also has a strong bloodline of vampire “specials.” She has an extra ability making it able for her to stimulate cellular structure in others- causing tissue to heal faster. When done a mystic dark glow forms between her hands and the opposite person being healed; the affects of using this ability drains and tires her physically, which she replenishes with blood- she only uses it when paid large sums of money or favors of equal value.)

Mortis: Brandis! Darling, you’ve come to pay me a visit, I’m surprised. Oh! And you brought the girl friend and… a young fellow I have yet to meet… Mistress Ana Mortis sir…

Saying while cleaning her mouth with a black silk napkin and extending her hand towards Inferno.

Inferno: Um.. Inferno… but fans and friends call me Eternal Inferno.

Mortis: Oooo… I wonder why.

Saying while winking at him, the male vampire hisses.

Mortis: Calm down Daniel… every one this is Daniel or Danny-boy as I like to call him. He’s new… barely a hundred… very good at what he does… and very very loyal.

Saying as she walks over and kisses him as blood slightly exchanges from his mouth to hers.Mortis then cleans her mouth again as Brandis, Athame’ and Inferno look away almost embarrassed.

Mortis: Mmm my new consort…

Brandis: New? Wha happen t’ Edwards?

Mortis: That my darling is a name not spoken around here any more. But if you must know… he’s no more… more like leech left overs by now. (chuckling) Daniel… clean up please.

Daniel carries the slave girl away on his shoulders and leaves the room.

Mortis: Ami… a drink for our guest. A glass of wine perhaps?

Inferno: Wine?

Mortis: You live for a few hundred years you collect things… or obtain them some how, rather you need them or not…

Athame’: No thank you… we don’t drink…

Mortis: Well I insist even more. Ami, bring a bottle of Pinot Noir for our first timers here and four glasses… age…. Hmm 1986.

Ami: Yes mistress…

Ami then leaves the room. As everyone sits down at a small dining room table covered with candles and a silk table cloth.

Brandis: So wha happen t’Peanut?

Mortis: Hmm sure do ask a lot of question but if you must know, her debt was paid… So I set her free… where she is now I have no idea.

Inferno: Her debt was paid?

Athame’: Look, we need your help…

Brandis: Ya. Our city was attacked by a Sphinx…

Mortis chuckles as Ami enters the room and places four glasses on the table and pours wine into each.

Mortis: A sphinx? Really? Sorry darling those things have been extent for centuries… you come out better trying to find a werewolf… oops… those are extent too along with leprechauns and many other things.

Brandis: She no regula sphinx. We think she may have been made usin’ demonic energy or somethin’.

Mortis: And since this is demonic you think I may know who or what to do to point you in the right direction? Right?

Brandis: Ya…

Picking up her glass of wine as Ami comes over to her and whispers in her ear.

Mortis: Interesting you’ve come to me with this because something happen to my tri- ollions on the shore of the island. They just vanished… Wouldn’t know anything about it would you?

Brandis: Well…

Mortis: Because they cost me a pretty penny, the breeding, the up keep, the feeding…

Athame’: There was…

Mortis: I don’t care.

Standing up from the table and walks over to a near by window which shows an apocalyptic view of a scorched sky and black sea, with her glass of wine as everyone looks at her.

Mortis: The way I look at it is you already owe me. I want double for my pets…

Inferno: How much is double?

Mortis: One point three million.

Athame’: What?!

Brandis: We don’t have dat…

Mortis: I figure that part as much. Luckily for you I know how you can get it…

Athame’: What’s the point in this?

Mortis: The point is girly witch, I don’t like throwing away money… you want information and it don’t come cheap.

Athame’: Or I can just read your mind and take the information?

Mortis: You can try deary, but I’m older than I look… have developed a bit of a psychic barrier you can say.

Inferno: How do we know you’ll get us what we want once we get you what you want?

Mortis: You don’t, but know this… I do have your information... or some of it at least.

Brandis: How do we get dis money ya afta.

Placing her glass on the table and sitting back down.

Mortis: I need a champion. There are these games… strongest goes in comes out with a wad of cash. I get you in, you win, your payment is full, I get give you the information… Deal?

Saying as she proposes a toast to the deal. Everyone stares at each other for a second.

Mortis: You have to toast your wine glasses with me if we have a deal you know?

Brandis picks up his wine glass first followed by Inferno.

Athame’: I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Saying as she picks up her wine glass. The four toast and sip the wine to close the deal.

Brandis: Ya know one would think ya planned this…

Mortis: What? That I hired the sphinx to break into your paradise so you’d come here get rid of my pets so I can get more money? Please, I’m clever but not desperate. Ami, I’m going away for a few hours maybe a day, you’re in charge until return.

Brandis: How are we getting’ dere?

Mortis: I’m doing all the work here; you can at least drive…

Brandis, Athame’, and Inferno then escort Mortis to the Death Bat to head to the Arena Games.