Family and Truth

Sometimes the truth shows in time, but it has the tendency to appear at the wrong place and wrong time. But when it comes to family, more then the truth can come forward, some times the past rears it head as well.

Of most Brandis is the person everyone knows the least about. Until this point it has only been known that he is a drake, a species of dragon that can take human form (which Brandis is permanently stuck in a state between human and dragon form for unknown reasons). He also is vulnerable to all earth metals, skilled in every ancient and advanced way of martial arts and melee weaponry, lived in a hut with his mother and nine Kats where he lives off and eats only plants, fruits and vegetables. Until now it was never assumed there was anything else to know about him.

Kinn Twilight is Brandis older brother. He is quite sly, egotistical, smart, and blunt.

Athame’: Brother? (confused)

Kinn: Ya, brotha… tell me exile… how’s our motha?

Brandis: She’s fine…

Kinn: Ya, I’m sure o’it… ‘nough wit da small talk… where’s da thing?

Brandis: Thing?

Becoming annoyed.

Kinn: Ya know damn well what I’m talkin’ bout… da sphinx.

Nightmare: Oh good coincidence, we …

Cutting Nightmare off.

Kinn: Less talk from da humans… more of da exile…

Brandis: Whoa… you can’t talk to dem like dat.

Kinn: Says who, ya know what dey are… nothing but feeble creatures ruled by der emotions… monsters of der own demise too as seen. ( saying as he paces from side to side in front everyone) On’ chosen few…

Cutting off.

Brandis: Well dese are my few so shut it… as f’da sphinx I don’t know… came here lookin’ f’her too…

Kinn: How’s dat?

Inferno: She lead a brutal attack on us… we’re looking for answers.

Kinn: Then we seek possibly similar answers…

Lament: Come again?

Kinn: ‘Bout four hours ago, m’self and few othas were out on patrol. Came ‘cross a nest of leech vamps.

Zero: That’s not uncommon… its hells play ground out there.

Kinn: But dis wasn’t common… not as it should. Dey appeared from no where.

Nightmare: Like a realm slip or shift in reality?

Kinn: No… dis was more a displacement of matta an’ mass.

Athame’: Like teleportation?

Kinn: ‘Xactly.

Brandis: An’ you saw Cold Fusion?

Kinn: No... saw an armored winged creature. Was able t’ track da scent from a featha ripped from it when engaged it…

Inferno: So it attacked others… not just us…

Zero: Say we get a move on now…

Athame’: Maybe you can help us find her…

Kinn: Me aide ya and da exile… yea right… Ain’t even s’pose to be talkin’ to him… look I’ll find it on my own… ‘til den stay out da way… exile.

Kinn then flies into the air and takes off like a speeding bird. Brandis only knods in disappointment as Kinn leaves, but not surprised at his brothers attitude. Nightmare then stumbles over in pain and agony holding his head, Lament catches him as he does.

Brandis: Jack?!

Inferno: What’s wrong man?

Nightmare only continues to squirm.

Lament: I need to get him back to the shit!

Brandis: Zero… go wit dem!

Zero: Why do I have to? Why can’t da flamer go or something?

Inferno: Flamer?!

Brandis: Look I’m ‘fraid if anyone who’s not more dan human continues on someone’s gonna get hurt…maybe even dead… I know you’ll take care of ‘em.

Zero: But I…!

Athame’: Zero that’s an order… go!

Zero, under Athame’s command, then helps Lament pick up Nightmare and the three begin to venture back to the ship from the same path they came. Brandis then proceeds ahead with Inferno and Athame’. The three then head to Brandis’ old home, which has been abandoned since he left. There they recuperate and rest for a few hours. Brandis builds a fire along with Inferno as Athame’ sits alone on the edge of the mountain cliff, looking on at the scorched sky and destroyed land and cities in the distance.

Inferno: So what happen?

Brandis: What do ya mean?

Inferno: This morning you both were ecstatic, now you’re back at each others throats.

Brandis: We… kinda… she’s holdin’ on somethin’… and won’t tell me…

Inferno: I’m sure she feels she’s not the only one…

Brandis: What do ya mean?

Inferno: Recent events maybe? Everyone, not just me, was kinda shocked to discover you had a brother. Kinda strange you never mentioned it in your time with her… or any one.

Brandis: Its kinda hard t’explain…

Inferno: I’m the last person who needs the explanation… (saying as he motions to Athame’) I’m gonna head to sleep… didn’t get much last night.

Brandis then walks out on to the cliff to talk to Athame’. Meanwhile, back at the Death bat, Zero sits passed out in the pilot chair, as Lament tends to Nightmare.

Lament: Are you sure you’re alright?

Nightmare: Very much so.

Lament: I still think we should head back to the city… we need to do further studies on what’s happening to you.

Nightmare: I told you, long as I have this serum I’m fine. Besides the head ache was less painful.

Lament: Maybe, but they are occurring more frequent… you had one this morning and then again six hours later.

Nightmare: I’m fine Lam… not a little boy anymore… trust me I know what I’m doing… (saying as he leaves the barrack to head to the engine room.)

Meanwhile back at the top of the mountain, on the edge of the cliff, Brandis sits down next and talks to Athame’ about what’s going on with the both of them. It’s slightly windy and cold as the scorched sky glooms above.

Brandis: Look… I know dat ders much to explain…

Cutting him off.

Athame’: Earlier today when you made the accusation of me holding back, were you referring to me or yourself? ‘Cause some where during our time we have had together I believe I missed you telling me you have an older brother!

Brandis: I know… and I should’ve said…

Cutting him off.

Athame’: Wonder if there’s anything else I’ve missed? Have children? A wife maybe? Maybe you’re arranged to marry someone? If so then tell me now and save us both the trouble! ( saying as panic grows in her voice )

Brandis: Listen… please…

Athame’: Then what? Tell me! What?

Brandis: ok… listen… didn’t tell ya or anyone ‘bout my family ‘cause by my kinds standards I don’t have one.

Athame’: What do you mean? I mean you said that drake was your older brother…

Brandis: Twenty one dragon years ago shortly afta I was born… mom and I were kinda exiled by da drake Clan of Twilight…

Athame’: Why?

Brandis: I donno… she never told me… just always said it was bes’ for us… dat my destiny was ment f’more. (standing up and begins to pace as Athame’ stares at him curiously) Anyways… mom took me ‘way, left da clan behind… and we settled here… away from the othas where she brought me up, trained me in da drake way, and raised me.

Athame’: Clans? What do you mean by that?

Brandis: Jus’ a way of dividing the families of drake…. Der are known thirty two clans, each wit its clan leader… each clan was located through out various realms and scattered… living secretly. Since da fall we all kinda converge in one realm… but scattered still.

Athame’: What do you mean by dragon years?

Brandis: For… (stammering over his words) for every 12 human years only age one dragon year… I’m 26 dragon years old…

Athame’: So that would make you…. (stops suddenly as she shutters to the realization of Brandis true age and stands up to walk away)

Brandis: I’m sorry… should have tol’ ya the age ding long ago… but how do ya tell someone dat…

Cutting him off.

Athame’: Your last names not even Xavier-in is it?

Brandis: It is… but s’pose to be Twilight… family name…clan… name.

Athame’: So… do you have any other family that plans on popping up unexpected? (saying as she turns to Brandis nervously)

Brandis: I do hava sista... younga sister… but I doubt she will be poppin’ up anytime if ever… kinda da free spirit of mom’s children… (saying as he puts his arms around Athame’ and she grins)

Athame’: So… when in fifty years when I’m old with white hair… and you’re still young and vibrate… I’ll…

Cutting her off

Brandis: You’ll still have my heart.

The two begin to kiss until something hit Brandis suddenly.

Brandis: Dere’s something else…

Athame’: What? (growing worried)

Brandis: I’m not sure how t’explain it so its betta to show ya… ( stepping back from Athame’)

Brandis then puts his hands up trying to ignite the sparks that shot from his hands the prior day, but getting no result.

Athame’: What is it?

Brandis: Um… I guess… nothing… I thought… Never mind… I guess I was seeing things… (saying as Athame’ takes his hands)

Athame’: We should rest if we are going to continue our search…

Hours later after resting, Brandis, Athame’ and Inferno awake to continue their search of Cold Fusion. Brandis figures if anyone knows where and what happen to the sphinx would be his long term best friend. The three journey down to the other side of the large mountain.

Inferno: So who’s this Rush guy we are suppose to be looking for?

Brandis: Been friends since we was kids… his ‘tire family was exiled hundreds of years ago ‘cause of an act of one of his ancestors…

Athame’: Must have been a huge ordeal if his family was exiled…

Brandis: Mom told me dat one of da memba’s of da Nightcloud family killed in vain… out of jealousy… and pain…

Inferno: So what? It’s an emotion… not saying its right but accidents happen.

Brandis: Even if t’was an accident… drake's trained t’control der emotions, its why so many drake’s believe demselves t’be betta den humans… even though mos’ are half human demselves…

Inferno: Wise… powerful but also arrogant race of warriors basically?

Brandis: Ya… but not all…

Athame’: So what makes Rush so different from drake’s like your brother?

Brandis: I trust him… I mean he’s kinda quiet and cocky… but I trust him.

After hours of venturing through the mountain the three eventually come up on Rushes small village. It’s about the size of a campground with everyone living in various huts and tents made of bone, trees, mud and rock. Daystar village is deserted with only one inhabitant meeting and greeting Brandis.

She is about Brandis height, very small and petite. Her hair is cut short at ear length and she has numerous tribal tattoos all over her arms, similar to Brandis. She wears a torn dark top that cuts off at the belly with a torn battle skirt and boots that match the top. She talks with a high pitched and quirky like voice. Brandis and she greet each other with warm hugs.

Drake woman: Brandis!

Brandis: Betsie!

Bethory: I told ya don’t call me dat… its Bethory now…haven’t been Betsie since we was kids.

Brandis: Sorry… for got… Bethory dese are my friends Inferno and Athame’. Guys dis is Bethory, Rush’s cousin.

Bethory: Nice t’meet ya both. So Bran… here t’take back or check up on ya litta?

Brandis: Neitha… actually I was wonderin’ if Rush was ‘round?

Bethory: Nah… you jus’ missed him… he’s actually off wit da otha’s… ya litta went off wit…

Brandis: Really?

Bethory: Ya… der comin’ along… started trainin dem few months ago.

Brandis: Wow… dey grow up so fast…

Bethory: Yep… so what did ya need from Rush?

Brandis: Haven’t heard or seen da sphinx around here lately have ya?

Bethory: No… actually she’s been gone for few months now… ain’t seen a sign of her…

Brandis: I see… (saying as he looks toward Inferno and Athame’)

Bethory: Was dat all ya needed?

Brandis: Ya… dat was all… hey give my love to da nine…and tell your cousin to take it easy on dem.

Bethory: Will do (saying as she smiles) was great you stopped by… I will definitely send da message.

Brandis: Thanks Betsie.

Bethory gives a jokingly angry face.

Brandis: Sorry… Bethory (saying as he smiles).

Bethory: Well I have to get back so…see ya lata… should stop by more often.

Brandis: I will try.

Bethory: See ya Bethory .

Bethory waves and then takes off at super human speed.

Inferno: Whoa! What the..?

Brandis: She does dat… family trait I have to say…

Athame’: Trait?

Brandis: Ya… entire clan is… let’s say too fast for der own good.

Inferno: So what are we gonna do now?

Brandis: Only got one option… lets head back to the ship.

As they make it back to the Death Bat and enter the craft Brandis tells Zero and Nightmare to set a course for the western hemisphere, as the two sit in the co pilot and pilot chairs. Lament sits at the Navigation computer, as Inferno and Athame’ sit close by.

Zero: Ahhh shit… tell me we not goin’ to see that bitch again?

Brandis: No choice left… if anyone knows where da hybrid sphinx is, or have seen ‘er… it’d be her.

Nightmare: Perhaps… but remember what happen the last time.

Brandis: Ya I do Jack… so let’s get to it.

Nightmare: You’re the boss… Zero… to Mortis Island.