The Key and Master

Ultimate evil is what it is. It can evolve or change but never be forgotten or hidden. It is always beneath and around us. Rynth, Athame'’ and Lament, inside the Sinister Jet, find themselves inside a blinding white light with clouds forming all around them. Soon the light dims just enough to show the face of LD and soon his voice is heard like a distant echo within a few clouds forming.

Athame'’: LD…. Is that really you?

LD: Yes, Athame'’… I apologize for my lack of presence but it is safer than where you seek to go.

Lament: How’s that?

LD: Such an explanation needs not to be discussed… you have come here for great reason…. Which is?

Athame'’: We seek answers… you are the oldest we know who could know the answer to this. Who is Inferno?

LD: Your friend? … the one with fire?

Lament: One in the same…

LD: … I only know that which is….(slightly trembling in his voice)

Rynth: You lie! (saying with attitude)

Lament: Rynth!!!

Rynth: I’m sorry! But you can tell in his voice… he’s withholding the truth.

LD: SILENCE HALF BREED! Being what you are, I have rights to smite you on command!!!

Lament: Unless she speaks the truth… why would you have to smite her?

LD: ….

Athame': LD… please…. We need your help…

LD: …

Everyone stares on at LD’s shape in the sky as he grows silent.

LD: I had hoped that within your care he would be safe from what and… who he is…

Rynth, Lament, Athame': ….

LD: But I half assumed that when he left the city anything could happen… I should have tracked him down… kept better watch on him.

Athame': What … who is he…?

LD: Thousands of years ago before the dawn of the creation on Earth…

Lament: Like in the Book of Genesis?

Athame'’: Shh…

LD: …the Earth was an endless void covered in darkness. But as it has been known, the darkness wasn’t empty but filled with demons. What is known by few is that it was ruled by a powerful being known as Tarakas. With an iron fist and an endless army he reigned over the planet with fire, brimstone and death. It wasn’t until one day great beings of power came forth from a distant reach in the universe and faced the monster. An endless battle of epic proportions took place between light and dark…

Athame’: The same battle headmaster spoke of?

LD: Yes. With Terakas and his legion of demons he fought long and hard against the beings of creation known then as Godric and Shatan.

Lament: Wait a minute… Godric and Shatan?!

LD: ….

Athame': Creator versus creator…

LD: As your headmaster told, the battle raged for centuries but what truly happen was in the end it took the most powerful psychic minds (to which the headmaster was a seer in the battle on the side of light) to bring an end to the beast along with the help of Godric and Shatan. In the midst of the battle Godric stepped forward and created light. But in the flash of light we lost him somehow but we witnessed his demonic legion recede deep within the Earth, where we locked them away. It was assumed he was destroyed in the light of life and creation. But unknown to your Headmaster and the rest of the world, the creator of demons was left to roam the surface. With Terakas gone Godric and Shatan were able to do with the Earth as they pleased. Godric created mankind and took dominion over the skies where Shatan granted free will among the new creations and took dominion over the underworld. Together they created a perfect balance of light and dark on Earth. Nevertheless, under orders from our lord, we angels searched for Terakas for centuries. After not finding him we believed him to be destroyed in the light as well, for in the purest light evil loses all power. It wasn’t until last year I discovered such assumption to be false… when I met you both in the waste lands Athame'’.

Lament: So… so are you saying…

LD: ….

Athame'’: Inferno… is really Terakas… (said with a shock on her face)

LD: Yes…

Lament: So the memory thing, the whole charade of him not knowing how to use his power was a rouse?

LD: I believed that as long as he was on the surface and in the light his amnesia stayed present and his identity as well as his powers was dormant. What ever happen to him in his journey outside of the city, along with the present status of nature, something last year must have awoken his true nature.

Lament: So his exposure to the world outside helped his transformation… like Jack…

Rynth: Interesting… where has the creators Godric and Shatan while this been going on?

LD: …

Rynth: Curious… silent again.

Getting cut off.

Athame': Wh…what does Brandis have to do with this?

LD: We have always assumed that Terakas had acolytes on Earth. Monsters, creatures of the dark, even humans devoted to bringing him back. Lucifer was of big suspect, but he hasn’t been seen or heard of since the war. We assumed by now he would have made his way to conquer the heavens by now if he were behind this. Terakas even had various generals whom ruled under him… you know them as the Gods of Chaos, who we believe concocted various ways to achieve such matters… nuclear war… famine…

Rynth: …the fall of the realms?

LD: … Yes. There are various books written all over. To the human eye the books would not make any sense because they aren’t written in regular order. One passage starts in one book and completes in another repeatedly, would take any one centuries to decode it, even with your aura sense Athame,’ it would prove impossible.

Athame'’: What do they say?

LD: Most translations are confusing but in each they mention “when the world is covered in fire; chaos will remain, and when power erupts from the key; their god will reign.”

Lament: Key to what?

LD: … Think of the Earth as one door with many locks. Once all the locks are open chaos and disorder can roam free once again.

Lament: But that’s already happen. I mean look around down there (saying as she looks to the surface). Death, pain, despair… chaos is in full bloom. After that war broke out among mankind and destroyed the fabric splitting the realms of Earth apart… well… things have been downhill since.

Rynth: The realms are the doors?

Athame' and Lament: …

Rynth: Think about it…. The realms poured into one world creating chaos and disorder. With all the creatures serving the side of evil within darkness again, after the human scorched the sky, that only leaves one lock left…

Athame': The original demons that receded into the Earth when Terakas was defeated… and Bran’s the key… would be the only reason why Inferno… I mean Terakas want him.

Lament: But how?

Athame'’: Remember the power surge on the star map? And Brandis having various power burst these last few weeks…

Lament: Yes… I just figured it was a dragon thing…

Athame'’: No it’s not… I thought so too but…

As everyone looks back toward LD he vanishes, they then fly away in the jet. Lament flying the Jet in the pilot seat, Athame'’ next to her in the co-pilot seat and Rynth behind them.

Rynth: So you think your friend Brandis is the key that will open the last door for the demons to return to Earth?

Athame'’: Yes.

Rynth: And that the power building up inside him is the key to opening it.

Athame': Correct…

Lament: I don’t get it… I thought when the sky got scorched all the demons and monsters came out of the darkness to roam?

Athame': Could’ve just been the first gate of hell or something.

Rynth: Have either of you ever seen a demon?

Athame': Well I have spent some time outside of the city the last year…

Rynth: No I mean a REAL pure-blooded demon.

Lament: What’s the difference?

Rynth: All demons on Earth right now are natural demons. Demons that have been crossbred with other monsters or various species rather they be troll, human, elf, or even fairy. Vampires are a good example they are a cross between natural demons and humans. The blood is diluted over thousands of years through natural selection or mutation, and on occasion some inbreeding, in nature creating new and variant species. It’s said that all natural demons descend from fallen angels; angels whom were expelled from heaven or fell. But pure blood demons have NEVER existed in organic form… just the essence of pure evil. They can’t take corporeal form which is why they have to possess a body to do what they want and desire.

Athame': So for a pure demon to even effect its environment it has to possess a living organism?

Rynth: Living or dead… but two demons can’t occupy the same body.

Athame'’: So if Inferno and Brandis succeed… all existing human life will be forever extent.

Lament: How is it that you know so much Rynth? I thought you were a slave most your life?

Rynth: I was… but being champion for the Darko Clan gave me some privileges.

Athame': Like researching your background after finding out you are only half drow… half demon?

Growing slightly disturbed.

Rynth: How did you know that?

Athame': Sorry… I can kind of read your mind by seeing your aura… I just put two and two together along with LD stating you are a half breed and his hate for demons.

Rynth: I see… well it would do me great if you’d stay out of my head witch.

Athame'’: I’m sorry… can’t take any ch..

Cutting her off.

Lament: You two knock it off (saying as she grabs her stomach in slight discomfort) What… what are we doing to do?

Athame': Are you ok?

Lament: Yes… just small cramp…

Athame': Oh… are… are you contracting?

Lament: Don’t be absurd...

Rynth reaches from behind her seat to feel Lament’s stomach.

Rynth: I’m afraid you are… I’ve seen a few pregnancies in my time...

Lament grows heavily concerned in the face.

Athame'’: Wh.. what are you doing? (saying as Lament pushes dials on the radio of the jet console)

Lament: What’s it look like I’m calling my brother, We have to go back!


Lament: I’M NOT LOSING MY DAUGHTER SO YOU CAN SAVE YOU LOVER! It’s over, We’re done! Jack come in it’s Lament!

Athame': But if we don’t stop this, your daughter won’t live to see tomorrow! She’ll be the puppet to some dark entity! Everyone will… you… me… Jack!

Lament grows silent for a second in thought.

Lament: … JACK COME IN!

Meanwhile at Inferno’s castle Mortis, slightly nervous, preps Brandis for a ritual under Inferno’s command. She dresses him in warlike clothing (bondage straps across his torso and a long leather battle skirt) as he sits in a chair talking to her he becomes curious.

Brandis: Tell meh vampire… why ya doin’ dis? Ya rich… sexy an’ youthful… already immortal… an’ have all powa one ya age could possess in dis world.

Mortis: I’m a survivalist before anything. What I do is for the sake of my vampire clan and family. My deal with your… our master keeps them safe.

Brandis: I kno’… saw ‘tin ya blood. Was jus’ makin’ convo. (saying as he stands up and pulls Mortis closer to him by her hair) but sucha deal wasn’t made wit meh. So what’s t’stop meh from killin’ ya all afta dis is ova?

Mortis looks away slightly scared. Brandis then kisses Mortis hard as he can. She’s resistant at first but then gives in. Brandis then pushes her up against the far wall hard and the two violently wrestle. Scratching, biting, clawing at each others flesh, levitating around the room; pounding and ripping the room apart in embrace, like savage animals.

Meanwhile Athame’ practices drawing a collage of symbols in drake, from a book she saw in the headmasters office, in the back of the Sinister Jet. With Brandis’ militant jacket close by she flashes back to blissful times of her and Brandis as she looks at it. When she made his jacket and presented to him as a gift. When they first kissed, when she dreaded his hair so he felt more fit in the city. When they first made love and she saw with regular site for the firs time; and the first gift he gave her- a necklace hand crafted with dragon rubies and bound together with the strength of his hair; that she still wears around her neck.

With the autopilot on Lament, starting the beginning phases of labor, slowly walks over to Athame'’ in the back.

Lament: What are you doing back there?

Athame': Trying to figure out how I am going to save MY lover. Figured Rynth here can take you back… I’ll take the jet and find Bran…

Lament: What? You don’t know how to fly?

Athame': So I’ll learn fast…

Lament: …

Nightmare (on the radio): Alright I set coordinates for the autopilot to bring you back here. Should take about five minutes or so to kick in. Just in good timing to, I’m running out of excuses to Yunn of where you all are and what you’re doing.

Lament looks at the autopilot and radio. Thinks for a second. Then uses her telekinesis to rip out the radio and autopilot at the same time and begins to fly the jet again.

Athame'’: Now what are you doing?!

Lament: Saving the world… not for you or for your boy friend… but for me and my family. No damn way am I going to be anyones puppet!

Back at the hidden city.

Nightmare: Lament?! Answer me! Lam?! The autopilot has been disengaged! LAM! Damn it!

Back at Terakas castle Brandis sits in a dark round room, with only one candle, alone as monster after monster, demon after demon and creature after creature come through the doors; guarded by Mortis and Fusion on the outside, gathering power after power. Terakas listens from his thrown room at the cries of pains as he looks out his window at the world around him with a grin.

Back on the Sinister Jet.

Rynth: So what do you both plan to do about fighting a vampire, two monsters and a god? We are only three… possibly even two (saying as Lament contracts again).

Athame': If we can change Bran back we will have a fighting chance…

Rynth: How’s that? He has infinite power by now… chances of even getting close aren’t in our favor…

Athame': Exactly… infinite… power that can aid us… if I can configure these symbols right…

Lament (slightly out of breath): How do you plan on finding him without the star map?

Athame': That way. (points at his jacket) and a simple locator spell.

Rynth: I don’t get it, If your friend is the key why don’t they just snap their fingers and…

Cutting her off.

Athame': I’m willing to bet it’s because they don’t have enough power in Bran to open the door?

Lament: How’s that?

Athame'’: The powers he’s been presenting… how he can move things with his mind and shoot lightning from his hands? Those are all powers he got from us. I think he’s able to absorb powers from absorbing DNA, and it’s through this Inferno is charging him up (saying as she continues to make markings in drake on paper) like a bomb. By now he could be able to do anything. We have to be prepared….

Rynth: And these markings… what are they suppose to do?

Athame'’: Bran’s mother said the only way to bind his powers is to etch the drake markings on his body… but configuring them is proving to be difficult.

Lament: But what’s the blood for? (saying as she glances back)

Athame': It’s Bran’s mothers blood… I took it before we left… spell only works if it’s done in drake blood.

Back at the Lab, Nightmare sits in a wheel chair trying to wire back together his radar to track the sinister jet down in his half destroyed lab.

Nightmare: Damn it!.... How could she do that after all this… stubborn!

Yunn comes on the intercom in the office.

Yunn: What’s going on in there?! I deman…

Nightmare throws a wrench destroying the intercom.

Nightmare: If she’s in the early stages of labor and under stress I only have a matter of minutes before I can track them down… use the teleporter to bring them back… wish I could save the jet… but can just build another one… (he then continues to fix the radar machine)

Back on the Jet, Athame'’, Lament and Rynth arrive miles outside of Terakas fortress by locator spell. As they leave the jet a voice echoes through Athame'’s mind saying “Only when the life inside flows no more and the power is severed from the master will fire reign no more.” Athame'’ stop in her tracks.

Athame'’: Guys… if this doesn’t work… we… we may have to kill Bran…

Lament: Are you prepared to do that. (saying while breathing heavily)

Athame': No… but I don’t have choice now… we’re too late…

The three look on into the distance at the skull shaped fortress, carved into a large mountain giving site to a legion of monsters and creature, Brandis floating above the castle, and Inferno above him with a surge of dark light surrounding both, flowing through the surface beneath them.