The Hidden Cities' Nightmare Child

For years the city formerly known as Atlantis, now known as Hidden-Atlantis, has been hidden and cloaked in stealth from society for years. For centuries it remained in a secluded dome on the oceans floor, constantly in motion, away from everyday society. Once the world made a turn for the worse, the city surfaced it self above the water docking itself in the center of what was once to be the largest of all the great lakes, Lake Superior. Now it is one of the world’s largest deserts. The city still remains a rumor and theory even know, but as the last shred of hope for humanity. Even docked in a secluded area and still in stealth only the cities inhabitants and lost hopefuls (humans seeking a better life from the world) are able to find it. The city has become so advance that it has found means to generate sunlight and moonlight and the cycles, compared to the outside world where neither exist. With its high defenses and stealth keeping it safe from any being with unknown aura, the city has never been breeched. Until now..

With one of his companion’s unconscious, another missing an arm, and the last overly exhausted from magic over use, Brandis stands tall and alone, surrounded by a large squadron of guards, and only seven minutes on the clock remaining to save his mother.

Guard: I said Put you hand on your head!

Guard 2: He's got Eternal Inferno!!

Guard: Put your hands up!!! NOW!

Brandis begins himself to attack but is stopped by Athame'.

Athame': Wait... Don't... they will kill you if they have to...

Brandis: No...No one dies today... not now...

With determination in his eyes Brandis picks Athame' up into his arms.

Guard: Drop the girl!!! NOW!!

Brandis: Which way do I go?

Athame': Wha...wha?

Brandis: Where?!

Guard: Put her DOWN!!!

Athame': Straight... right on... through the city... Mystic..cen...ter...

With Athame' in his arms Brandis begins an all out scale defense attack on the guards, storming through them like wind, dodging, spinning, and jumping making it to where the guards turned there weapons on themselves. Citizens move scarcely out of the way. Brandis takes a few shocks and even some blade cuts, but his strong will keeps him going. He soon gets through and begins sprinting his way to the Mystic Center as fast as he can. He even scales and jumps some roofs as he did in the forest like an acrobat on tight ropes. He takes even more stun blast from the cities patrol bots as he runs toward the center with only 4 minutes left. Soon he is greeted by more Guards when he comes to the front entrance of the center and becomes completely surrounded once again all around and even above him with beings on hover cycles and drones and droids. Battered from the cuts from blades and stun blast, Brandis starts growing weak himself but still summons more strength and levitates himself into the air; fifty stories into the air and clashes through the window of the medical center. More stun blast continue to rain on his flesh even as he stumbles through the glass with Athame' in his arm. Athame' directs him to the Lazarus Ward which he runs to as fast as possible but Center Security catches him moments after he gets to the doors and opens them. Less than a minute is on the clock as Brandis collapses to the floor and puts Athame' down.

Brandis: Go......s.. save 'er...

Athame' crawls her way slowly through the doors and Brandis Stands up on his feet with little strength and lunges at the security guards in anger. As the doors close shut behind her Athame' hears Brandis scream as she herself passes out unconscious with the crystal in her hand, just inches away from the machine that would have given Brandis' mother another chance.

The next morning Brandis awakens to a bright and shining force of rays and lights, something he had never seen before that struck and shocked him... the sun. He sits out of the window and looks at it for a few minutes and lets its rays cover his skin. He then looks around the room and notices thin like medical supplies, advanced machinery, and monitors. He soon sees the bandages covering him in the mirror and begins to remove them. He then finds a sign and find out he is in a rehabilitation chamber. He then wonders through the halls for a while and notices many different things in the center. Some patients are mystical creatures such as hippogriffs(like the creature in the 3rd harry potter movie), unicorns, and even clabberts (looks like a monkey crossed with a frog). Some of the doctors and healers and carriers ranged from elves, to centaurs, humans, and even mutants. Brandis continued to wonder until he came up on and interesting area called the Pyro-Care Ward. The room gave off a lot of heat, so much heat that the entrance was sealed with large and metal ceiled doors. But Brandis is easily able to open them no problem now that he has had rest and has his strength back.

When he enters the walls are lined with aluminum and lead radiating the heat off the walls and circulating. When inside he sees various things that have deal wit the element of fire like a fire crab (Looks very similar to a large tortoise. and a crab but bigger and shoots fire from its tails). He even sees mutants with heat abilities, one is even inside a chamber in a deep sleep where it’s giving off a bright glow of radiation and heat. Brandis figures if anything his friend Inferno would be inside this area some where. And He is right, after looking for about 15 minutes he finds Inferno inside a room like the one he was in. Except, with out clothing, Inferno is in a stasis field canister resembling the shape of a large test tube. Next to him is a monitor reading "stable" "temperature at 300 degrees" and "Heart rate normal." Not knowing what the machine is doing Brandis attempts to open it using the handles located on the side, but nothing happens. He then figures he would use his dragon strength to crack open the canister. He balls up his fist and not a moment to late.

Unknown man: Stop!!!

Brandis stops instantly and looks over to two individuals in special heated suits that are bright yellow. One of them takes of the mask and is revealed as Athame'. Brandis comes to her and gives her a hug.

Brandis: I thought ...I thought you were...

Athame' hugs him back.

Athame': It's ok... we are all fine.... Athame' and the individual with her all enter a much more secure and observed room.

Athame': Inferno is just resting in this specially chamber... the intense heat is being used to regenerate his body as well as his powers... he should be back on his feet in no time... is not the first time of use using it...

Brandis: That’s good... mom!!! what about mom!!!

Athame': I better let my friend explain.

The other masked individual finally takes off his mask and reveals him self.

Nightmare: How you doing? Jack Nightmare... I help run this Center...and as well as a few other things...sort speak...

Brandis: My mom!! what happened to my mother!!

Athame': Calm down...come..

The three begin walking to another part of the hospital. On the way the walk past the Operation Room where a familiar face is inside on the table unconscious.

Brandis: Is that?

Athame': Yes... Zero... he lost a lot of blood thanks to his antics out side...but Nightmare here was able to save him...

Nightmare: It’s what I do. We were able to salvage Zero's old arm but the lodging of it from his body was two severe. We were forced to use enhanced cybernetics in order to give him back his arm.

Nightmare then shows a small screen of where the robots, droids, and healers are doing to Zero on a holographic screen.

Nightmare: When done Zero will have a brand new arm. Fully operational like his last but more human oriented. Using a special meta-organic metal we were able to create the arm so that it may achieve transmogrification, my own invention...its just...

Cutting Nightmare off.

Brandis: Look I don't care long as he's okay...where is my mother?!

Athame' and Nightmare look at each other and proceed through the halls to a large area of the hospital where Athame and Brandis attempted to get to when they entered the Center. Various droids and creatures and people walk around in this area monitoring and prepping the patients in the area.

Brandis: Athame...what happen? What's wrong with my mother?

Athame': See for yourself...

Brandis Looks through a large fiber glass and sees his mother in dragon form resting asleep, but with large monitors hooked to major organs.

Brandis: She lives? (he smiles happily)

Nightmare: It sure was not easy. The spell was over by the time you both got her hear, but through here will and technological advances I was able to pull her back... converting her back into her dragon state you see...well Luckily your kind is stronger in dragon state. It gave her a few extra minutes even after spell had run its course. But at great chance... I pulled her back in dragon form physically... but mentally you mother is not all there... there is no chance to say when or if she will awake...

Brandis is distraught but somewhat happy... but he still thanks Athame' for her help.

Brandis: My mother is strong... she will bounce back... I know she will

Nightmare and Athame' look with worry, but slightly glad he has that kind of hope.

Brandis: So... what do we do now?

With his arm bandaged and not moving it.

Zero: How about we go get those answers?

Brandis and Athame' greet Zero with ease asking him if he was alright a how he felt.

Zero: Will feel better when I know the answers I came to get..

Nightmare: Answers? For what?

Zero: Who is this guy?

Nightmare: Nightmare, Jack. Please to meet you to meet you Mr...?

Zero: Colonel... no time for introduction Nightmare Jackie... I want my answers... what went wrong? What happen that day?

With a slight disgust for mispronouncing his name Nightmare begins to answer back rude like.

Athame': Calm down Zero... Jack... where would we be able to find out information about certain robots?

Nightmare: Well there is only one place I can think favorite place in the whole city...

Everyone get on an elevator. The glass elevator quickly launches them all from one point of the Mystic Center across to a large Laboratory. The elevator travels horizontal, slightly across the city allowing Brandis and Zero to see the large futuristic city (city looks like corusant in star wars with fancy futuristic buildings and cars flying everywhere) as the sun just finishes rising. The city is surrounded by a dome that projects a various skies to the public rather than the scorched sky from the out side. Brandis and Zero, because they grew up in the outside world, are amazed and shocked. It reminds Zero very much of how the world should have been and feels him with hope that he can know bring his people to paradise.

Zero: How...How is it you all have sunlight?

Nightmare: One word...Technology... in simple terms...a large sphere generates a long range of rays accumulated with the sun, not only generating light but heat as well. It also has the cycles of day light, as well as daylight savings time, as well as the lunar cycle of the moon at night... helps the natural order of nature here..along with other assistants...

Zero: Don't rely too much on that... gets you in trouble.

Nightmare: Oh yes... forgot of that... do not worry, out droids and bots do not run on a simple Artificial Intelligence engine like the ones from your world. Instead each has its own program, and laws that govern it. Something humanity did not think of doing when creating theirs years ago...

Zero feels a bit of anger and disgust from Nightmare's words but deep down knows he has a point.

Brandis: Assistants? Like what?

Nightmare: Hehe.... magical assistance... you can say...well we are here... welcome to Sevenfold Labs.

Exiting the elevator Brandis and Zero look upon a large industry of technology and equipment, some with even magical elements (think of it as a cross between Men in Black head quarters and hogwarts of Harry potter). The ceiling is even enchanted to resemble entities in outer space (stars, planets, asteroids black holes).

Brandis: Incredible...

Nightmare: Isn’t it? you can thank the mystic and mages for the city but everything else... is all science... more or less..

Scientist of all races and sizes work hard around them while they look around.

Nightmare: Now what was it you wanted again...oh yea... you wanted to see the Technological Interface... come.

All begin to head to the area where Nightmare begins leading them.

Brandis: Athame'... I noticed...why doesn't...

Cutting him off.

Athame': Nightmare has eyes like mine as well as a few others you have seen here?

Brandis: Yea...

Athame': Not all are like that here...but it is simple really, it’s a genetic trait passed down by only native Hidden- Atlantics... Some people here you will notice have them while other do not... ones who do not have the aura eyes are offspring of outsiders or natural born outsiders who have found their way here...

Nightmare: My parents came here shortly after I was born...I was born outside like you both.. anyways...

Brandis: So you're human?

Nightmare: More or we are.

All four stand in front of a large sequence of books (resembling a library but more holographic based). The Interface is one huge archive listing various things on the city as well as the outside world.

Nightmare: If you have any questions they would be here in the archives... I must attend to other matters if you have any other questions feel free to stop by...good day..

Nightmare leaves the area heading down further into other labs alone.

Zero sits at one of the desk in the archive tables.

Zero: How do I work this thing?

Athame': Ask it a question...any question... it can hear you.

Zero: *speaking toward the screen where one accesses the archives* What can you tell me about the Artificial Humans?

Computer voice: Accessing... welcome Colonel Patient Zero. Please wait while you request is being processed...

Nervous and very jittery.

Zero: What!? How did it know my name?!

Athame': Calm down're making a scene... it knows who you are through your vocal analysis, and body weight from the chair you're sitting in... it was processed while you were in the Center In surgeries... both of you are in the cities computer.

Zero: I don't like that at all... some computer with all your information... sounds to familiar wouldn't you say so?

Athame: You heard Nightmare... there are no such dangers here...even so magic helps more than you think...calm down..

Athame' looks over at Brandis and notices he is very quiet and to him self, and somewhat sad. Zero goes back to the archive after the computer find his information, he becomes very intrigued by the information and its accuracy.

Athame: Zero... we will see you in like what two that okay?

Zero not even looking at Athame.

Zero: Yea...yea... yea...

Athame' takes Brandis off out side into other city leaving Sevenfold Labs.

Athame': Are you alright?

Brandis: really... I don't know... it’s just...

Athame': your mom...

Brandis puts his head down ins sadness.

Athame': Come with me... I know something that will cheer you up.

She and Brandis hop into a Courtesy Cab (looks similar to a regular yellow cab taxi but more advances and newer. It hovers and flies. And it’s a cab located in various parts of the city where people can get inside start the cab up and go where ever they need as long as they park the cab in public sight for another person to use. It requires no keys like most of the vehicles in the city, just thumb print from the driver) Both fly off into the traffic in the sky.

Meanwhile in the distant dark and infested waters of the oceans the white cloaked figure sits about a large hover craft with large binoculars scanning the area around him. He then blows a loud fog horn and begins to set off into the waters with his army of stoned figures behind him. (The army doesn't use hovercrafts like the cloaked stranger, but instead the same horses and carriages they were buried with. Horses with burning green eyes and flaming green hair, and carriages that are barely holding together. They resemble an un-dead army, but completely made of old and molded stone) They head west through the waters toward the islands that were once Hawaii, but now called New Babylon.

Back in the Hidden City Brandis and Athame’. Make their way toward one of the cities most well known facilities. They enter a large recreation building called Hidden Arms: Learner Center of Melee and Empty Hand Defense. When entering it is seen of more citizens of the cities of different races, genres and breeds walking around from place to play (it resembles like a version of the halls of Final Fantasy 8, the Jedi Temple in Star Wars episode 1-3). It has white walls with gold trimming along the columns reseeding into the school. Two large doors estimating at about 20 feet off the ground, lay on across from each other about 45 feet from the entrance to the building. One is marked Archive Center, the other is marked Dining Hall. At the end of the large hallway lay a 2 set of large steps that begin at the bottom of the floor then curve about 2 flights to a second floor corridor which leads to two sets of three elevators. Brandis is very intrigued by what he is seeing as he and Athame’ make their way to the stairs and into the elevators with other students.

Athame’: This is one of the most advanced school of self defense and combat in both hand to hand combat and melee weaponry… see we do not force people to harness their abilities or learn the ways of magic, we leave the choice up to them.

Brandis: Do you teach here?

Athame’: No, I teach at another place here in the city. Well... Sort of… anyway this place is more you, it teach vast amount of martial arts discovered and created through history.

Brandis: …and what does the place teach where you teach?

Athame’: It mainly teaches spells, magic uses, and over all how to teach certain beings in the city to harness and control their abilities...

The two exit the elevators and get off on the 21st floor of the building (there are 50 total of the building).

Brandis: What floor is this?

Athame’: The 21st… there are a total of 50 in the entire building… floors 1- 30 are classes whereas floors 31 – 50 are school dormitories.

Brandis: Dormitories?

Athame’: Some students choose to live at the school, while there are some who actually live in apartments in the city, and others never leave home.

Brandis and Athame’ head to a class that is in session that is about 8 classes down from the elevator. From the banister located in the center of the floor one can see all the way to the bottom of the building. But the ceiling projects a very expensive florescent hologram that changes every few minutes displaying news and bulletins about the school. The two enter a classes where there student dressed in training gi’s (uniforms for practicing martial arts). Some are same colors while others are different.

Athame’: Good… we didn’t miss it.

Confused look on his face.

Brandis: Why are they all wearing different clothing garments?

Athame’: The clothing marks them in level of skill. Brown is for leave under 3. Green is for levels over 3 to 7, and white are for the ones who are over 7.

Brandis: So what level of class is this?

Athame’: It not…it’s more of a sparring class… it teaches and lets students interact with other students of different levels to test there skill…

Brandis: So kind of like a way to test limits and prepare them for unexpected situations?

Athame’: Yes something like that… (She smiles)

Both become quiet as the teacher of the class enters the room.

Teacher: Good day everyone!

Everyone in the classes rises to their feet and greets the teacher and bow as he enters the class room. The teacher is about as tall as Brandis. He has short and curly hair, black, and dark colored skinned. He is just a muscular as Brandis but has no tattoos. He wears a Gi similar to the students expect it is in black and resembles a futurist ninja Gi. He walks very calm and is wise like manner (with his hands behind his back) and speaks loud enough so people can hear him. He is also the first Native Hidden-Atlantic Brandis has been able to meet up close (so he has the native signature eye’s like Athame’). He resembles the age of 42. He goes by the name Master Stortion. Athame' and Brandis stand off to the side of a really large class room in the shape of a sphere, watching the lecture and teaching of master stortion. Stortions student stand in a perfect circle while Brandis and Athame' stay close to the door.

Stortion: Who here can tell me the key to winning in combat?

Stortion points at a male student who says.

Student 1: Strength, technique...and um... power?

Stortion: You don't sound to sure... close though... any one else?

He picks another student who is female.

Student 2: Strategy, balance, technique, strength and power.

Stortion: Interesting, can you tell me why?

Student 2: Strategy able one to develop tactics in a fight to win, balance allows a person to defend with a balance technique of strength and power.

Brandis is actually quite impressed at the girls answer, especially for her age- she looks no older than 18. Her answer is right but is also wrong.

Stortion: Very good. Strategy is the key to winning in any form of combat, plan out your key attacks but do not forget your balance, for with out it you lose proper technique of strength and powers... remember be like the air around you, clear but in constant effect..

Cutting Stortion off.

Brandis: Actually what would be more efficient is water...

Everyone, including Stortion turns to Brandis direction. Brandis then begins pacing around the class room looking at all students and Master Stortion.

Brandis: Water... is the crucial element of life... but it can crash... flow... give life as well as take it. Yes, strategy, balance, technique, strength and power are key elements in a fight, but do not be like wind. Air is indeed clear... stealthy... vigilant...and very effective. But to be for sure victory in a battle...water is the element you must mimic. Water can take the form of any shape... if you put it in a cup it becomes it... you place it in a pond it becomes the pond... it adapts and mimics its surroundings... you do this and you can use the effect of wind and combination of water to fend off your opponent by turning his balance...technique, strategy, strength and power against them.

Stortion: Interesting... class wouldn't you say? And who might you be stranger?

Athame': He's a friend of mine Master Stortion.

Stortion: Ah... Athame'! Class... pay your respects.

The class bows to Athame' to greet her and she returns the bow.

Athame': This is my friend Brandis Xavier-in... he's... a distant to the city... but so sorry to disturb your class Master Stortion... he's…

Stortion: Quite alright... Tell me Mr. Xavier-in is it? (walking toward Brandis)

Brandis: Brandis sir...just Brandis...

Stortion: I'm sorry... Brandis... Tell me... how would you know such...philosophy of the Arts?

Brandis: ... I learned... since I was able to crawl...

Stortion turns away from Brandis.

Stortion: Really?

Stortion then begins to attack Brandis with various combinations and moves from the way of the Hid- Com. Brandis uses his fighting style to counter, jump, dodge and move out of the way of Stortion's attack. Both move very similar almost except Stortion style is more attacking than defending why Brandis is defending. But when attack both are able to counter each others movies. In a way Stortion has an advantage because he has his Hid Eye so he can sense each move Brandis throws before he throws it. The two put on a very thrilling spar for the class. After about 30 minutes they stop. And bow to each other with respect.

Smiling with impress.

Stortion: Class... dismissed.

As the class leaves they look at Brandis with wonder and curiosity. Some giggle, others blush, some even show looks of disgust and curiosity (these are native hid-atlantics- they can see his aura slightly and it puzzles them) but there is lots of chatter on the way out.

Stortion: Good form...your style is different...similar...but different... as are you... (refer to his aura).

Athame': Brandis is...special... but in a GOOD way Master Stortion.

Stortion: Ah... I see...Maybe after when you get settled in the city can take my place when I retire. (He says jokingly)

Athame': Um... Stortion...we have to get going...I still have to show Brandis where he will be staying... and..

Cutting her off.

Stortion: Ah yes...of course... well let me be the first to say Welcome to you new friend... you are always welcome here... Good day... Athame' (Bows to her and she to him)

Athame': Let’s get going.

Both leave the School and head back to the Center. Athame' is soon greeted by a message drone. It hovers in front of her and projects a hologram of the Headmaster's apprentice.

Apprentice: Athame' Starr, you are summoned to come to the personal Chambers of the Headmaster Yee. His aspects to see you in the next hour.

The droid the floats away.

Brandis: Is everything okay?

Athame': Yes...its just....Nothing... Wait for me at the Center.. I will be there In about 2 hours or so.

Both split up and head their own directions, Brandis does not know the way back so he simply walks back the way he came to the Center.

Meanwhile Zero continues to look fast through the archives and is growing very impatient because he is finding no answers. All information only list things he already knew, and says all the robots made by man are non- operational. So he goes to Jack Nightmare for help.

Zero: I can't find anything.... is there any way I can see if there are any robots functional at this very moment in the outside world?

Nightmare sits at in his lab getting up from configuring a computer chip by hand.

Nightmare: Hmmm not that I know of... See robots do no have any living cells or form about them so they are hard to track. Even if I tried to locate non living matter on the will still be like finding a needle in the hay stack. Can take days or even years to locate a functional machine in the outside world. I'm sorry but there is nothing else I can do.

Zero: Damn it!....then... there is no other choice... I have to leave first thing in the morning...for New Babylon.

Nightmare: Are you sure that's wise... you'd be giving up paradise for... whatever is out there...

Zero: Listen Gadget boy... I have a job...a personal duty to my people... I have to get to them as soon as possible. Can't take any chances of what ever is operating the machines to ambush them with a surprise attack. One way or another I'm leaving this city... Now... are you going to help me or am I going to have to do this my way.

Nightmare looks at down to think.

Meanwhile Brandis finds his way back to the Center. And sits in the observation room watching his mother in her deep coma. He has little to no expression on his face, but feels some depression because of thought of his mothers condition. He can not help but to worry about his mothers condition. Then a familiar face walks in.

Inferno: You know usually one would be happy for here there parent is alive..

Brandis: Inferno? you doing...didn't even know you were out.

Inferno: I just woke up not too long ago... is everything ok?

Brandis: No... what's his name Nightmare...

Inferno: Oh Jack Nightmare?

Brandis: Yea..he... says my mom has a very limited chance of pulling through...

Inferno: Do you believe that?

Brandis: NO... not at all...

Inferno: Then if you believe it my friend then it will be so...

Brandis: ....

Inferno: Plus you do not know Jack... he analysis every little step before taking one... there is a way to bring your mother back... he will find it. Just give it some time. For now she is safe here... and so are you.

Brandis: So...what brings you here?

Inferno: I was actually looking for Athame'... but instead found you.

Brandis: Oh... well she was called away by someone called the Headmaster...

Inferno: Oh no... well I hope she is alright... that can be a good thing or bad thing.. but in her case..possibly a bad thing...

Brandis: Wait what do you mean?

Inferno: Well one of the rules of the city is that inhabitants are not allowed to venture out and bring in outsiders... their actually not suppose to go out at all... but its kind of my fault she even left...

Brandis: ?

Meanwhile in the largest building (estimates at about 1100 stories) located in the heart of the city Athame' ascends to the very top in a class elevator. She then enters into a large corridor and walks down a long hallway that is lightened by small lamps (the lamps resemble large glow sticks that glow a bright blue). She comes to a door and it is opened by a young man close to Athame's age. He wears a blue komodo, which drapes him from neck to feet. It also has various patterns in it. His hair is blond and short, slicked back off his face; and he is also a native of the city. His name is Darius Yunn, but is known to the city as the Apprentice ( he has this title because he is next in line of the Headmaster, he is being taught by the Headmaster himself in the ways of magic and mystical arts). The Apprentice allows her to come inside the chamber and he leaves the room. The chamber is filled with various things from mystics animals (like a phoenix sitting on a bird stand) and there are yellow neon orbs floating around the room circulating light through out the room. The ceiling is made to resembles the out side sky. In the center of the room lies a desk with a world globe as well as books and important papers. There are also maps and various tools of magic and science located around the room. a book shelf sits of into a corner. Athame' is soon greeted by the headmaster himself.

Headmaster: Good day Athame'...

Athame': Headmaster (she bows)

The headmaster is old, well over 150. But looks like a 50 year old male with wrinkles and the aura sense eyes (he's a native of the city as well). He has white hair that is short to his neck, as well as a white beard that stops at his collar bone. He to wears a komodo but his is white with golden embroidering.

Headmaster: I see you have brought some new friends along with you after you little trip...

Athame: Yes sir...

Headmaster: How was you trip by the way... enlightening I hope.

Athame': ...

Headmaster: I suppose you know why I called you hear then...

Athame': yes sir, from my actions..

Headmaster: Yes your actions... indeed they were foolish but also against the rules... so what do you think I should do with you?

With a sad look on her face.

Athame': I am not sure Headmaster.

Headmaster: Leaving the city is strictly forbidden for native hidden-atlantians, dark forces can capture us and harness our knowledge and pure abilities to destroy us; you know that. However, your intentions were good. You wanted to help... to bring enlightenment to others and help them find their way into a world of peace... and you did so with your own free will... something highly encouraged and taught everywhere here.

She brings her head up in curiosity.

Headmaster: So... you punishment is simply this... you are to be my personal advisor for the outside world.

Athame': Sir?

Headmaster: It's a simple job that will give you time while on your suspension from teaching... this job will be in affect as of tomorrow morning until the end of your suspension. Upon whenever you wish you shall be allowed to leave the city and enter at will.

Athame': But to what am I to do when outside?

Headmaster: Same as you have done... go forth...spread hope... and guide the element of good and pure to the city. do you think you can handle it?


Athame': Yes! Yes I can. But...

Headmaster: But?

Athame': My friends...what about them?

Headmaster: They will be cared for... and as you know...they can leave whenever they wish.

Athame' smiles, bows and then leaves the champers of the headmaster. The Headmaster then turns and looks out the window with little expression on his face.

Later that evening, as the un sets, Inferno and Brandis walk the street of the city which is even more beautiful than it is at day. Inferno and Brandis walk after getting food at a local dining facility and Inferno begins telling Brandis of various dreams he had been having lately.

Inferno:... Some of the dreams..I don't know...feel like a memory...while other parts feel like up coming events... I'm not sure...

Brandis: Interesting... and you said you did not start having them until you got into the outside world?

Inferno: Yes, and as of lately they have been more frequent... I can't really explain... They are dark... full of fire... and right in the city is a figure of darkness... I don't know. But there are various screams of terror and despair...

Brandis: Sounds very scary...but I hate to say it... sounds like you may have something waiting for you in the out side world...maybe when out there you felt the connection and sitting here in this place for years just severed the connection...

Inferno: Perhaps...

The stop walking.

Brandis: My friend...if you really want answers...its a journey you will have to make... we all have our own paths... a purpose... maybe yours lies outside. To find the connection you are missing from your past to now...

Inferno looks deep in thought and begins to pounder. The two begin walking again.

Zero continues to look in the archives at Sevenfold Labs, and soon tries to make radio contact with his communicator to New Babylon, but the signal get interrupted due to the vast about of magic and mystic energy in the air. He tries so hard that he falls to sleep at the archive table. Meanwhile Inferno and Brandis meet up with Athame', but Inferno decides to call it a night and head home leaving Brandis and Athame' alone.

Brandis: So..uh... what did the apprentice...I mean Headmaster want...

Athame': It wasn't that bad... he appointed me as his advisor to the outside world! (she says in excitement)

Brandis: That's great...but...what's that do?

Athame': Oh..I'm sorry.... basically what it does is allow me to leave the city at will...until a certain time... and go out into the world to help others... I want you to come with me.

She says as she and he stop on a near by bridge.

Brandis: Athame' that's great...but..I can't.. I can't leave my mom hear unwatched... I don't know.. I just feel... I have to stay.

With some slightly disappointment.

Athame':’s ok... I understand...

Brandis: No.. don't get me wrong I don't want anything to happen to you out there at all... I want you safe.... I just...yea...

Athame': It's alright...really.. I'll just ask Inferno to come with me...

Brandis holds his head in shame.

Athame': So did you want to come to my place.. I mean to sleep...because it is getting kind of late...

Brandis: Nah... that's ok... I'm going to go back to the Center... can't sleep right now... too much on my mind...

The two sit in silence and continue to walk and talk about many things and soon depart for the night quietly. She returns to her apartment, and he to the center. The next morning before the city begins to awaken, Athame' and Inferno begin to leave, Brandis goes along with to see them off, but when they get to the gate they run into a familiar face, Patient Zero.

Athame': Zero? What are you doing here?

Inferno: Yes, we thought you would still be collection information.

Zero: I was... but I found nothing I did not know... I need to get to New Babylon... but I did not expect to see you all here.

All begin to exit through the city gate as the guard opens it. Shortly after coming out onto the surface seeing the wasted land in front of them, all get a chill down their spine. The wind blows sand as well as dust into their eye blinding them and after they gain their sight back, all look up to witness a large hover craft (resembling the one with pirates but newer, and white and silver looking) in front of them. They all get ready for a fight, but when the doors open it reveals another familiar face.

Nightmare: Well if you all coming along you may want to get on board!

Athame: Nightmare?! What are you doing here?

Nightmare: Just helping someone out... (he says as he looks at Zero and Zero looks at Athame')'s what we are taught right?.. and I figured if you, Athame', was going out into the world to help people then you'd need a hover craft. (Nightmare can hear almost everyone in the city with his patrol droids) And what better hover craft to help than my own personal Death Bat! (he says with somewhat of a cocky smile on his face)

As the ramp lowers Athame' hugs Brandis and Zero shakes his hand, and they both begin to ascend the ramp, But Inferno stays still.

Athame': What's wrong?

Inferno: There it is again.... the connection...the one you mentioned Brandis (he says as he look at Brandis)... I can fill it...something... out there. (He says as he looks out into the fog)... I can't go... I'm sorry...

Athame': ...

Inferno: Brandis! Brandis you can go... please...

Brandis: I can't... My mom's here..I can't leave her... not alone...

Nightmare: She's not alone man... she's cared for 24 hours a day... I will make sure of it...

Inferno: See so you can go... Please... as my friend...

Inferno takes Brandis aside.

Inferno: Listen... I know how you feel about Athame'... and I know how she feels about you... your connection is with her... and you know I am right. You told me last night that everyone has their own path in life... perhaps this is yours...

Brandis thinks for a minute with his head down. Everyone else waits.

Brandis: Alright... I'll go... but I want hour updates on my mother...

Nightmare: A pain...but no problems I will have them into my system hear on the ship.... NOW LETS GO!

Zero shakes Inferno's hand.

Zero: Good luck man... get back safely.

Athame' gives Inferno a hug.

Athame': Be careful... Please... I think we both know how dangerous it is out there...

Inferno: Yea I think so to...but you have a great guy on your side now... much better than me (chuckles)

Athame': Who Brandis? ... no we are just friends.

Inferno: What ever you say Star fire (Inferno's nick name for Athame' because of her last name)

Athame': You haven't called me that in years... is everything alright?

Inferno: Yes... Yes it is... and when I get back I can tell you everything (he smiles gives her a hug and pushes her toward the ship)

Brandis then shakes his hand and gives him a half hug.

Brandis: Take care man...

Inferno: I shall... just make sure you take care of them... just like you have been...

Brandis: You have my word...

Brandis then gets on the ship and the ramp begins to close. Everyone looks at Inferno as he looks back from the surface.

Screaming happily.

Inferno: This isn't good bye! I will see you guys again!!

The ship drives off into the land and fades in the fog.

Inferno loses his smile and replaces it with a wonder and worried face but serious.

Inferno: Here we go...

Inferno then walks off into the wasteland by himself.