Ambushed and Deceived

Stale air, clouded dust, blood of all kinds, sweat and battle cries fill the air as Nightmare, Lament, Brandis, Athame,’ Zero, Inferno and Mortis are ambushed and up against endless minions. Monsters, demonic creatures, dead and undead beings all serving along side with Cold Fusion, a monster-human hybrid woman (her wings give her the power of flight and control of burst of wind and she can also blow cold air from her breath at dangerous freezing temperatures). Odds are not in the favor, Cold Fusion holds an army in front of her attack against seven.

A fierce battle ensues as Inferno and Brandis charge toward the battle area, near the Death Bat, to help the others against their enemy.

Brandis: C’mon Ana!

Mortis: Darlin,’ this is not my fight. (saying as she stays behind Inferno and Brandis)

Joining the fight, Brandis immediately begins attacking monsters with Inferno. Athame’ manipulates the elements around her to defend and attack the creatures. Lament, tho pregnant, proves to be a great asset in the fight using strong telekinesis. Zero blast away using all weaponry in his arsenal, from his proto-Plasmic arm to various pistols and bombs. Everyone is able to hold off the army until Nightmare, against the wishes of his sister, bravely uses his MDM to transform. He figures he alone should be able to transform and take out most the squad himself, but soon finds it hard to change density in the battle when his headaches begin to erupt sending him in frenzy. Nightmare hulks out but goes crazed ripping through the monsters. This causes Lament to aid her brother. Though aiding him proves to be more problematic.

With his headaches raging through his head Nightmare gets out of control, transforming from low density (phasing through objects) to high density (hulking out). The rapid changing and headache pain, uncontrollable forces him to knock Lament several feet into the air. With Inferno and Brandis fighting hundreds of feet away, Mortis intervenes at the last moment catching Lament through flight and hovers back to the grown in a safe distance. Eventually Nightmare passes out from his own frenzy; Zero backs him up along with Inferno and Brandis. Soon Zero is knock unconscious with a concussion blast from a distance by Cold Fusion. Athame’ then hovers after Cold Fusion.

Athame’ attacks with her own barrage of spells casting, fighting her in an air battle, while other fight off soldiers and monsters of all kinds. Athame’ proves to be a handful with Cold Fusion unable to counter her spells. So instead Cold Fusion begins to fight her in hand to hand, leaving her defenseless against her fighting capabilities. Athame’ is only able to dodge but is still scratched a few times by Fusion’s talons. Brandis sees this from afar and begins to make his way toward Athame’ and Cold Fusion. He is soon blocked by a large beetle like beast the raised from the ground (looks like an over size dung beetle). Hovering over 2100 feet in the air Brandis has no way to help Athame.’

Brandis: Inferno! A hand please?!

Inferno turns into his human flame form and throws fire balls at the Hine legs of the creature allowing Brandis the leverage to jump into the sky to knock out Fusion by surprise. Unfortunately the leverage is not high enough, he soon finds himself cut short until he begins to float slowly unexpectedly again. A slight shock falls over Brandis once again (he can’t fly like most of his kind can, only hover up and down) but he soon hit by a concussion blast from surprisingly by Cold Fusion, knocking him out cold. Athame’ soon knocked down out the air with great strength by Fusion.

Inferno: DAMN IT!!

Inferno then rockets his way to catch Athame’ and Brandis but is soon shot down by the same large beetle he disabled to the ground by a stream of fire like plasma.

Inferno: I’ll show you fire large cock roach!

Inferno then charges a large fireball to the creature blowing it up creating a flash of light that blinds everyone. When all the debris and light clears Inferno looks up and all monsters and creatures are gone, including Cold Fusion, to find Mortis holding Athame.’

Mortis: You know I’m not interested in playing catch just getting back to my place…

Inferno: … where… where’s Brandis?

Lament and Zero soon join Inferno and Mortis, slightly dizzy and out of it.

Mortis: I… I didn’t see him…

Athame’ then awakes to discover Brandis missing.

Zero: What do ya mean ya didn’t see him?

Mortis: What I said! All I found was this damsel in distress! (saying with sarcasm)

Inferno: He must have landed somewhere in the blast…

Lament: Zero?

Zero uses his eye (specially made to sense heat signatures, night vision, and scoping far distances) to search for heat signature of Brandis.

Zero: There!

Everyone runs to the body, covered in dead creatures and monsters limbs, only to discover it to be the unconscious body of Cold Fusion.

Inferno: …

Zero: …

Lament: …

Athame’: Brandis…

Inferno: What are we going to do now?

Athame’: Get Nightmare on the Death Bat… put her in the detention cell and dose her with a sedative… I don’t want to hear or see her until we get back to the city.

Lament: Do you think it’s wise to bring her back?

Athame’: She attacked the city, and then attacked us again… she knows something…

Mortis: Well I did my part, can I get a ride back to my domain?

Athame’: Not so fast… you were very reluctant to help in the battle yet interfered when the moments counted…

Mortis: I saved your life human!

Athame’: Maybe to cover yourself involvement with her… you’re coming with us… have to keep an eye on you.

Mortis: (chuckling) And what if I refuse?

Athame’: Then I’ll see you kissing day light.

Mortis: (mockingly laughs) What day light? There hasn’t been sun in years! And sorry but your artificial sun in your little city does me no harm, witch! (saying as she walks closer to Athame’)

Athame’ then walks closer to Mortis.

Athame’: Not if I summon a ball of energy small and powerful as the real sun… vampire. Wouldn’t last long but long enough.

Mortis: …

Athame’: That’s what I thought… Zero, keep your eye on her.

Zero: With pleasure. (saying as he escorts Mortis to the ship at gun point)

Lament follows telekinetically carrying Cold Fusion and her brother Jack.

Mortis: Humans… figures… save a life get punished for it… (chuckles lightly)

Inferno: Are you SURE this is wise?

Athame’: I’m not sure… but one of them knows something… the attack on the city… now Brandis… too coincidental.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, an unconscious Brandis is brought to the dark mysterious figure who sits cast in shadow gazing out a near by window by a creature with four Hine legs (it resembles a large prehistoric looking spider- orange and black with a jagged beak).

Mysterious Figure: Ah… so this is the vessel… the son of the key… ( looking at Brandis in slight admiration) with in my grasp the entire time… Where is Cold Fusion?

Arachnid speaks in a grumbled and distorted insect like manner.

Mysterious Figure: Captured… really? Need not concern… everything is still on track. Take our guest to his special quarters.

The creature then picks Brandis up and crawls away. Meanwhile, hours later back at the Hidden City, Nightmare sits in a coma in at Sevenfold Labs, where Lament runs every test she can think to figure out what is wrong with her brother. She sits looking at a screen which monitors his brain and heart activity worried.

Lament: Come on Jack Jack… come on…

Zero walks up standing over Lament.

Zero: Any change at all?

Lament: No… in fact he’s getting worse… his heart rate has slowed down… but the pulses in his mind are spiking largely. He’s running a constant fever… I’m keeping it down by cooling the temperature around him.

Zero: That explains the coldness in here… among other things…

Lament: What do you mean?

Zero: Come on… don’t need to be psychic to now he’s been off this pass year. Less witty brainiac more uptight-tight ass?

Lament: …

Zero: If ya ask me, he finally cracked… the outside world has a way of doing that on newbie’s… probably why he didn’t want you coming along the trip.

Lament: I… don’t think…

Zero: Sure bout that? I mean look at Inferno… he’s completely the opposite of how he was before he left… tellin’ ya… the outside fucks with ya head.

Lament: … (Worried look on her face)

Zero: Jus sayin’ ( Zero then walks back into the other room)

Cold Fusion sits unconscious in a near by detention cell (a cell that is all white with bright neon light surrounding it; it is the size of a walk in closet and renders anyone inside unable to use any form of supernatural power) monitored and viewed by camera’s at all angles, with her wings bound to prevent flight. Mortis sits in a desk chair close to Zero (whom sits on a chair stool opposite) who is keeping an eye on her for Athame,’ filing her nails. (the room looks like a science lab with computers and various lights surrounded)

Mortis: Tell me… being a human in paradise, is it all you dreamed it would be?

Zero: Don’t think that’s any of ya’ business vampire.

Mortis: Hehe… don’t trust it do you?

Zero stairs hard back at Mortis.

Mortis: I understand… it is hard to trust people whom have been surrounded with power for many millennia… even paradise has its secrets.

Zero: This the part where ya offer to take me away from it all? Maybe even turn me?

Mortis chuckles.

Mortis: Anger is a sure reaction to the truth… always been my favorite… 900 hundred years (chuckles) nothing has changed in the human race.

Back in the observation room, the same room where Brandis unconscious mother lies, Athame’ sits on the floor looking upon Brandis mother as she ponders a way to save Brandis and decipher all that is going on. She grows frustrated along side Inferno who helps her look through the books of spells.

Inferno: You know what stress does Athame.’

Athame’: I know… I just can’t help it, Bran is out their and who knows what’s happening to him.

Inferno: I’m sure he’s ok… he’s survived in the outside world for what… hundreds of years?

Athame’: But what would they want with him I mean it makes no sense… if they wanted him they could’ve taken him when they invaded the city…

Inferno: Good point…

Athame’: Just all so much… these events have to be connected… the invasion, the arena, the kidnapping, the…( stops and looks up from the books gets up, then leaves the room)

Inferno: Athame’? Where you going?

Athame’: What I have to do…

Entering the room with Zero and Mortis.

Athame’: Zero, I need your help come with me.

Meanwhile Brandis sits unconscious and is strapped down, hands and feet, to a large table with various symbols on it. Various monsters and creatures surround him as he awakens to see the mysterious figure in front of him. Struggling in pain to break free.

Brandis: Who… ar… you?

Mysterious figure: You have great power inside you… as I do. (Brandis continues to struggle) There is no need for you to try to free your self. The chains are razor sharpen, cutting into your skin… weakening you with each pull.

Brandis: AAAHHHHH!!

Mysterious Figure: But such things should not breed lost of manners. For give me… I will owe you in time at least... I am Terakas…

Brandis continues to struggle in pain.

Terakas: Your effort for freedom is interesting though you endure great pain. Soon you will know not of pain… but only the power it grants you..

Brandis struggles in pain more.

Brandis: Why… why do you want.. AHHH!!

Terakas: Simple… all that you see around you… is mine… I need you to help me bring this world to its knees… amend the chaos back into my hands.

Brandis: AAAHH!!! Nothing.. .AAAHHHH!!!

Terakas: Oh… but it is… from the scum in the pits of hell to the air you breath… even you…

Brandis: AAAAhhhh!!

Terakas: Today begins a new order. The lands, possession, the lives of all of this will be mine again. (saying as he takes metal dagger and begins cutting into Brandis’ flesh)


Meanwhile back at the city.

Inferno: Athame’ this is crazy…

Zero: Yea… even I think this is a little extreme.

Athame’: No… it’s just right… do you think she honestly is going to tell me the truth of what’s going on? No… I have to get inside her head.

Zero, Athame’, and Inferno surround am unconscious and bound Cold Fusion in her detention cell. Athame’ sits in a chair in front of Cold Fusion.

Zero: So you’re going to read her mind and memories? You do realize she’s half demon right?

Athame’: Yes… but doing so should get to the bottom of things going on…

Zero: So how are you going to do that in here?

Athame’: This device works like the detention cuffs only opposite,(the device looks like a cell phone but with small lights and buttons flashing) it will grant me use of my powers while inside the cell, which is why you can’t be in here Inferno while I do this.

Inferno: Excuse me?

Athame’: I need Zero on this. If she gets free, he’s the only one capable of rending her back to unconscious… your power won’t work in here

Inferno: I’ll just get one of those things beacon things…

Athame’: You can’t… this is the only one… and it’s a prototype according to Lament and Jack.

Inferno: Great! So you want me to leave you alone with a monster while a psycho watches you with a device that could possibly fail?!

Zero: What the f..?! (stepping toward Inferno being stopped by Athame’)

Athame’: YES!!! Look… you trusted Bran to look after me… now extend that same trust… please… besides… I need someone to keep watch over the vampire.

Inferno: …ok… but if you need me… just scream... I’ll hear you.

The doors closes and Athame’ sits down and places her hands on Cold Fusion’s head with Zero standing behind her. As Inferno leaves the room he runs into Lament in the lab with Mortis.

Lament: Is everything ok?

Inferno: Yea… it’s just… nothing. How’s Jack?

Lament: I don’t know… if nothing changes for him I’m going to have to take him to the mystic center and hope they are able to heal him.

Inferno: Why don’t you do that now?

Lament: It was the last thing he wanted.

Inferno: But if turns out that they can’t heal him then you lose him… better for him to be mad at you and alive I think…

Lament: I know…

A distant scream soon alarms Inferno as he and Lament run and rush into detention cell with Athame,’Zero and Cold Fusion. When he arrives Inferno finds Athame’ knocked unconscious, Zero holding her trying to revive her and Cold Fusion awake laughing hysterically.


Zero: I don’t know!!! She went to do her thing and just BOOM!! I don’t know!

Cold Fusion: ( awakens laughing cynically)

Inferno: You B…! (stepping toward her is stopped by Zero)

Zero: Inferno! We gotta get her outta here! Come on!

Inferno then helps Zero pulls Athame’ out as they close the detention cell door. They then drag Athame’ to the same room as Nightmare.

Mortis: What happen?!

Zero: Nothing that concerns you!

Mortis: Well…!!

Inferno: ZERO!!! Lament we’re going to need another bed!

Lament: Got it!! Mortis help me!

Lament and Mortis run to a room over and pull another bed into the room as Inferno and Zero set Athame’ on the bed. They then begin to attempt to revive her.

Back at the Terakas’ fortress Brandis sits fatigued, covered in his own blood, with various cut shapes, similar to the ones on the table.

Terakas: Your thoughts dwell on you mother… your friends… you yearn to save them… protect them…

Brandis pants heavily.

Terakas then walks in close to Brandis.

Terakas: What if I tell you I am their paradise, their salvation…that not only is the power within you the key to their protection but I am as well…

Brandis continues to pant heavily and looks up with tired eyes as Terakas.

Terakas: (Evil chuckle) You care for them… it is your greatest weakness other than the metal element cutting through your skin. I know you embrace the way of your people… the dragons, a race sworn to protect man and all that is good. A race hated and feared by the eyes of man and small beast alike. Why would you defend such people? It is this arrogance and ignorance that has allowed the chaos around us to befall. Join me… give in to all that you are and we will take this world!!! (saying as he begins to cuts into Brandis)


Back at the hidden city, Athame’ lies in a bed across from Nightmare with Lament recording her vitals on her digital clip board, Zero and Inferno on her bedside, and Mortis sits across the room.

Inferno: How is she?

Lament: She’s alright, strong vitals. It’s just…

Zero: What?

Lament: It’s like she’s in a deep sleep…

Inferno: Like a coma or something?

Lament: No… unlike Jack she’s showing very little brain activity… not even enough for dreaming.

Zero: So she’s brain dead?

Lament: I… I don’t know just doesn’t make sense… and… Jack (saying nervously)

Mortis: I can help.

Everyone turns to look at Mortis.

Mortis: I can heal them both.

Zero: What with your vampire blood? Ya I’ve read about you all and there’s no way in hell…

Inferno: Zero! Shut it…

Mortis: Not with my blood, another way… I healed him before (pointing at Nightmare)… (looks at Zero) and you too human.

Zero: What?

Mortis: You just don’t remember because you both were almost dead.

Lament: How does it work?

Zero: OH come on Lament! You can’t be considering this!

Lament: Zero, my little brother is standing in front of me dying ok?! Don’t tell me what I’m to do!


Lament: THEN WHAT? I could still lose him! Just moving him could…!

Inferno: Hey! We don’t have time for this! Listen… we have people that are counting on us here… out there and way out there… Mortis… do it.

Zero: Wha?!

Zero then storms out of the room. Mortis then braces herself as she places her hands over Nightmare and Athame.’ A dark purple haze begins to glow from her hands as she begins to heal both. Meanwhile Zero enter Cold Fusion cell.

Fusion: (chuckling evil like)

Zero: Wouldn’t be laughing… Ya little plan is fallen to shit. Soon what ever the hell ya up to will be revealed..

Fusion: Hehehe, even if it’s not me…

Zero: What?

Fusion: Do you honestly think that I have any hand in all that’s happened to you?

Zero: …

Fusion: Two…two hundred years have I existed… captured like some sort of right to be tested upon and fused together to become some monster… I’ve had the will to kill you all years ago… but the better half of myself knew you’d destroy ya selves… your past actions have given birth to something far… worse.

Mortis meanwhile continues to heal Nightmare and Athame’ but in seconds she begins to sweat and strain. Her efforts soon transit struggle followed by grunts of pain. Her eyes open to a blank stare and by unseen force she is thrust backward to the wall behind her. Inferno and Lament run to help Mortis. Zero hears the commotion, as the cell lights flicker, and leave the cell to see what happened.

Cold Fusion chuckles with evil delight.

Cold Fusion: He has risen.

As the others tend to the now unconscious Ana Mortis, Jack and Athame’ still sit also unconscious. Elsewhere in a bright and mystic haze fog like environment Athame’s mind has ventured else where. Surrounded by bright light and whispered sounds all around her. She’ merely able to see in front of her.

Athame’: Where… where am I?

Distance Voice: Warm greetings young Athame.’

Athame’ is soon blinded briefly light as a woman appears from it hovering with the glowing shape of a dragon around her body.

Athame’: Oh my… Jean?

Jean (Brandis mother) smiles proudly.