The Cloaked Identity: Athame’

Three months have passed since the deaths of Inferno and Brandis. Currently living alone, still grieving and mourning, Athame’ has fallen into a depression and distanced herself from her friends and partially from her family. Awakening from a night sleep, in her futuristic furnished apartment (a mixture of science and magic but the size of a loft) she shared with Brandis, in the middle of the day Athame’ gets out of bed, holding her belly and walks over to her dresser. She pours a glass of water, avoiding looking at her reflection, and drinking it slowly. She’s wearing a pink silk night gown, and her dreaded brown and pink hair is pulled up. Walking to the bath room she sees her reflection in a large mirror accidentally. In it she sees herself how she truly is, six months pregnant and without her aura sense eyes, but the illusion is the complete opposite. Athame’ has dreaded black and brown hair down her back, a few pink. She has pale white skin, and a very silent and soft spoken voice. In her illusions, she wears a pink and black corset like top with a pink hood to match. She wears black nylon tights with pink knee high boots and on top of her tights lays a two piece skirt. She also wears elbow length gloves with metal bracelets. She is a master at controlling and manipulating elements of nature and forces of magic.

Thinking to herself as she looks at her reflection.

“I’ve been keeping this cloaking spell up for 3 months… hoping no one sees through it until the end of my pregnancy. Should work as long as I will it…” (to everyone else the spell has her looking non-pregnant with her aura sense- an ability her kind- Atlanteans- are born with that allows them to see auras of all living and non living things keeping thier eyes pure white)

Walking into the bathroom.

“The only problem is…”

Athame: AHHHH!!!! (Grunting in pain as she holds her stomach and the lights flicker on and off shorting the spell out as she looks at herself)

“The spell weakens whenever I cramp or the baby sits up against one of my organs wrong. It’s why I had to eventually take off of work… a leave of absence you may say. My magic was surging so much the Headmaster of the city started to take notice, so I had no choice. Any wind of this pregnancy to anyone, and it would bring even more problems.”

Athame’ grunts in pain.

Athame’: AHHH!!

“The father of my child… my late lover… was not… completely human you can say… and such a inner breed is illegal here…”

Athame’: Ahhh…

“…At least without a license.”

Automated Voice: You have a visitor at the front entrance Lady Starfire.

Athame’: AHH!!! (walks over to see the holographic screen) No… (seeing the picture of a woman and a young man)

“My family would show up now of all times! I’ve got to get it together… come on… come on…”

Athame’ pants and breaths heavily to get her spell under control before she opens the door. It takes a few minutes but she does. She then puts on a robe, catches her breath and answers the door.

Athame’: Open front door. (to computer system)

Woman: Well it’s about time; you’d think you would open the door a lot faster for your family.

Athame’: Sorry mom, I was in the bathroom (hugs her) how are you?

Marien: I’m fine dear, but… are you ok? You seem a bit faint.

Athame’: Yea… yea I am… just really tired.

Marien: Oh, perhaps a pinch of ginseng will… oh help your brother with the bags please.

Jay: Hey sis, don’t worry bout it, I got it. Where do you want these? (saying as he enter with a bag of groceries)

Athame’: Oh um…I guess the kitchen? (he walks over to the kitchen to place bags on table) Why didnt you have a service droid help with those?

Jay: Big tournament coming up, trying to stay fit.

Marien: You know your brother... Hmm doesn’t look like you have done a lot to your home since your leave of duty at the school and what was it?

Jay: The DOWP, mom. (saying as he grabs water from the fridge- the DOWP was a small unit started by the original Headmaster and lead by Athame' to investigate the outside world, study and rescue any civilians left in what was left of the chaotic world)

Marien, Athame’s mother, has dreaded brown hair with natural highlights. She bears a striking resemblance to Athame’ only she wears peach instead of pink and a dress instead of a skirt. Jay is built like a football player. Muscles and bulky with a short brunette buzz cut. He wears a tight fitted shirt with fitted cut off pants. His shoes resemble wet shoes. He also wears a twin bracelets on his wrist similar to Athame’ only in black. Both have aura sense ability being they are naturally born to the city.

Marien: Oh right… that… (continues to look around the apartment)

Athame’: Not that I don’t appreciate you guys stopping by but can I ask what you’re doing here?

Marien: Well your father is stuck doing trials and property mending with the city council so he cancelled lunch with Jay and I.

Jay: Yep. So mom thought it would be a good idea to surprise you. (saying with a smile from the kitchen behind the fridge door)

Athame’: I appreciate it… but… don’t you have things better you can do… I mean Jay isn’t the Power Ball season starting up again soon? (power ball is a sport similar to dodgeball, rugby and quidditch but instead of broom flying players use any type method of flying to propel through the hair. rather it's a broom, flying enchanted shoes, wings etc)

Jay: Nope. Post-poned until stadium is rebuilt after that attack.

Marien: And potion classes are on hold until further notice so I have time to spend with my daughter and son… unless you don’t want us here.

Athame’: No… it’s not that it’s just… never mind… I’m glad you both stopped by.

Marien: Are you sure dear?

Athame’: No really I am… been a bit lonely here by myself since… nevermind.

Jay: Hmm well I’m making brunch. (saying as he heads off to the kitchen cabinets with a smile)

Marien: Oh hun make sure you follow my recipe… and do not forget the red clover, partridge berry and wild carrot.

Athame’: Red clover…par…berry… Mother?! (Storming off into her bed room and closing the door holding her stomach- previous ingredients mentioned are said to help in fertility)

Marien: I’m sorry dear, you know I try! (yelling through the door)

Athame’: Yea you never stop trying… that’s the thing! Potion mistress always at work! (saying as the lights and technology begin to short circuit in the room as she presses her back against the door in a frantic anger)

Marien: Hun, it’s just that… you’re so young and it’s clearly you’re more than lonely… you need to meet a nice man... settle down start having babies!

Athame’: NO I DON’T MOM!!! JUST PLEASE!!!... don’t!!! (yelling as all circuits and lights go dark and clouds begin to turn dark in the sky behind her as she get more mad)

Marien: Honey, there’s a charity ball tonight at the school to help generate credits to help rebuild parts of the city and bring calm to the citizens of recent events… I’m sure if you attend there will be some nice men there for you to meet. I have this really cute T.A. and he’s…

Athame’: I DON’T WANT TO MEET ANYONE MOTHER!!!! (Clouds grow darker as the thunder begins to start up in the background, Jay starts looking concerned)

Marien: Honey you can’t wait on some mystery man to sweep you off your feet…

Athame’: Mom…

Marien: You have to make things happen sometimes, they just won’t happen when you wait.

Athame’: Mom! (thunder gets louder and Jay begins to look outside)

Marien: And your mystery man clearly is a dead beat I mean you hardly talk about him so why not move on…

Athame’: MOTHER!!!! (thunder and lightning clash)

Jay: Mom, come on… just leave her alone… (saying as he grabs his mother and they head for the door)

Marien: Just think about what I said dear… the ball starts at 7! (saying as they leave the apartment)

The clouds begin to come clear again as the thunder and lightning settles as Athame’ calms herself. She walks over to her bed and lies down and cries as she cuddles up to her pillow thinking of Brandis.

Flash Back.

Months ago. Athame’ stands in the center of a bridge on a moonlight sky on the edge of the city which is quiet. Brandis walks up behind her and grabs her from behind holding her closely. He kisses her neck then her cheek as their hands clench.

Brandis: Whatcha thinkin’ ‘bout?

Athame’: This trial… I mean… what if… if I’m found guilty they’ll..

Turns her around to himself.

Brandis: Ya won’t b’found guilty… trus’ meh. Even if ya are… I won’t let anything happen t’ya.

Athame’: You’ll protect me? (saying with a smile)

Brandis: Wit’ m’life…
MIlestone of Two

Brandis and Athame' embrace for the first time.

Athame’ pulls in and kisses him as he kisses her back passionately. The two begin to float into the sky and drift among the stars.

Present Day few hours later.

Athame’wakes up at night floating above her bed, startled she falls back to the surface of it on to a pillow stained with tears. She then gets up and walks quickly to the shower. After wards she has a drone help her get dressed into a pink and white dress with rhinestones, fixes and puts up her hair, and fixes her face enough to get ready for the ball her mother told her about.

“I can’t sit around feeling sorry for myself… it’s not what he would want. He would want me to move on. Be happy. And I very well can’t do that sitting around crying in my pajamas. Besides I need to have some fun, take my mind off things...”

Athame’ thinks to herself as she goes to the bottom level of her apartment building to flag down a taxi to the ball.

“Things have to change… especially if I’m going to raise this baby. A night out might be just what I need… it might even be my last.”