Return of a Champion

As Life goes on we all experience our worse moments and our best, everything from brave heroism and villainous crusades, to joyous reunions and painful separations. But it’s in these single moments where we are beckoned to our hardest choices- life or death, good or evil. These choices are what define us; send us down our paths to achieve the greatest success or our worse damnation.

One year has passed since the ordeal and death of the Headmaster of the Hidden Atlantis. Jack Nightmare sits nervously in his Private lab called Chapter Four. Grabbing a vile from a small fridge on a counter in front of him and with a syringe in his hand he injects himself with an unknown serum. Shortly after he begins to convulse so uncontrollably he almost bends the counter as he grabs it in angst. He soon comes to calm, wipes the vigorous sweat from his face, and straightens his hair. He then rolls down his sleeve of his lab coat, grabs his electronic clipboard and head out the lab entrance up to his main facility where he enters an observation room where Lament sits checking up analysis on all machines and life support monitors. Nightmare wears a blue and white lab coat; the collar sits up and even with mouth almost covering his mouth, one of his sleeves stays rolled up exposing his MDM (Molecular Density Manipulator). He wears dark dress pants and plane black boots with small buckles on the top. His hair has grown to shoulder length in the year. Laments hair is a combination of curled and straighten passed her shoulders. She wears a similar lab coat as Nightmare’s only with the collar down. She also wears a black skirt and tall boots and since the prior years has become pregnant of seven and a half months. Unlike Nightmare, Lament has natural evolved power of telekinesis. Whereas Nightmare’s powers are given from his invention MDM (increases his density to where he is invulnerable as stone growing 3 feet taller like a hulk; or decreases his density to pass through walls and fly).

Nightmare: Everything running alright?

Lament: Yes, nothing has changed. Little fluctuation when she dreams… but that’s normal.

Slight concern.

Nightmare: How about you? I mean how’s everything with the baby?


Lament: It’s just a pregnancy Jack. You’ve seen them before… don’t worry so much.

Nightmare: Yea but others were not my sister… Lam. Specially when your counter part is now stationed in the construction of AE-35 (New city being built secretly and unknown from all except the ones building its 35th city in the making). I mean I know your parents only adopted me… but still gotta look after you… especially if he’s not around. Lament: You know I hate when you call me Lam… and besides Thew will be back just after the baby is born. It’s not like he won’t be coming back… and last time I check… I was your big sister… aren’t I suppose to look after you?


Nightmare: Yea… you’re right… but don’t mean I’m not suppose to.

Lament: Fine… so then you’ll tell me what’s wrong with you?

Growing weary.

Nightmare: What you mean?

Lament: Jack… I know you… when something is up you bury yourself in work away from everyone and everything…

Nightmare: That’s not true…

Lament: Really? then what’s in chapter four?

Nightmare: J… just some stuff… private… you’ll see when I’m ready to reveal it.

Lament: Yea I know… but for the past year… you’ve spent most your days in that room… what’s up?

Nightmare: Look… when the time is right… you’ll see ok? ‘Til then…please… just leave it alone ok Lam?

Lament: Alright… but if it’s something I don’t like or worse… I’m gonna beat you silly… Fair game Jack Jack?


Nightmare: Fair game Lam…

Looking through the observation glass.

Nightmare: So how long has he been in so far…

Lament: Going on two hours…

Through the glass lies a comatose forty foot, tan colored, female dragon- A rare type that can change into human form. She’s watched over closely by her son Brandis. He has tanned, light brown skin, along with a pair of horns receding on both of his cheek bones. He has a set of animal like fangs in his mouth, his hair has been dreaded since a year has passed, and red and black eyes, he dawns black pants with knee high boots and a war skirt on top of the pants with similar designs of the tribal tattoos found on both his arms. He also wears a militant jacket with his families crest sown into the side right arm as a patch that sits on the floor next to him as he talks to his mother.

Brandis: … I know ya can hear me mom… I just know it. Each night when sleep… I dream of seein’ ya again. Bein’ back home… takin’ care of the nine (Nine kats of another realm breed. At 3 they begin to talk and walk on two legs as human’s do, growing more sophisticated and intelligent) and you…are cookin’ dinner ova’ an open fire… I miss ya mom. Can’t help thinkin’ dat what happen t’ya is my fault. If I hadn’t been so self absorbed tryin’ to help people I barely knew… we’d still be back home in the nest. Then again if I hadn’t done what ya said… dey’d probably be dead… you’d probably be and me too… and I wouldn’t have met… her. She’s good t’me mom…reminds me a lot you…kind heart… selfless.. and strong spirit. Takes care of me… believes in me. We’ve grown very close in da last year… very close. I don’t know what it is bout her… she brings feelings in me I’ve neva felt before…

In the observation deck with Nightmare and Lament.

Lament: Wow… is he… he saying what I think he is?

Nightmare: I expected as much… him and Athame’ have matured very much. Their friendship has blossomed to much more…


Lament: Is there anything you don’t expect?

Nightmare: What? It’s common chemistry?!

Brandis then walks into the room putting on his jacket.

Brandis: Ya know if y’two debate anymo’ I’m gonna separate ya.

Nightmare: Hey just because you are an instructor at the academy hear now don’t mean you can go around separating or assigning detention.

Brandis: Yea well… I can try… any change in her condition…

Nightamre: No… nothing different… but she’s not getting worse.

Brandis: Yea… and dats definitely a good thing…

Lament: How’s Athame’?

Brandis: Well… da new Headmaster has her ona new schedule… ‘tween dat and runnin’ the DOWP (Division for Outside World Phenomenon’s)… she swamped. Ain’t seen her much las’ three weeks or so.

Nightmare: Well its not easy work… especially when you are trying to convince all important people of the city you live in that you’re innocent of murder and conspiracy.

Brandis: Yea… but danks t’ ya and some investigating into da head masters journals she and all of us were cleared of da charges… so don’t getit.

Nightmare: She’s trying to get back into good graces of the new headmaster and council basically… get them to trust her.

Lament: Not to mention…mystical advisor is a hard position. She’s teaching and finishing the new headmaster apprenticeship…

Brandis: Yea… can only imagine…

Lament: So you two going to the Power Ball Championship together?

Brandis: I donno…

Lament: Oh come on… you should both go, special seating puts us all in the box… best view.

Brandis: Ya both going?

Proudly saying with excitement.

Lament: Indeed we are, go every year… it’s most exhilarating.

Brandis: Didn’t take ya as a sportsman type Jack…

Nightmare: I’m not… I go mainly to see my inventions in action.

Lament: He likes it… just too stubborn to admit it… so you both should go. Would be a nice evening out.

Brandis: Well I guess… did tell some of students who playin’ in da game I w… oh crap! I’m late for class.

Saying as he continues to read machines around him.

Brandis then leaves the room through the window abruptly. He lands softly, springing from one flying moving car to the next until he maneuvers his way onto a bridge and begins running to the Merlin Academy.

Nightmare: Never uses the door when he leaves… Hmm you know since he moved here his punctually has been… off.

Chuckling as she looks out the window.

Lament: Being in love can distract any man from his priorities… even the strongest warrior.

Saying as she chuckles.

Meanwhile back at the new Headmasters chamber Athame’ hovers over in front of a bookcase looking for a specific book as the new Headmaster studies. He wears a green komodo, which drapes him from neck to feet. It also has various patterns in it. His hair is blond and short, slicked back off his face; and he is also a native of the city. His name is Headmaster Darius Yunn. He sits in a chair studying many books of magic at one time. The chamber is filled with various things from mystics animals (like a phoenix sitting on a bird stand) and there are yellow neon orbs floating around the room circulating light through out the room. The ceiling is made to resembles the out side sky. In the center of the room lies a desk with a world globe as well as books and important papers. There are also maps and various tools of magic and science located around the room. A book shelf sits off on the back wall covering it behind Yunn.

Like Athame’, Yunn is a native of Hidden Atlantis. Born blind all see another way. Everyone and everything has certain and distinguish aura about them or it. If a human, with purity of the heart, a Hidden Atlantian sees your aura in ocean blue colored mist. They see others like themselves in a vibrant and golden yellow with shimmering white lights. But anything evil or have even a spec of inhumanity within, the aura is seen in a dark and blood red fog. The dimmer the fog the more evil a creature or person is. Aside from this most natives are very talented in magical and mystic arts. Only in moments of true happiness does a native Atlantian achieve regular sight. Athame’ has dreaded black and brown hair down her back, a few pink. She has pale white skin, and a very silent and soft spoken voice. She wears a pink and black corset like top with a pink hood to match. She wears black nylon tights with pink knee high boots and on top of her tights lays a two piece skirt. She also wears elbow length gloves with metal bracelets. She is a master at controlling and manipulating elements and forces of magic.

Looking through books.

Athame’: So shall we move on to mind reading and memory scanning now?

Reading five books at once in front of him on a long and wide desk.

Yunn: No, thank you. This is good. Elements… manipulation and combination… fascinating… But difficult.

Hovering down from the top of the book case to the floor.

Athame’: Difficulty is only a set back in your own mind.

Yunn: Aware.

Athame’: Just thought I’d remind you… umm Headmaster Yunn, can I ask you something?

Eyes still glued to the books.

Yunn: You want to know why I testified on your behalf during your trial…

Grows worried of answer.

Athame’: … I know I’ve asked before…

Yunn: I know… and I promised I would tell you, it’s been months. Well as you already know I was under him for most my teen years. One day I heard him over talking to him… he had much fear in him… but it was clouded… so I was curious…

Athame’:… you read his mind… but that’s…

Yunn: Against the rules, to read an older Atlantian, especially of high authorities mind… I know. But sadly I could only get one word.

Athame’: What was that?

Looking at Athame’ then back at the books.

Yunn: Darkness… after that I not only begin to study under the books he gave but him as well. Before his untimely death he began to show psychological signs of different persona as I told the council.

Athame’: I remember… you said that he became distant and quiet… spending a lot of time in here with the doors locked.

Yunn: Yes… and with Nightmare’s help we were able to access the journals with the headmasters DNA and discover he had grown very mad. (The head masters journal is a mystic memory mystic fountain. Only the headmaster himself can access them with his or her own DNA sample –finger print, blood etc. Most use finger print as the previous master.)

Athame’: I know… I’ve said this before but… thank you.

Yunn: Once again, you are welcome…

Athame’: Umm so…

Cutting her off.

Yunn: How is the DOWP?

Athame’: Pretty well. Um… Zero has rallied many humans from the outside here along with samples and surveillance from the outside we are on our way with new possibilities.

Yunn: Excellent… where is Zero now?

Athame’: I sent him and his team on another outing three days ago. They should be back anytime.

A few moments of quietness come up until Yunn breaks its.

Yunn: I think this is all for today…

Athame’: But sir we still have hours of teaching to go…

Saying with enthusiasm.

Yunn: I know… but honestly… I really would like to get an early start on the day tomorrow.

Athame’: Right… forgot… the… Power Ball Championship.

Yunn: You’re not going?

Athame’: I was going to… but I have much more lesson planning to do and various others work.

Standing up walking toward Athame’:

Yunn: Athame’… tomorrow is a day of celebration and enjoyment. As Headmaster… I want you to take the day off. Besides, I’m sure your counter part would like… his first one yes?

Athame’: Yes it is actually

Yunn: The you should go… besides, I’ve taken much of your time these last few weeks… and yes I am sure.

Athame’ smiles.

Yunn: Is something wrong?

Athame’: No… just a little tired I suppose.

Yunn: Then I will definitely see you tomorrow…

Athame’ then turns away with a smile and begins leaving the room. Her smile then turns to a worry look as she closes the door.

Back at the Merlin Academy Brandis finishes up a melee and hand to hand class along side Master Stortion (another native Atlantian). As the students and Stortion leave a young man approaches Brandis. He has bushy like eyebrows, ear length long black hair, and wears a camouflaged colors jump suit. His shoes are darkening with ankle weights around them. He carries a book bag draped over his shoulder. Seventeen years old and very athletic, he’s human with no power except his skill in hand to hand combat; his name is Neo Gil. He’s an orphan and only came to the city one year prior, but has advanced in hand to hand combat under the private teachings of Brandis. The class room for self defense is similar to a school gymnasium only with swords, staffs etc mounted on the walls around the room. The room is also shaped round.

Walking toward Brandis.

Neo: Master Xavierin… can I talk to you?

Brandis: Sure, wassup?

Neo: I’m kinda nervous about tomorrow…

Brandis: You… nervous? Las time I checked ya da captain of the team.

Neo: I know… But I have never done anything this important before… ‘cept come here that is.

Brandis: Dats right… LD brought ya hear didn’t he…

Neo: Yea… was kinda hoping he or Zero would be there… ya know for support.

Brandis: Right… Zero is… away… and LD is… look I’ll be dere ok?

Neo: Really? Master you don’t have to…

Brandis: I know… it’s my choice. But I wane know. Support of otha’s is a sign of friendship… and what did I teach ya bout friends?

Neo: To be truthful, honest… and compassionate.

Brandis: Exactly… ya friends give ya strength towards ya will… nothings impossible.

Neo: You’re right…

Smiling proudly as they leave the room.

Brandis: Now… what ya say we get some food.

Brandis returns to he and Athame’s apartment to discover her sound asleep. Hoping to spend time with her he grows slightly upset for a second. But his mood changes to bliss when he sees her up close asleep soundly, the slight fills his heart and he simply grins and kisses her cheek goodnight; and falls asleep next to her.

The next day, in the after noon, at the Power Ball Championship Brandis, Nightmare, Lament and Athame’ all sit next to each other in the headmasters box watching the game. The crowd cheers and yells with joy for both teams. (Power ball is a game similar to rugby, except players wears gloves that generate a slight power charge that allows them to handle an energy ball the size of a basketball. Each flies around using various ways- some different some same- technology; jet packs for example, Magic; enchanted objects like broom sticks or shoes, or their own powers they developed through evolution. Each flies around, 50 plus feet above ground, handling and passing the power ball on a team of nine. One player is a ring keeper and protects three rings side by side to each other that give different points while the others pass the ball back and forth to score for their team. Team with most points at the end of 4 quarters of 12 minutes each wins. The stadium is similar to the quidditch stadium in Harry Potter)

As Nightmare sits with a diagnostic computer, analyzing and watching the game. He smiles slightly as the game progresses. Lament stands up cheering and constantly trying to get Nightmare out of his computer every so often. Brandis and Athame’ sit next to each other somewhat awkwardly. Brandis senses something is wrong.

Brandis: Are ya ok?

Athame’: Yes… just work.

Brandis: Ya sure? Ya seem distant… amongst otha things…

Brandis grows slightly upset.

Athame’: Umm… are you ok?

Brandis: Dis isn’t bout me… I’m ok…

Athame’gets worried.

Athame’: I’m sorry… it just that… never mind…

Brandis: Have grown quite found of changin’ the subject… specially as of late…

Athame’: I…

Cutting her off.

Brandis: Ya actin just like her… jus like my motha... thought we promise we wouldn’t do dis again…

Athame’: You’re right… I should tell you... specially cause it does involve you…

Brandis: What are ya sayin?

Athame’: Bran…

Athame’s voice is drowned out by a loud siren as the first half of the game ends and the head master stands up to on the announcer to talk to the stadium pictured on a large view screen on both sides of the stadium. Catching all crowd attention.


Nightmare: No way…

Brandis: What?


The announcement causes the crowd to cheer so louder than before as Inferno burst out of the sky like a rocket. It is a sight and joyous moment to every one, even his closest friends. He dwells a new look; wearing a black leather jacket and pants to match. His hair falls past his shoulders and he dawns dark grey knee high boots. Along with new powers he can fly (turn into a human torch), he can also create, control and use fire (like pyro in x-men) animating it into shape of objects and creatures. Powers he shows and dazzles the audience with.

Inferno then comes on the loud speaker.


Audience cheers loudly. Even Lament, Nightmare, Brandis, and Athame’ stand and applaud.

Inferno: I’M HEAR TO STAY! AND I PROMISE YOU ALL WILL GET WHAT YOU DESERVE!!! When the games commence, they are interrupted by a huge cloud of dark smoke extinguishes the artificial sun light. It rolls in like a sinister fog on a lake front. The crowd grows silent. Suddenly a large army of evil non-winged and winged creatures and demons swarm the city like locust.