Pirates of the Wasteland

Death. Destruction. Chaos. Wealth. In this time these are the qualities that make up the beings known as Pirates. Some are known greater than others in this world, and few have honor while others show no mercy. All are known for pillaging, violence, stealing, and even cannibalism. Among the worse of all pirates, are the Pirates aboard the hover craft known as The Renegade.

Athame', Inferno, Brandis, and Zero continue to run for their lives as the Hover craft, called the Renegade, descends some of its vicious pirates from its doors.

Zero: RUN!!!

Everyone continues to run behind Zero as fast as they can.

Inferno: They're gaining on us!!!

Brandis: We can't run forever!!!

Athame': He's right, we may have no choice but to stand!!

Zero: If we stop and fight we are dead, Period!!

Athame' then uses a burst of wind and the sand and ash from the land distracts and blinds the sight of the pirates, giving them the upper hand to hide. They manage to use the distraction to hide in a near by and abandoned village that had been torched with corpses.

Athame': This place smells so terrible...

Zero: That would be the smell of death... I know it anywhere.

Burned houses and rotting flesh filled through out the village. Meanwhile distant screaming and shouting from the pirates begins to grow close.

Inferno: Hide!!!

The four of them scatter to find hiding places. Inferno and Athame' hide in a house barely standing in a torched bathroom where only the tub and sections of walls stand.. Zero hides behind a house, crouched down next to a destroyed propane tank. Brandis hides in an old well in the cent of the village, with his hands and feet pressed against the walls for support, below him lye the stench of people who looked as if they were thrown inside. When the pirates enter the scene they are lead by a tall and pale pirate with lime green eyes. He has three horns resending from the top of his head and where various armor on top of tattered clothing. He wields a sword and three knives located on a studded utility belt around his waist and goes by the name Drake.

Drak: They are definitely here.... foot prints don't lie! Search the Area!!!

Whispering while staring at the Pirates.

Inferno: What are they?

Athame': Dangerous... That's what they are... demons... pure evil... their aura is the darkest I have seen...

Drak: Spread out!!! They are here... I can sense their fear...

One demon soon starts to make its way to the house where Inferno and Athame' are. He then begins to search slowly. Brandis waits calmly until the demons are gone, listening to everything around him with his hearing. Zero stands by gazing at the demons from a distance while they search the area, hoping that they find no one- he even thinks momentarily to run but figures would be a cowardly thing to do. Meanwhile Athame' and Inferno can do nothing but hold still in fright. The demon begins to leave the destroyed house, but Athame' then gets a cloud of dust into her nose begins to sneeze.

Inferno: Oh no...

Athame’: huh... h... huh... huh... achoo!!!

The demon immediately hears her but is distracted by the commotion outside. He heads out side to see the other pirates battling Brandis (who had jumped out of the well and began fighting immediately when Athame’ sneezed).

Athame: You think he heard me?

Inferno: I don't know... what is that?

The two then look outside to see Brandis fighting really hard. With hardly any effort he is like an army of one. Using acrobatics and various styles of martial arts to fend off the pirates on his own. He is very fast and skilled at using the area and things around him for his own need. Flipping off walls, spinning, punching, kicking, dodging and even taking and using the weapons against the pirates themselves. He is a master of various styles of martial arts both new and old. He fights hard but the pirates continue to come at hit from all sides, soon they all attack at once to capture him.

The Pirates hold him tightly as Drake begins to come close.

Drak: You... you fight well... almost worth not killing... Now where are the others?

Pirate Goon: But Sir, the Captain said only this one...

Drak: I know, but we don't want anyone coming after do we?

Just as he finishes Inferno throws a fire ball to get the attention of the pirates and he and Athame’ come running. With that distraction Brandis uses his dragon strength to breaks free.


The three break into a huge battle using their abilities. Athame' using telekinesis to throw objects and various earth elements around her to fend of the pirates, and Inferno uses Fire techniques to scorch the demons. Zero sees the battle from a distance and chooses not to intervene.

Zero: Fools... why? I can't just sit here...

The others continue to fight having little affected on the pirates.

Zero: Fuck it...

Zero then launches his own attacks firing left and right at the pirates. One demon even tries to grab him and using the robot cyber arm he has on his right side, he manages to fend him off with a strong jab. Everyone fights off the Pirates very well but because most of them being natural demons their durability is constant, allowing them to take a beating but be slowed down. Everyone continues to fight, and run at the same time from the pirates but soon Drake manages to get one up on them all. He captures Athame’ and holds her at knife point, this causes everyone to stop in their attacks.

Drake: Not bad... Not bad at all. You all gave quite a run... Now put your hands up, and surrender... or little miss pretty eyes gets it across the throat... ear... to ear...

Zero: Think you fast enough with that fire to hit him...

Inferno: Not with out hitting Athame’...

The three follow the gesture of Brandis as he puts up his hands in surrender to the Pirates. The other pirates then come close and begin to places shackles on their wrist and ankles. They then do the same to Athame' and take all into the Renegade. As they enter the Renegade they see various industrial machinery that keeps the ship up and running. The inside ship is very dirty but slightly resembles a space craft on the inside. You can barely see the floor because of the heat fog collecting on it from the engines. The ship soon begins to the ascend of the ground and starts moving, and its not to long before the 4 are brought in front of the ships captain. Captain Rin Zocko. She has eerie emerald greed eyes that sit out among her pure white skin. She wears eyeliner but also has a couple small tribal marking on her face, arms neck and around the neck, like the other pirates, signifying the prisons and brands marked through slavery and capture. She is also very slim but athletically toned. She wields a utility belt like Drake but only holds two blades and a sword, her third blade is located in her boot. With dark fog making up her aura, Athame' clearly sees she is a demon.

Rin begins to walk around talking to the other pirates in a language unknown to Athame', Inferno, and Zero but not Brandis. To Brandis, the language is much known to him, not just a bunch of tongue. Speaking in the same tongue of the pirates, Brandis accuses Rin and her pirates for bombarding his land and home and rendering his mother half dead for nothing. Rin simply tells him back in her language that she had nothing to do with it, that all she came for was the treasure.

Brandis: Treasure??

Rin: Oh y'know what I mean... the large fortune... of jewels... diamonds... gold... all that can really make a girls dreams come true... (saying as she walks up to him seductively) 'Cept it’s a bitch getting past that forest... and even worse gettin' into the mountain... down into the catacombs (saying as she continues to walk around everyone else) hmmm.... I even hear there are small but deadly obstacles around the treasure it self... a true test... and hassle getting it...

Zero: So what do you want with us... Pirate?

Rin: It's Captain robot boy... one of you knows how to get to that treasure and I will find out who...

Drak: Ya want us to start makin' them talk love?

Rin: No... We will get to that soon... for now... toss them in the brig.

On the Renegade the brig is a detention cell. One of the things Rin likes to do is strip her prisoners down to nothing before she throws them inside the brig, doing this amuses her greatly to see her prisoners hide in shame. Inferno, Zero, Athame', all cover themselves as they sit in a small jail cell on a dirt filled floor. Brandis is the only one who walks with confidence, because nudity of his people is nothing to him, there are worse things in his mind and embarrassment he believes a weakness.

Brandis: Gotta find a while out of here...

Zero: It's a class A detention cell, nothin' can penetrate the laser beam without getting incinerated.... it's pointless...

Inferno: hmmm Let me try something... can probably burn a hole here and will get use free...

Inferno attempts to use his powers.

Inferno: What the... my powers... the wont work...

Zero: Nothing will... it’s a detention cell... it neutralizes all superpowers...

Inferno: ... So what's this treasure she was talking about?

Brandis: ....

Athame': You have to tell us... if we are going to work together you have to be honest...

Brandis: The treasure she seeks is over a thousand years old... deep in the catacombs where many have found but not survived. The treasure holds billions of dollars worth of gold... silver... and diamonds... there are even ancient relics that can supple a person with unlimited power...

Inferno: What do you suppose she wants with it?

Brandis: What else to steal like many before her.

Zero: If she's a pirate it’s either for trade or power... it's what they all want.

All sit in silence for a moment.

Athame': So what are they gonna do to us....

Zero: Well depends... if we give them what they want they will use us and then kill us, or sale us into slavery... and if we don't give them what they want they will torture us until we scream for death.

Inferno: Odds are not looking too good right now.

A few hours pass and they all begin to fall asleep. There is even a moment where Athame' shivers in her sleep from the cold air on the ship. Brandis moves close to her and put his arm around her to keep her warm, only one able to catch this moment is Inferno as he peeks quickly with his eyes.

Everyone is soon woken up by pirates barging their way into the cell. They struggle but still manage to pick Brandis from the group and place him in shackles. Drake orders the Pirates to take Brandis to the chambers of Rin and they all go. When entering the room of Rin it is very dark, slightly dirty but almost renaissance like. Candles light up the room and even a small fire place. In the center, a huge queen sized bed with black sheets lays warm.

Drake: Captain... I have brought the one you requested.

From a distance behind a sheath wall.

Rin: Good, leave him shackle and chained to the hook, you know the one..

Drake: Shall I accompany you my mistress?

Rin: No... I want to have some fun alone with this one. If I need an extra set of hands I will call you.

Drake then leaves very angry and slams door behind him after he hooks Brandis' shackles to a hook in the ceiling. (He and Rin are lovers)

Rin: Hmm I wonder what's with him.. (She says while walking from behind what was hiding her. When she reveals herself she is where very little. Her flesh is only cover by laced underwear as she takes off the robe she is wearing. She then pulls out a large blade from the utility belt she was wearing.)

Brandis can only look at her in disgust.

Rin: You know... I should have known it was you that was the inhabitation of the mountain. There are beings that are known to protect the treasure within, and you... you protected those people you're with quite well in that village.

Brandis: I do not know what you are talking about... (Brandis is cut off by a monitor being turned on in front of him showing himself and the others when they were first put into the cell. It plays back what he said about the mountain and the catacombs.)

Rin: I keep cameras in all my cells... even a few around the ship so I know what I am going on at all times.... (She begins to circle him) I will make a deal with you... tell me everything I need to know... from the path into the forest.... all the way to the catacombs under the mountain... Tell me and I will take you and your friends where ever you are going and let you go...

Brandis stays silent because he refuses to let the treasure that his race and all other dragons have protected for centuries be taken at the likes of a pirate.

Brandis: No... No deals demon...

Rin then cuts his arm and Brandis screams in pain, but after a few seconds the wound closes.

Rin: Ooo... So you can heal to... strong, skilled and powerful... I like that... I like that a lot ( she says as she gets close to him) this is going to be very fun...

Meanwhile Drake is in the detention cell watching the others sleep (he is supposed to be on guard duty and by this time has gassed them to get them to sleep). Drak if the first mate of Rin, and of course her lover. He does not like all of her methods of torture and thinks she let her lust over take her duties as Captain. Like most of the demons on the Renegade he has special powers of his own. To Rin he only has the ability to locate valuable artifacts like gold or diamonds, but he has another gift that she doesn’t know. Drake puts himself into a meditation state and mind projects his conscience into the mind of Athame', but Being a pure blooded Hidden-Atlantian her mind is shielded from all psychic energy. He then projects into Inferno but his mind and thoughts are too chaotic like fire. This forces him out, but he tries one last time to project into Zero's mind, doing this allows him exactly what he needs that Rin is trying to find out from Brandis.

Drake then returns to the ships deck with the pilot overseeing the land in front of him (the forest and mountain).

Drake: I'm tired of this bullshit...

Pilot: Sir?

Drake: I'm tired of this... we should be in that forest on our way to that treasure and Rin is in her room playing with toys...

Pilot: Sir.. All do respect, she is the Captain... her orders we must follow... you are only first mate...

Drake looks at him with disgust.

Pilot: Sorry sir...

Drake then turns his attention to the others on the ship doing various jobs behind him from cleaning to monitoring engines to sharpening their blades.

Drake: Tell me... would you all rather be out there getting that treasure being rich and most powerful pirates in the wastelands? Or would you rather sit here and waiting for what ever SHE has planned for this treasure?

The pirates look among each other and begin to murmur and talk if Drake is right or not.

Drake: She changes her mind so much about everything we do... SHE is not fit to be Captain...

The others begin to agree even more.

Drake: I say we get rid of her... and go get that treasure now.... NO more waiting!

With words of encouragement, the pirates turn to mutiny. Certain Pirates like the pilot stay on Rin's side and they are killed instantly.

Meanwhile Rin is busy using her power of projection (she has the ability to project desires and infatuations into the minds of others) to get what she wants from Brandis. Brandis is no longer hanging from the hook in the ceiling he is strapped on her bed with her wearing nothing on top of him projecting the desire of Athame' into Brandis mind. Doing this gets Brandis to talk a little, but only about his mother and if she is alright and if there is time left. But Rin is interrupted by Drak and the other pirates as they come barging into the room capturing Rin and Brandis.

Rin: What?! How Dare you? Let me go now... That is an order.

Drake: They don't follow your commands anymore lover...

Rin: What is the meaning of this Drake?

Drake: Just... Everything... I want it all... and well you just don't count in that anymore... (He says with pride) Put her and HIM in the brig.

As they carry Rin and Brandis to the brig and throws them inside Rin says. (The others are awake by this time)

Rin: You fool! I was close to breaking him... now you will never get the treasure!!!

Drak: Hehehe... baby... I don't need you. I already got what I need from you toy's cellmate there... But I will deal with you when I get. (He and the other pirates then leave laughing.)

Inferno: How does he know where to go?

Brandis: I said nothing....

Zero: Wait... in my sleep while we were passed out from that gas.... I felt like a presence entered my head against my will...

Telepathic Projection... I had... what a clever scum bag... He searches your head while you were all sleep....

Inferno: I take it that's not something he normally does.

There is a long brief silence.

Brandis: We have to get out of here.. Like now...

Inferno: There is no way... we tried everything..

Zero then grabs Rin by the neck.

Zero: Alright Pirate.... how you get out of here...

Inferno: What are you doing man?!

Zero: She has to know a glitch in the program... it’s her ship... Tell me what you know... NOW!!

Meanwhile Drake begins to enter the forest wit the other pirates with no problems. And on the ship, so Rin tells Zero that if they had a metallic metal sheet of metal they can reflect the beams of the cell like sun rays. Zero and the other think for a bit then Zero remember his arm is metal and there is a small blade on the inside of the index finger. He uses the blade and sticks it into the beam, for moments it seemed like the idea would not work but it does well. One by one each person escapes and figures they would leave Rin locked inside.

Rin: Hey!! What about me?

Inferno: What about you?

Rin: You need me, I can find Drake.. The arm band he wears... I had my pilot place a tracking beacon on him years ago... if you take me with you I can find him faster..

They look around at each other and decide to set her free, and all immediately get dressed and leave the ship and head back into the Forest.

Zero: Wait... where we going?

Brandis: Stay close... if we go this way we can get the jump on him.

Everyone follows Brandis ready for anything. Rin even walked with her tracker beeping and her sword drawn. The soon come up on a few men lagging behind. Brandis uses the trees like an ape and grabs one with his legs and breaks his neck, Rin covers the mouth of one and cuts his throat. They then continue to follow. Zero spots one who looks lost and uses a sniper shot from a distance to take him out. After following for a few minutes they come up on Drake in front of his crew. Just the right spot to ambush him and the remaining of his men. With loud battle cries the five of them drop down on the remaining of Drake's crew. Athame' uses the elements and trees around her to renders the pirates defenseless, Inferno charges them with fire balls and streams as well. Brandis uses his fighting style to not only find pirates off but break limbs, while Drake and Rin dual in an intense sword fight. While fighting the two exchange various insult about each other like their sex, and everything they have been through together. It’s not soon that Rin, being the better swords man renders Drake defense. Rin is stopped from killing Drake by no one other than Brandis.

Brandis: Don't... he's not worth it... he's a monster yes... but misery...pain and loneliness is a lot worse.

Rin looks at him and figures he is right. She then gets up and let Drake up.

Drak: You gonna listen to this idiot? I will find you and I will kill you...

Rin then jumps at him in anger and stopped by Brandis once again.

Brandis: You've come to the end of your path Drake...

Everyone soon begins to follow Brandis as he heads toward leaving the exit. Drake then lunges for Brandis, but in mid air is caught by the Cold Fusion and flown off.

Inferno: Whoa?!

Zero: ?!

Athame': ?

Brandis: I kind of owed her that after earlier... so Captain Rin... about that deal...

Rin: A deal's a deal...

And the two shake hands.

All return to the hover craft and board. Rin takes a one hour drive to toward the city, but is ask to drop them off half way (Inferno and Athame' do not wish for demons to know where the hidden city is). All began to exit the ship.

Brandis: You sure you will be ok?

Rin: Of course man, I have plenty of powers here from my ex crew.... so many I can sale them on the black market and retire if I wanna hehehe... But I will see you all around... maybe. (she says as she kisses Brandis on the cheek the ship doors close and she takes off)

Athame': So what was the deal you made with her?

Brandis: I didn't make it... she did. Said if I help her she would help us....

The two a brief look of impression and everyone starts walking a 10 mile hike to the city.

Brandis: How much time does that spell have?

Athame': Only 4 hours...

Brandis: Then let’s get moving...

Everyone then begins running as fast as they can.