Enter the Renegade

Death. It is a natural way of life that binds creation. With out destruction or death life can not regrow and flourish as it should. With the influence of death under life, all beings have to find a purpose. And when death is brought to one a person loves, it is to make them stronger for what is to come for them.

In the mystic forest, Athame’, Zero and Inferno look up on a beautiful winged creature who has just presented them with a puzzle. The three do not know what to do…fight… or run.

Zero: What do we do?

Inferno: I don’t know.

Athame’: Brandis said to not answer what it said.

Zero: So what do we do…just ignore it?

Athame’: I guess so?

The three try to walk past the creature, to the exit which is only 30 yards away. But the monster uses its wings to fly and block their path.

Winged Creature: You will not pass until my question is answer… answer or die.

Inferno: What do you make of her?

Athame’: Well she’s obviously evil, but I can not sense what she is… She has some sort of demonic aura about her….and something else…


Zero: ??

Athame’: The wings…and hair…. I would guess some sort of breed of sphinx I think….

Zero attempts to run for the exit but is stopped with a burst of wind from the creatures wings. Athame’ and Inferno attempt to do the same and are stopped the same way. Soon a battle if brought out.

Athame’ use various forestry (dirt, tree roots and branches) around her to render the creature defenseless. But the monster claws them away using her great strength and talons. Zero and Inferno use their skills to blast at the creature but she uses a ray of ice wind to freeze their attacks in the air. All efforts seem useless against this monster. Suddenly a loud scream comes from Drago Mountain.

Far off in the distance.

Brandis: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiding from the creature.

Athame’: Oh no?

Inferno: What is it?

Athame’: Brandis…I think he is in trouble….

Zero: So what… got bigger birds to kill here!!

Inferno: That’s it… this thing isn’t going to let up… You all head back to the mountain… I will deal with this creature.

Zero: No way!! Not gonna leave you here to die with this thing!

Inferno: I will not be the one dying today!!

Zero and Athame' look at Inferno as he looks back.

Inferno: I'll meet you all up there... Go!!

Inferno then runs full out toward the monster blasting fire balls and streams to the creature, Athame' and Zero look briefly and then begin running toward the mountain.

The Hybrid creature throws beams of ice and winds from her wings to stir things up with Inferno. All of his efforts seem pointless, especially because the creature is flying around like a fire fly, unable to hit with any range attack, Inferno, takes cover until he can plan his next move. Meanwhile Athame' and Zero run as fast as possible to get through the forest to Brandis.


Zero: Which way did we come?!

Athame': I don't remember exactly!

Zero: Shit!!....we're lost!! Can't you see anything with your magic eye?!

Athame': Barely!

They stop suddenly.

Zero: That's it!! You wanna path!! You make one!!

Zero says as he cocks his blaster to charge it up.

Athame': What are you doing!?

Zero: Solving a problem!!

He then releases a large energy blast that clears a small path to the mountain.

Zero: Ha!! Never fails...

Before he can finish the path starts closing like the trees and plants were alive with movement.

Athame': Run!!

They take off top speed to through the path, just as it comes to a close they make it to the center of the mountain. Elsewhere Inferno is still stuck battling there hybrid creature.

Inferno: Crap... I can't take her from below when she can clearly see me from the ground... I need to get some where... somewhere I can use as cover so she can't spot me....

The Hybrid paces steadily in the air waiting for another attack from Inferno so she can finish him.

Inferno: That's it!!!

Inferno then looks up toward the trees to see his next plan of action. Back at the mountain Zero and Athame' make their way up to the top where Brandis' hut is as fast as possibly, the dragons in, on and around mountain are no where in sight still, so the journey is easy for them but the distance hard. The two began to lose energy fast.

Inferno Lays kneeled out of sight from the creature hiding, he then comes out full force throwing fire balls and streams again. The creature just repels with wind attacks from her wings until Inferno releases an attack called a Fire cloud which blinds the creature momentarily causing it to go into a frenzy and Inferno to escape to the trees.

Zero and Athame' continue to climb the mountain.

Panting out of breath.

Zero: There... has to be ...away to get up there faster...

Athame': There is one... but it's dangerous... and I don't know... If I can sustain it...tired like this...

Zero: ... If it gets us up to the top its worth it....

Athame': ... Even if it kills you?

Zero: .... Well you know...if we don’t get to the top...we can't Help dragon boy.... we can’t help him... then he can't help Inferno...and then we are screwed...stuck...

The two stop and then look at each other slightly.

Athame': Stay calm...and try not to move so much...

Athame' forms a hand seal in from of her eyes which then glow like sun rays. Slowly her self and Zero, who begins freaking out and moving a lot, begin to levitate into the air.

Athame': Stay calm!!! Don’t move!!

Zero tries to stay as calm as possible as He and Athame' ascend into the air and to the top of the mountain. Meanwhile Inferno is still hiding from the creature in the trees as she looks for him everywhere in the area.

Inferno: Alright... All I have to do is waiting...... for a clear target.

Hybrid Creature: Come out... your fate is inevitable...

Back at the mountain Zero and Athame arrive to the top to find Brandis in the center of a recent battle.

Athame': Oh my... Brandis... what happened?

Brandis: I... I knew something was wrong... she was acting funny... and I left her anyway...

He says as he touches the cheek of his mother.

Athame':... I'm sorry....

Brandis: NO!!! It's not your fault.... I should have been here... She knew this was coming.... some how she knew....

Saying with tears in his eyes, Athame' then puts her arms around his neck to comfort him as he continues to cries. Meanwhile, Inferno is running out of time and strategies. The Creature keeps not exposing her back allowing Inferno to sneak attack. But soon for a brief second, her back get turned and Inferno Lunges at her from a distance only to be blown across the trees and into a wild bush which immediately wraps its roots around Inferno for a tight squeeze.

On the mountain.

Athame': We will find away to right this wrong but…

Zero: Wait....

Zero then walks over to Jean's Body.

Zero: Can't you hear that?

Athame': What?


Brandis yells and pulls at Zero picking him up off his feet with one hand by the neck as Zero begins to put his hands on her, Athame' may grows alarmed.

Athame': Brandis no!!

Zero choking.

Zero: Sh.....she's a...alive

Brandis: What?

Athame': What?

Brandis lets him go.

Catching his breath.

Zero: She's...alive


Athame': What do you mean?

Zero: Can't you see it....

Athame': I can't see the aura of her...she's a dragon...

Brandis: ....

Touch her pulse of her neck.

Zero: She's not dead... she has a heart beat....but its fading... if we get her to a healer or doctor or something...we might be able to save her...

Brandis: Then there is no way!!

Athame': That’s not true...

Brandis and Zero look at Athame' with wonder.

Athame': Move away...

She then pulls a stone from her pouch in her belt harness.

Zero: What is that?

Athame': It’s a Lazarus stone. The magic with in it can hold the body and soul of any one or anything for a short period of time until you release it. But if your time expires then both are lost forever...

Brandis: will it save my mother?

Athame' nods.

Athame': As long as we get back into the city within 12 hours...

Brandis thinks about it for a second and then tells her to proceed. She then performs a small cast of spells and the essence of Jean is transferred into the stone.

Zero: We gotta go...Inferno...

Brandis: What? Where is he?

Athame': He's fighting some hybrid winged monster girl in the forest...we couldn't get past her...

Zero: What the hell is that thing?

Brandis: It’s the Hybrid Sphinx, and if she has your friend...we don't have much time... if she kisses him... go! I will catch up!

Zero looks at them and he take off back down the mountain, Athame' is curious what Brandis is going to do, and soon trails behind Zero. Meanwhile Inferno is still down from the hybrids attack. She begins to close in on him and as she gets close he grows more strenuous to free himself from the bush.

Hybrid Sphinx: Ah.... my pretty fire fly... so strong...and smart.... I hate to do this to you.... But I have no choice...

She then begins to move in closer to him to kiss him, but is force back with a burst of wind from Athame'. She isn't knocked down but thrown back and stops her self with her wings in mid air.

Hybrid Sphinx: Ah... I see your playmates are back...

A battle soon follows after. Athame and the Sphinx trade blows of wind and ice left and right causing on minor damage to the other. Zero attempts to free Inferno.

Zero: Shit!! I can't get you free this fucking bush won't let go!!

Inferno: Stand back!!!

Inferno concentrates and his eyes turn a fire yellow and flames generate around his body freeing him from the grip.

Zero: Holy shit!

Inferno: Now let's help her out shall we.

Both immediately began helping Athame' fight the Sphinx. Zero attack with blast and even small combat while Inferno uses his fires balls. Each side does damage but only enough to slow the other down. Suddenly...

Brandis: KOLD FUSION!!!

This instantly stops the sphinx from attacking taking her attention toward Brandis as if she knows him.

Brandis: Up to it again see? Working your vengeance demon stuff with your riddles again?

Kold Fusion: How dare you Drake? They trespassed through my home...should be killed immediately...

Athame’, Inferno and Zero all look on confused.

Brandis: Listen, I'm not in a good mood today... I do not want to fight again... the forest is yours... I agree, but they were just trying to leave...

Kold Fusion: ...and there is a price to pay for coming into the forest...

Brandis: Fine... what's your little riddle for today?

Kold Fusion:... you can not answer for you are not leaving...

Brandis: .... going on a little vacation.... so just tell me...what the riddle is... please...

Kold fusion:... What walks on for legs in the morning... two in the afternoon... and three in the evening?

Everyone looks nervous at Brandis as he thinks of the answer.

Brandis: .... Man.... Man kind....

There is a small silence, and Kold Fusion calmly nods, bows and take flight into the air.

Zero: What was that about?

Athame’: Yes... how did you know the answer?

Brandis: I read a lot.... lets go.

All exit the forest safely and begin walking toward the city.

After walking for an hour.

Athame': Are you ago?

Brandis: Yea... will be a lot better when my mom is ok though...

Athame': What about you’re um...Kats...

Brandis: They will be alright... I left them with a long time friend in the mountain…

Athame': You had me worried....

Brandis: ....

Both look into each others eyes briefly and then turn away.

Brandis: you sure we are going the right way?

Athame': yes... the city is North West....

A large wind storm picks up blinding everyone’s sight for a few minutes. Soon t he dust settle and clears cabling everyone to see something most unpleasant. A large hover craft with a length of 20 feet, blood, and even marked spray painted areas.

Inferno: What the...?!

Zero: SHIT!

Athame': What is it?!

Zero: PIRATES!!!