Political New World

Although the old world has fallen to a new dark age, politics still rears its head in the world. Only in a different but new and older perspective does it gloom the blackest night.

Zero: Well… knew old places old faces.

Nightmare: I second that… with a why is she here?

Athame’: Shes’ going to help us find the sphinx But first we have to help her.

Lament: Why? I thought we just needed information.

Inferno: Well… we kind of sent all of her tri-ollions away… and now… we have to pay for it.

Zero: And how the fuck are we gonna do that?

Mortis: Head to death valley and you will see…

Zero: Death Valley?... great…

Athame’: Just do what she says.

Zero: Fine then… but it’s our funeral… not everyone is dead here. Or invincible for all that matter.

Athame’: Zero just fly the craft…

Zero goes quiet and Nightmare pilot and navigate the ship as Athame’ sits with Brandis in back of the crafts deck.

Athame’: So are you going to tell me what’s going on?

Brandis: I donno how t’explain…

Athame’: Try…

Brandis: Started sometime ago. Rememba durin’ dat time of ya trial when I kissed ya and dere was a static shock?

Athame’: Yes…

Brandis: I doubt it was da same ding… but days lata it happen again when we… ya know… den it happen again afta da sphinx attacked… I tried t’tell ya.

Athame’: … the other night.

Saying as she goes to hug him.

Athame’: Well you can do a lot of the things…maybe this is one extra...

Brandis: And m’mom’s not around t’help me…

Athame’: But I am… we’ll get through it together… I promise.

Brandis: There’s somethin’ else… when I was fightin’ those tri-ollions… da one I grabbed from pouncin’ ya… it was furtha dan I can jump… yet it felt like I was kinda floatin.’ Like willing myself forward…

Athame’: But you can levitate…

Brandis: Not like dat… not like dat… I can hova up… down… but not… this… this was m’like I was guidin’ myself to ya..

Athame’: You mean like you were flying?

Brandis: Maybe… I mean my mom, brotha, sista… all could do it… I was… I am da only one who can’t. And if I was ment to…shoulda been ages ago… Dere’s just so much happenin’ t’me and I donno what t’do. Da ding with da fire… now dis… I donno…

Holding his hand and placing her head on his shoulder.

Athame’: When we get home, we’ll figure this out… I promise… but we need to concentrate on the task at hand…

Brandis: Yea… yea…

Nightmare stands up from the co-pilot chair and begins to venture toward his serum case sitting on a counter top, in front of it Mortis sits sharpening her nails.

Nightmare: Excuse me…

Mortis ignores Nightmare.

Nightmare: Excuse me but can I get the case behind you…

Mortis then moves to the side as Nightmare picks up his case.

Nightmare: I thought uh… vampires didn’t change physically?

Mortis: Pardon Me?

Nightmare: When I saw you last your hair was…shorter. Now it’s longer… how’s that work? I mean the science behind it makes no sense.

Mortis: Could’ve sworn I explained that before?

Nightmare: I’m sorry?

Mortis: Not everything is what it is darling. When you get the chance cross reference the word vampire and glamour. (*Read Moonlight for more information on vampire world*)

Mortis continues to sharpen her nails ignoring Nightmare, who take his case and walks back to the co- pilot chair slightly disgruntled.

Everyone rides for hours in the death bat to Death Valley. When they arrive the land seems to have been untouched by time, deserted like an abandoned desert and empty, leaving only dust in the wind. Only a large crater sits through out the land with smoldering smoke rising from it through out (similar to the Grand Canyon but smothered in smog and smoke). Everyone sits in the piloting area looking out the window at the sight in front of them.

Inferno: Does any one else see what I am seeing?

Zero: Ya mean the big old land of nothing with a hole in it the size of the equator? Ya I see it.

Lament: So that’s where these games are?

Mortis: Yes.

Nightmare: Then how do we get there? Is it cloaked like your castle or something?

Mortis: No actually…

Brandis: It’s at da bottom o’da crata… I can hear da commotion from da crowds…

Mortis: Not bad tall dark and… weird.

Athame’moves closer to Brandis.

Zero: So lets saddle up.

Athame’: No…

Zero: No?

Athame’: We don’t all need to go… I mean someone has to stay here with the craft.

Zero: Not me… I had to babysit the wonder twins last time. Ya might need some big guns this situation…

Lament: We don’t need your protection Zero.

Nightmare: Ya, perfectly capable of handling ourselves.

Zero: Ya, cause ya did so well these last few times.

Arguing between Lament, Nightmare and Zero begins to grow.

Athame’: Shut up! Listen, Zero you are the only one who can pilot the ship, Lament you’re pregnant, Jack I don’t need you distracted trying and protecting Lament… and I don’t know what’s going on with you but…

Cutting her off.

Nightmare: I’m fine DAMN IT!!!

Nightmare storms off into the ship and Lament goes after him.

Athame’ continues to explain to Zero.

Athame’: We need you hear Zero… I’m sorry.

Zero: Yea sure…

Zero then turns his attention back to the front window of the craft.

Mortis: Actually sweet heart, humans are very frowned upon down there. You’d be a sitting duck with demons, vampires and various monsters circling you. No amount of magic would save you or your little hubby and friends. This isn’t my place…

Athame’: Listen!!

Brandis: No… she’s right I have t’go alone.

Athame’: No! I’m not letting you…

Brandis: What am I t’do if I have anotha outburst o’somethin. Got lucky las’ time, might not be dat way dis time. Their getting’ stronger.

Athame’: …

Inferno: I’ll go with him… anything goes wrong I’ll fly him out of there like a rocket.

Mortis: What did I just say?

Inferno: I’m something more then human sweet heart… always have been always will be. Don’t forget, fires something no creature can mess with.

Mortis takes a wiff of Inferno’s scent.

Mortis: Hmm definitely more than meets the eyes. (saying in a flirtatious way)

Brandis: See… extra back up.

Athame’: Ok. (saying as she hugs him then kisses him on the cheek)

Minutes later Lament, Nightmare, and Athame’ all gear Brandis and Inferno with necessary survival objects like water, small food, small knives, and a flare all in a small one strap sack that straps to the back. Zero sits in the pilot chair turning on the ships stealth generators.

Nightmare: Here take this…

Brandis: What is it?

Nightmare: A telescopic staff. Push the little bottom on the side it expands and…

Brandis: Instant weapon… danks Jack.

Brandis then takes the staff and places it in a holster on his jacket as Nightmare nods and walks away.

Lament: I’ve implanted small surveillance equipment into your sacks. The depth maybe too deep for communicators but not cameras… So just in case something happen…

Zero: I’ll fly in guns a blazin’ rescuing ya super asses.

Inferno: Back up plan with a back up plan… I likes.

Mortis: Can we please get this over with… I really just wanna get my money and get back home.

Athame’: How do we know you are not lying and just want this money?

Mortis: Two weeks ago I came across a winged monster at the games. Thought nothing of it but then it came to me… it had multiple scents… no demon or vampire or anything has multiple scents. If this thing was a sphinx… multiple is a huge clue.

Lament: But you said there are tons of monsters down there… wouldn’t there be some winged ones?

Mortis: Of course… Like I said the multiple scents are a big clue… only a creature of such as sphinx… or whatever this thing you are looking for was it.

Zero: What’s to stop us from staking you and going down there to find out what’s up?

Mortis: Stakes stakes… was always my favorite fib… do so and you’ll never discover why and what it was there for. Only one with known respect can get the right information at the games.

Everyone gets quiet.

Mortis: Now can we please leave.

Nightmare then opens the door to the ship as Mortis, Inferno and Brandis begin to leave. Brandis is briefly stopped by Athame’ and kisses him.

Athame’: Come back to me my dark knight…

Brandis kisses her back and leaves the ship. As Brandis, Mortis and Inferno come to the edge of the crater they see only darkness at the bottom.

Mortis: So… you boys ready to take that first leap, ya know what they say about trust?

Brandis: Ladies’ first…

Mortis: Such a gentleman. (saying as she jumps into crater first)

Brandis and Inferno follow behind Mortis seconds later. The three land at the bottom of the beginning of a walkway over a hundred yards away. The walk way stretches the whole way, descending to a distant festival like structure similar to the roman coliseum. There are tons upon thousands of monsters of all shapes and sizes located around the arena (similar to Tattoine and Mos eisley in star wars), most of upper and middle class type. Monsters range from hornlike monsters to multiple limb monsters to various types of vampires, devils, demons, trolls, mutants etc. There also appears to be various car showings of older and newer vehicles ranging from motorcycles to trucks. Bright torches fill the air with light and smoke. There is much commotion and noise and all is seen and heard on the surveillance equipment on both Inferno and Brandis back at the Death Bat as they walk through the crowd.

Mortis: Ok, I don’t want to be hear longer than I want… so I’m going to go sign ya up, get ya into the games which…should be starting in an hour or so. Wait here… have a drink. On me (saying as she winks and signals the bar tender to help them as much as they want).

Saying as she leaves them both at a small cantina at a bar. Inferno and Brandis sit looking at all around them.

Inferno: Man, you guys seeing all this up there? It’s like a full on monster bash.

Brandis: Jus’ keep ya guard up.

Inferno: No prob…

Back at the Death Bat everyone sits watching anxiously.

Inferno: So you and Athame’ going to stay on good terms this time?

Brandis: I don’t wanna talk bout dis man… and dey watchin’ us…

Inferno: Is that what you’re worried about? Them reading our lips?

Brandis: ….

Translated in Chinese.

Inferno: Then tell me if you understand what I am saying.

Brandis: Didn’t know ya spoke Chinese.

Inferno: Like wise friend but had to see.

Brandis: Part of my training… but How’d ya learn?

Inferno: Part of my training... but not many I can talk to using it… until now. Hidden city is diverse with many languages both known and unknown. So… that display of power back there… wow?

Brandis: Yea..

Inferno: Where’d it come from?

Brandis: I donno… but trust me I hope it don’t happen again.

Inferno: Why’s that?

Brandis: What if I loose control… its unknown to me… I can seriously hurt someone?

Inferno: A big what if I agree… but I was told once… you can’t let fear control you, or it leads to greater fear and greater weakness.

Brandis: …

Inferno: Trust me… I know a thing or two about control. (saying as he creates a ball of fire in his right hand and both look as he turns it into a mini-dragon) Control your fear… control yourself… control your power, and there’s nothing you can’t do.

Brandis watches in curious admiration.

Brandis: Must’ve learned a great deal on ya journey…

Inferno: More than you know, will tell you sometime in better situations. (saying as he deflames the small dragon.

Many minutes pass before Mortis returns and Brandis and Inferno talk more.

Mortis: Ok, I took care of it, signed ya both up…figured would help the chances of this going a little faster. You both are Eternal Inferno and Bran X, Champions of Mortis Island.

Inferno: Mortis Island? Excuse me but I’m the champion from Hidden Atlantis?

Mortis: Well if you want all the rich monsters in the world to know of your special city and where it is by all means I will go make the change your majesty…

Brandis: Wait! No… he didn’t mean’t dat… right Inferno?

Inferno: Nah… not a word…

Mortis: Then let’s get you two up and out there… the preliminaries are going to start soon.

Brandis, Inferno and Mortis all walk toward the main area of the arena to the preliminary matches begin. The arena is one large round stadium with seats residing upward like at a baseball arena. Bright lights and torches along with cheer of the crowd as the stadium floor is covered in sand, surrounded in with barbed wire and a metal fence. Blood filters it way through the dirty sand with dead trees and shrubs scattered through out. Two monsters battle on the arena floor. One is blue with scales and slender, wielding a spear. Its face and head is similar to a cog fish as it standing on webbed feet. The other creature is devil with a long blue tail, and horns to match. He has various tattoos located all over him and dresses like a biker. Mortis explains the rules to Brandis and Inferno at the top of a set of stairs with a door behind them, as they all watch from a distance.

Mortis: The rules are quite simple… you use whatever you want how ever you want to beat your enemy… you win by either knock out, submission… or kill. Doors right there... you’re both checked in… go to it.

Brandis: Wait a sec… where ya goin’?

Mortis: See that little box up there, at the front of the arena, very top?

Inferno: Ya?

Mortis: That’s where the high rollers sit and watch… the big spenders… these are the middle to lower class seats… small timers…poor folk who want entertainment…. I sit there… they here… you all the pit…with all the other “champions.” Ya names called, you answer you fight… and don’t die, I hate losing.

(The pit is like is similar to a baseball field pit only bigger. Theres only one way in and one way out and its through a door that sits aside of the main hallway. Warriors are able to see the fights in the arena from a long gapping opening that’s only a foot wide.)

Brandis: …we need dis information.

Mortis: Exactly… I knew you’d see it my way.

Mortis takes off and Inferno and Brandis enter through doors that take them down to the pits with other champions. Most are slaves, owned by aristocratic and pure blooded monsters of all kinds. All are female and male monsters and creatures ranging in all sizes and types. The pit is similar to an infested and dark sewer. It’s dirty, scummy, and moldy. The smell puts the stench of a junk yard to shame. There are pipes that run along the ceiling and very little light that comes from torches lined up and scattered around. Heavy armed guards, large and monstrous like (ten foot tall and muscular), with stun batons and detention cuffs cover the exit/entrance. The guards wear medieval black and grey armor covering head to toe and stand around with no emotion. Owned champions are marked by the owner with collars or cuffs with the name or brand of the owner. Non owned are placed in cages in the pit, with electrical barriers.

After three rounds take part Inferno is called to battle. In front of him is a small and skinny troll. Four feet, barely weighs a hundred pounds and wears torn and ripped scrubbed like clothing that hangs off of him. He bares a claw for a weapon that he wears and can barely hold around his wrist. He breathes heavily like he is exhausted. Brandis watches from the pits as Mortis watches from the box. Everyone in the Death bat watches from Brandis surveillance camera.

Inferno: Really? This is my opponent? Please… this will be an upset.

The troll then grows an extra ten feet tall and two hundred pounds of pure muscles, and the claw fits firmly around his wrist. His exhausted breathing also turns into panted snarling.

Inferno: Uuuuhh ok… consider my mouth shut, zipped and checked.