Hope Part 2

Awakening from his trance, Brandis catches Athame' putting the drake glyph on his chest, meant to possibly change him back to his former self. Not surprised at her presence, Brandis temporarily stops projecting the energy between he and Inferno that is opening the gate way, allowing pure demons to flow faster from the darkness in the Earth, to address Athame'’.

With a sly look and attitude.

Brandis: Couldn’t stay ‘way from meh…(pulling Athame'’ close forcefully as she looks away hurt) w’our las encounta dat temptin.’

Athame'’: Bran please… this isn’t you… you have to stop this… for us…

Athame' fights an Evil turned Brandis

Brandis: Us? Y’mean me an’ you? Dought I made it clear t’ya earlia… (pulls her close and kisses her and a tear falls down her left eye cheek) dere is no me an’ you. (pushes her away through the air).

As Athame'’ catches herself mid air, using the winds around her to propel her self back toward Brandis and begins an assault on him using her various offensive and defensive magic’s and spells. Brandis is able to dodge or counter various elemental spells as they come using his own skill, speed and various powers as he tries to get closer to Athame.’ Meanwhile on the jet Rynth tries to help Lament give birth, too distracted by the chaos around them, neither is able to concentrate.

In pain, huffing and panting.

Lament: What’s goin on out there… can you see?

Rynth stands up long enough to see out the window at various demons spewing in every direction. Fire, various debris and smoke fill the air; and lightning and energy cracks the darkened sky.

Rynth: Um… (with a nervous look)

Lament: That bad…UUUUGHGHH!!!... (pants heavy)…

Rynth: Don’t you worry bout it… your concern is this child.

Lament: Somethings gone wrong… look you have to help her… she can’t do …. Do this alone… AAAAAHHHHH!!!

Back at the Hidden City.

Nightmare screams simultaneously with Lament as if he could feel her pain from miles upon miles away.

Nightmare: AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! (screaming as her holds his head) NO… Lam… (in a panic)I’ve got to get this thing working (continues to work on his teleporter).

Nightmare looks at the security camera out side his office as he sees a security team begin the process of breaking the door down, but continues to work faster from his wheel chair.

Back at the Fortress Athame'’ continues to fight an onslaught of attacks led by Bran, who is flying toward her faster and faster as she moves away. As she goes to cast a binding field around him (a spell which will bind his powers around him and render him unconscious) Brandis flies around it as quick as he can barely dodging it, popping up right behind Athame'’ and grabs her.

Athame': You’re… you’re toying with me…

Brandis: Oh? Com’on… ya kno ya like it. Tis for’play. (saying with a grin)

Suddenly appearing from the shadow of a large near by floating bolder.

Rynth: HEY ASSHOLE!! (saying as she draw Brandis’ attention and kicks him in the face, causing him to plummet toward the ground)

She then uses her spear-whip to cling to floating debris and propels her self to the roof top. Athame'’ hovers over to her, both standing several stories below Terakas.

Athame'’: What are you doing? You’re suppose to be miles away… gone with Lament.

Rynth: She told me to come help you…

Athame': I DON’T NEED ANY HELP!!!! (calming herself) look just get out of here… please.

Rynth: No… you need my he…

Being cut off by a stream of dark energy coming toward Athame. Using the spear-whip against it the energy repels off.

Athame'’: What was that?!

Rynth: A demon. I soak the leather in my whip in salt. Helps against certain monsters… and repels pure blood demons rather they are in their pure energy form or possessing a human. Remember… told you they need host in order to be corporeal… with out it their just energy… being the only human here… you’re quite the target.

Athame'’: …

Rynth: Like I said… you’re going to need my help… and don’t worry bout Lament…

Lament sits in the jet in the center of a ring of salt giving birth to her child.

Meanwhile Brandis is back on his feet and begins to fly toward Rynth and Athame'’ very angrily.

Rynth: What’s the plan?

Athame': Hasn’t changed… we have to severe the energy between him and Inferno… any way he can… the more energy he uses the more the gate opens. Your… blade is the only thing strong enough…

Rynth: What happen to curing him?

Athame': He’s… gone…

Popping up in front of them like a blink of an eye.

Brandis: Fa’ from it!

He then jump kicks both sending them flying apart off the roof. Athame'’ manages to catch her self using the wind around her, while Rynth tries to cling to something with her whip to break her fall. Using his telekinetic power he pulls Athame'’ closer forcing her into a hand to hand combat fight, which she is defenseless. Throwing punches and kicks, Athame'’ barely manages to avoid his attacks, and uses floating debris to block what she can’t. The strain to come up with spell faster begins to take its toll on her until Rynth pops up from another shadow and she and Brandis begin their own fight. Athame'’ falls to the roof top surface as Rynth fights Bran. She uses her own skills to jump from floating debris part to other floating debris parts while attacking and defending her self against Brandis who flies about through everything from lightning attacks to telekinetic blast. The battle grows more intense as Rynth begins to use her shadow powers on Brandis. But Rynth forgets that he has her same power, evening the battle. The two embark on a shadow battle. Being equally matched, they land equal hits on each other. Finally Rynth uses her wit against Brandis. Remembering in their first battle how Brandis is allergic to the steel on her whip she pulls him in close. She then whips her weapon at him forcing him to catch it. He catches it at the leather and pulls her in closer without touching the steel spikes its lined with. She then wraps the whip around his wrist and it begins to cut into him.

Brandis: Cleva.. but I’ve grown a lot stronga!!!

She then flips up and over him bringing the whip into him more, slowly wrapping him in it around him as the metal cuts into his skin more.

Brandis: AAHHH!!

Rynth: Thought you had grown stronger?!

Brandis: BITCH! (saying as he screams and laughs insanely stretching out the whip using his super strength to try and break it)

Landing on one of the opposite roofs, after pulling her and him through a shadow, she then wraps him in it more. Though the metal pulls and tears at his skin, drawing blood from the wounds, he continues to break free. Rynth then snaps the spear piece off. As she begins to bring it high to stab Brandis through the heart, Athame’ appears.

Athame'’: STOP!!!

Brandis and Rynth look at Athame'’ as she descends to both.

Rynth: What are you doing you said…!!!

Athame'’: I said he was gone… not lost…

Brandis comes close to breaking the whip as it begins to snap slowly, until Athame'’ places a binding field around him. Athame'’ quickly placing the glyph on Brandis while uttering an enchantment. As she does the energy around them grows out of control. As she finishes the energy surges through and out of Brandis and outward in a powerful concussive burst, knocking Rynth and Athame'’ to the roof top surface. When the dust settles both look upon Brandis still semi wrapped Rynths whip, which has been broken. When he stands up his black eyes have turned back to the ruby red and black they were. His black veins have receded, and all other tattoos have been bound back together. The new tattoo (drake glyph) glows with pure light in the shape of the symbol of Brandis clan (the one seen on his jacket), the Twilights (entwined dragons bound by a star), and then dims to the looks of a fresh new tattoo.

Looking dazed and confused.

Brandis: Athame'’… wha… whas goin’ on? (Athame'’ walks closer, weary) wher’ are we? Ever’things s’muffled… I (Athame'’ walks closer and looks into Brandis eyes).

Athame'’: Bran?

Brandis: Yea..? (Athame'’cries as she kisses Brandis)

Rynth: WATCH IT!!!!

Demonic energy flies toward Athame'’ as Brandis sees this moves everyone through a shadow and miles away right outside the jet.

Brandis: What’s goin’ on?

Athame'’: You… you don’t remember?

Brandis: Not ever’thing… but it’s comin’ … back… oh… oh… (sadness grows on Brandis face).

Athame'’: Bran… don’t… this isn’t your fault…

Brandis: How isn’t? (begins to cry) I killed m’mom… I hur’ m’friends…. Hur’ you…(saying as he falls to his knees)

Athame'’: But its ok… it’s over now… (kneels close to him holding his hands)

Brandis: … (looking down and disappointed sobbing slightly) No… it’not… (saying as he stands up)

Athame'’: What? (saying as she stands to her feet)

Brandis: (looks up at all the chaos in the distance growing more rapid) I’m gonna go fixit…

Athame'’: Bran NO! Please…

Brandis: I hav’ to… dere’s no one else dat can…

Athame'’: But I… I…

Brandis grazes her cheek, looks her in the eyes and begins to fly off, Athame'’ grabs his hand.

Athame'’: … Come back to me?

Brandis kisses her.
The Final Kiss

Knowing it to be his final battle but unknown to Athame', Brandis kisses her one last time, while the world around them tears apart.

Brandis: I love you, Athame’… (saying as he hovers then takes flight into the chaos in front of him)

Athame'’ smiles and cries for she had waited months for him to say that.

Lament from inside the jet.

Lament: AAAAAHHH!!!

Rynth runs into the ship and Athame'’ follows, glancing back at Brandis who flies bravely toward Inferno.