The Return

In the mist of a dark and evil castle (shaped like a monstrous like skull) a powerful being of great evil sits on a metal-spiked covered thrown, casted in shadow. In front of him lies the metal armored winged creature kneeling in respect. Cold Fusion: My lord… the final phase awaits as do I; your orders. Standing tall, the powerful being continues to cast in shadow, revealing only fierce yellow eyes. He simply responds in a deep demonic voice.

Dark Lord: Good… stand by and await...

Back in the Death Bat, Inferno, Brandis, Zero, Athame’, Nightmare and Lament drive through the waste lands surrounded by mist, a scorched sky above (concealing all natural sunlight) and monsters unseen by the naked eye. Bones, debris and waste litter the ground. Nightmare sits in the pilot chair while Zero co-pilots and Lament navigates.

Nightmare: Any vitals of life from outside?

Lament: Not at all.

Nightmare: Good. Set a course for Draco Mountain, forwarding the coordinates to you.

Zero: Soooo does anyone find it how weird it is that we all are going back into the outside world again… plus one?

Inferno sits comfortably as he juggles small fire balls.

Inferno: Yeeeaaaa but this time I say we are more prepared for it.

Zero: Hey!! Spark plug! Put those out or away or whatever! Just get rid of’em

Inferno: Calm down soldier boy… or you’ll have a stroke.

Inferno puts the balls out.

Inferno: So how long ‘til we get there?

Lament: Unsure. Bran?

Brandis looks out the window.

Brandis: I’d say bout a two to three hours…. Give or take…

Zero: So why is it that we are all goin,’ I mean last I check my unit was the one who did the field work?

Athame’ looking at a map and various data on a holo-video (holographic video projection) made from information DOWP has gathered on the outside.

Athame’: Because this is more than just a research and rescue mission. It’s a search and arrest mission. Hopefully the sphinx comes in peacefully… but if not then it will take more than a platoon of soldiers with stun rays to capture her.

Zero: So should I radio my unit to be on stand by?

Athame’: No… even if you did there’s no chance they’d get to us in time due to the scorched sky.

Brandis: Besides… dey wouldn’t be welcome nor make it in da dark forest at Draco… ya know dat.

Lament: Why is that?

Nightmare: Well from what I have heard it very much like our city, only a slight more primitive. So I’m guessing what… a force field of some sort.

Inferno: More or less… (Chuckling)

Brandis: Lets jus’ say da inhabitants not ver’ respectful t’ward outsiders.

Lament: Hostile to outsiders?

Zero: Like the hot head said… more or less.

Brandis then gets up to leave the room.

Athame’: Everything ok?

Brandis: Ya, I’m jus gonna head to da bunks… lay down f’few minutes.

Athame’: You sure you’re ok?

Brandis: Ya… just feelin’ lil’ sick to my stomach… motion sickness I guess…

Brandis completely leaves the room. Athame’ then begins to look at the holo-vid again until Inferno looks at Athame’ and notions to her to go talk to Brandis. Athame’ grins at Inferno, turns the holo-vid off and leaves the room to talk to Brandis.

Brandis sits alone in the bunker room (place where everyone sleeps) holding his head, stomach, and chest in slight pain. As he does so he notices again sparks short circuiting from his fingers. As he looks at his hands the spark ignite to a short circuit conducting through his fingers for a split second.

Brandis: What da? (In shocked curiosity)

Athame’ then enters the bunker.

Athame’: Sense when do you get motion sickness?

Brandis: What d’ya mean?

Athame’: I’ve seen you take out large quantities of monster and demons, seen you levitate fifty feet into the air, have even seen you jump, leap, dodge and flip from twenty story buildings over and around flying objects with out breaking a sweat… and now you get motion sick from driving in a hover craft?

Standing up, and walking a few feet to remove his jacket and place it on a hook.

Brandis: First time f’everything.

Athame’: True… but not in over a year have I seen you sick…so tell me what wrong.

Looking at Athame’ as he sits down.

Brandis: Not ‘xactly sure… but promise when I know somethin’ ya will to… okay?

Brandis then lays down, Athame’ then comes up behind Brandis and lays down behind him, cuddling him close with her arm around him. Brandis then holds her hand with her arm still around him.

Athame’: Remember one of the last times we both laid here…

Brandis: Yea, I do.

Brandis then turns around to Athame’ and drapes his arm around Athame’ as her eyes turn from Aura sensing eyes to normal sighted light brown eyes.

Brandis: Haven’t seen ya eyes in so long… almos’ forgot how beautiful dey are…

Smiling happily.

Athame’: Only when you touch my soul…

Brandis begins to kiss Athame’ and Athame’ stops him.

Athame’: Can I ask you something?

Brandis: O’course.

Athame’: Our talk we had yesterday… when you told me about your kinds marriage.

Brandis: Ya?

Athame’: Can you all have children? I mean I know it’s possible… but how does it work?

Brandis: Jus’ ‘bout da same as all species… but slight aspects dat are rarely different.

Athame’: Like what?

Brandis: Well for starta’s… natural selection…

Athame’: ….

Brandis: We choose da perfect mate… usually of strong will…

Athame’: Why strong will?

Brandis: ‘Cause it would take one of great will and balance mentally t’ take da labor scenario… or someone mor’ dan human. Da stress factor can….well… can be harmful to one whom isn’t.

Athame’: … it can kill them?

Brandis: Worse possible case…

Athame’: …

Brandis: Are ya tellin’ me ya wanna get married and have my children…

Athame’: No…I mean… well maybe one day… I mean that’s what people whom are together do right?

Brandis: …

Athame’: …

Brandis then jumps out of the bed and grabs his jacket and begins to put it back on.

Athame’s aura sensing eyes return.

Athame’: Did I say something wrong?

Brandis: No. Not at all, I’m gonna head back t’da bridge… make sure we all make it t’Draco.

Athame’ then jumps up and grabs Brandis by the arm before he leaves the room.

Athame’: We have to stop this… running around in circles.

Brandis: It’ll stop… when ya stop holdin’ back.

Athame’: What do you mean?

Brandis: Ya may be from superior and advanced human race… but ya heart beats da same when ya hold back da truth. (Saying as he points to his right ear and leaves the room)

Couple hours pass.

Zero: Fuck… we should’ve been there by now.

Nightmare: Well being that I have never been there before I wouldn’t know but the coordinates are accurate we should be there soon.

Brandis stands up on the bridge between Zero and Nightmare looking out the window.

Brandis: Soona dan ya think… stop right here.

Lament: But we still have another hour according to the coordinates given.

Brandis: Trust me…

The Death bat slows down. It is unseen what is in front due to much mist from the outside.

Nightmare: There isn’t any large structured land mass here… we should continue.

Brandis: Like I said trust me… any way f’some light?

Zero hits a high beamed spot light in front of the ship and it reveals a large massive mounted thirty yards from it.

Zero: Ladies and gentlemen… welcome to Draco Mountain.

Lament and Nightmare are both shocked with amazement to the large mountain structure in front of them surrounded by a large forest. (Looks like Mount Everest)

Lament: Incredible.

Nightmare: Very much indeed.

Everyone, but Brandis, gears up in the Death Bat to head inside the dark forest. Nightmare and Lament grab survival pack (equipped with water, emergency rations and supplies to start a fire- it’s as small at a miniature back pack). Nightmare also takes three vials of his serum along with him, hiding it from everyone including Lament, under his jacket. Zero brings enough weaponry to sustain him, and equips himself with a canteen of water he hooks to a military utility built. Athame also equips a survival pack, along with plenty of basic magical supplies (potions, stones, crystals etc) in a small holster sack she wears as a belt. She is also slightly nervous around Brandis. Inferno takes only small rations of food, and a small bottle of water he slips in his jacket. Standing in a group outside the Death Bat.

Brandis: Ok, Zero, Inferno, Athame’ and m’self know what it’s like in dis forest. Bottom line, stay close t’each otha, watch out f’each otha… and do not venture off da path f’anythin’.

Nightmare: Why is that?

Cocking one of his guns as he walks to the forest.

Zero: Jack… jus’ listen to the man.

Brandis briefly stops Athame.’

Brandis: Athame’… jus’ … jus’ be careful…

Athame’ knods and walks pass Brandis whom is followed by Inferno and then Lament. Nightmare stops briefly and uses a remote to start up a force field around the Death bat. Brandis then takes the lead as all enter the forest. Not even ten yards into the forest, down the correct path to the mountain, Brandis stops everyone.

Inferno: What is it?

Brandis: Something’s different… the path has changed… majorly.

Nightmare: Maybe it’s due to a temporal shift in the land mass…

Zero: What the fuck does that mean?

Lament: There has been a huge change here…recently… like a shift or something.

Brandis: A realm shift…

Athame’: What that?

Brandis: Ever’ once in a while da mountain shifts in a circular motion slightly. Happens when ders a realm slip. Been happenin’ ever since da fall. Remember once I ran to dis guy whom had a flamin’ sword…

Inferno: How’d that go?

Brandis: Wasn’t much… he kinda jus’ left afta a small tiff… (feeling around in the dirt and then sniffing the air) … follow me… and stay close.

Lament and Nightmare take analysis as they walk through the forest. The plant life is very exotic. Lament becomes curious of a rare plant, which is dead according to her analysis as being very extent since the Stone Age. As she steps off the path, away from the group, to draw a sample from the remains she trips a booby trap, which launches her into a mutant wasp hive. Everyone else runs to her rescue as she screams with fright. Once they have made their way, they find her in a slimy like substance, (like honey only mustard yellow and smelly) sending them off the right path.

Nightmare: Lam!!!!

Lament: GET ME DOWN!!!

Zero: Bran can ya get her down?!

Brandis: Ya, if I could fly!

Inferno: Maybe I can do it!!

Brandis: NO NO NO NO!!!! Da yellow stuff is highly flammable! Any flame will ignite dis area! Maybe even da whole forest!

Nightmare: I can get her!

Athame’: How?! You’ll phase right through her!

Brandis: Whateva we do we gotta do it fast be…fore…

Brandis’ attention is diverted by the large occupants of the hive. A swarm of wasp about two feet in length with stingers the size of a finger.


Everyone prepares to fight, Athame’ hovers up, using the element of wind around her, and tries to free Lament. Inferno uses various flame attacks but is careful of where he aims to not set the areas on fire while Lament is still attack in the slime holding Lament in place, 20 feet above ground. Zero shoots at the wasp using his guns, but he doesn’t hit many. Brandis fights off various wasp, ripping them apart and kicking them away, as he protects Athame’ while she attempts to free Lament. Using his MDM to hulk out, Nightmare swats the stingers like flies.

Athame’ then figures she will freeze the slime around Lament making it possible to break like ice, only she’s not strong enough to break the slime.

Athame’: Bran!!! HELP!! I CAN’T BREAK THE SLIME!

Brandis leaps up to the top of the hive and smashing one of Lament’s hands free as iced slime falls to the surface and many more Stingers continue to swarm the area.

Lament: WATCH OUT!!

Lament uses her power of telekinesis, with her free hand, to use the ice shards to break away her other limbs. As she drops to the ground Brandis catches her and Athame’ hover back to the ground.


With Lament in his arms, Brandis begins to run and leap through the trees as he is followed by Athame’ (hovering with wind), Nightmare runs in hulked out mode with Zero on his shoulders firing at Stingers rapidly, Inferno flies above(in torch form) being attack by Stingers whom burst into flame as they attempt to land on him. All of a sudden a large shadow passes over everyone and soon a large streak of fire kills all Stingers, as everyone takes cover. As the smoke clears everyone becomes curious to what just happen.

Zero: What the fuck was that Spark plug?

Transforming back into normal Jack Nightmare.

Nightmare: I would have to agree with Zero, just less abrasive, you were told not to use fire.

Inferno: Whoa! Hold on that wasn’t!

Zero: Bullshit!!!

The three then begin to argue over who is right. Lament and Athame’ then join in to stop the fighting and commotion. Brandis walks away sniffing the air gaining the scent.

Brandis: Shut up…

The arguing just grows louder.

Brandis: BE QUIET!!! I hear…. An’ smell somethin’.

Everyone then grows more alarmed.

Inferno: Great…

Zero: Oh shit… what?

A large dragon then drops from above the tree and lands in front of everyone. Everyone gets ready for another fight only the dragon transform into a more human like person. His skin is tanned, he bears two tattoo’s similar to Brandis on one arm (a tribal ankh and dragon). He wears a torn brown battle skirt but with similar light brown markings (like Brandis), which is half ripped with pants to match. His shoes are dirty brown and knee high (almost cave like). His eyes are light brown, and his hair is scalped short, he is slightly shorter but older than Brandis. He’s also not as muscle bond as Brandis (only in the arms) and has a small, but toned, belly.

Dragon Man: Well well well… if tisn’t da exile… and actual friends?

Brandis: How’s it goin’ der Kinn?

Kinn: Well, if ya had been here den I guess you’d know, wouldn’t ya?

Zero: Who is this clown, Bran?

Inferno: Yes…not the clown part, but who is this?

Saying with resistance in his voice.

Brandis: Kinn… dis is Athame’… Inferno… Lament… Jack… Zero… Everyone dis is Kinn Twilight… My olda brotha.