Mistress of the Castle Unholy

Name is Brandis. I'm not human at all, but something else- a drake- fearless dragons that can take human form, and are great protectors to the forces of good. I have been through much in my life, and seen some monstrous things. But this place- Unholy- its far by the worse. Humans... animals... being used like cattle...slaves... food. It's unspeakable... I want to help... but if I do... I lose my friends Jack and Zero and I refuse that to happen. I gave my word... but this healer had better help because if not... it won't end well.

Ivory, and Brandis enter Castle Unholy with Peanut and Monsieur Edwards. Brandis picks up a bleeding Nightmare and Zero, off Peanuts back and places them on both his shoulders as he walks through Castle Unholy. The moment the doors shut all eyes spot Brandis and Ivory, putting them as the center of attention as they walk through the Castle. Natural demons (demons who are descendants of the fallen and disfigured physically), pure demons ( demons who have no form, and are intangible black mist with out form- that possess humans mostly)- creatures ranging from goblins, drow's, trolls and vampires of all kinds stair on them as they walk. One vampire even tries to attack Brandis and grab Nightmare from him, but he dodges quickly and kicks her away.

Edwards: Stand down...

Peanut: ...These are for the Mistress only...

Edwards: ...And her only... there is much to go around.

Each creature immediately steps back clearing a path and watching the pass through the crowd-- but each has a look of hunger, and blood on there mouth. The music then turns back on and soon Ivory and Brandis, with Peanut and Edwards enter a large corridor. Making their way through they see various torches lit but with no one in it. The only thing that lies at the end is a wall. When they come up to the wall Edwards knocks three times for a second it appears as if nothing would happy then a large gothic door mystically appears. Up on entering the see a large Roman office with Roman and baroque paintings that show various things they saw when they entered the castle. Various gothic statues of different sizes showing everything from monster eating people, to various erotic art; are seen around the room with a torch or candle near it. At the end of the room lies a large stone antique desk with a lantern, and filing cabinet that resembles a morgue freezer behind a royal like chair. A large stone meeting table lies in the center with various empty chairs. The room appears to be empty.

Edwards: Mistress? Mistress?

No one answers.

Peanut: The is a great and...interesting matter right now...


Mistress: I'll say.... you're dripping human all over my expensive carpet darling.

An average size Romanesque built woman, with pale white skin and low hinted green veins shining through the skin, elegantly walks in. She is wearing a black dress with various patterns. The sleeves are black, laced and long, and a black silk corset stitched up her back and brings in her large chest. The flair of the skirt is made very gothic like (almost like a renaissance dress) and of pure silk. Her nails are long and painted black. Her eyes are dark but glow when only a spec of light hits them. Her hair is also dark, curly and shoulder length. She looked but only 20 years old but it’s possible she could be older.

Looking at her with weary.

Ivory: A vampire…

Brandis: What?

Ivory: She is a vampire, a bloodsucker… an evil spawned to live in both worlds of darkness and light but belong to neither.

Brandis: What kinda sick game is this!!!?

Saying as he gives an evil look to Edwards and Peanut.

Mistress: Who is this barbarian?

Edwards: Mistress he has come for help of healing?

Mistress: Sorry… I don’t do charity cases… toss them to the leeches. (pit of vampires kept in a basement as pets. They feed on anything with life, considered to be lower level vampires not worth of blood but only low level scraps that upper vampires do not want)

Ivory and Brandis (with Zero and Nightmare still over his shoulder) prepares for a fight.

Peanut: Mistress! This one is special… very…special…

The vampire Mistress then begins to walk toward Brandis seductively.

Mistress: You do not say… he is handsome… strong… hmm perhaps I should keep him as my own personal play toy.

Brandis: Listen you evil…

Cutting him offs she notices the bloody bandages wrapped around his healed hands as he points at her. She senses something, grabs his had curiously. She then sniffs like she smells something unique, interesting. So she licks the stained blood on his palm where the bandage lays and follows with a quivers and moan.

Licking her lips.

Mistress: Mmm, that’s… wow… I have not tasted something like that ever… it’s so pure…rare… powerful… but at the same time… evil… what is your name?

Brandis: ….

Brandis can only look at her with curiosity.

Edwards: The mistress asked you a question monster…

Brandis: I’m Brandis…

Mistress: Brandis… very nice… what can I do for you?

She says as she walks back to her desk and sits down to light a cigarette.

Brandis: My friends…they need help… and

Cutting him off.

Mistress: And you want me to do something about that…

Brandis: yes… I was told you can heal them…

Mistress: Oh of course that’s easy, they become one of …well my kind…

Brandis: What!?

Brandis begins to become furious. Cutting him off.

Mistress: Unless you have the right price…then there is another way…

Ivory: Do not take it… Nothing good can come from this evil thing.

Brandis: But you said there was a healer here, we do not have long, my friends heart rates are dropping, so we have to take what we can…

Brandis: what’s the other way?

Mistress: I was hoping you would ask that…

She puts out her cigarette and then begins to get up from the desk and walk around it to Brandis. She come close to him and whispers in his ear softly.

Mistress: What I need from you is... something so sweet... so precious to... rare; and I think you know what I am talking about.

Brandis' eyes turn from content to worry faster than his heart beating. Mistress then continues to whisper.

Mistress: That's right... I think you have it... actually I know you have it..

She then steps away.

Mistress: So what do you say? Deal?

Brandis ponders for a second.

Ivory: What ever it is do not do it...

Brandis: I have no choice.

He says as he thinks his thought to Ivory and looks at her then back to Mistress.

Brandis: Agreed. But first you heal them.

Mistress: Oh no, are you kidding me? (laughs) I don't want you weaseling out on the deal...

Brandis: I'm no coward. My word is my bond...

Mistress: How do I know that...

Brandis: You don't...

Mistress ponders for a second and looks at Brandis and can tell he is not lying from how he stands and how is voice does not quiver, his hear has also slow down.

Mistress: Fine. Peanut, Edwards, take these two to the back...and lay down plastic please and call maintenance...

Everyone walking into a room behind the desk. In it is filled with various books of spells, magic’s, potions and incantations. Lanterns and candles are located in various areas of the room and in the center lies two iron and stones slabs. Edwards puts plastic down to prevent any more blood being spilled from Nightmare and Zero.

Mistress: Put them both on the slabs and have a seat.

Brandis: We choose to stand, thank you.

Mistress: Shoot yourself...

She says as she washed her hands like a doctor. She then has Edwards places a hooded cloak on her as Peanut roles up the sleeves. Both then reseed to the back of her and brace there hands on her shoulders to help keep her balance. Brandis and Ivory stand on the opposite of Nightmare and Zero.

Mistress: Alright. Do not move and do not say anything...and no matter what happens darling... do not stop me...

The mistress then places her hands over Nightmare and Zero slightly an inch above there chest. She then becomes stiff and in a trance like state breathing in and out very hard. There is soon a dark glow coming from her palms and it makes contact with Nightmare and Zero. Brandis and Ivory look on in suspense and curious like. The force from the dark glow becomes brighter and stronger pushing the Mistress back, but she is caught and braced by Peanut and Edwards. As the forces grow stronger the room begins to tremor slightly, and sparks shoot from the Mistress hands turning into strobes of electricity. Brandis thinks she is hurting them but Ivory stops him telling him not to move and to wait. The force then grows even more stronger at the tremors grow louder. Soon a wave of energy circles through out the room in a flash of light, knocking Ivory and Brandis to the ground, the flames on the candles out and the Mistress into the arms Peanut and Edwards as the catch her.

Brandis and Ivory get up to look to see what happen. The Mistress is being brought to her feet and the robe taken off. Edwards hands her a glass of blood as Peanut relights the candles. There is no movement from neither Nightmare or Zero and Brandis thinks the worse.

Brandis: You monster!!

He then begins to jump for her but is stopped by Ivory.

Ivory: Look...

Nightmares hands begin to move and soon Zero's. Both soon open there eyes and raise from the slab.

Nightmare: Someone get the number of that space ship that hit me?

Brandis smiles and hugs his friends as the awake.

Zero: Whoa! I'm not into that sensible stuff!

Brandis shakes Zero's hand instead. All three begin to talk and ask questions but are interrupted by the Mistress.

Mistress: Excuse me...but I believe we had a deal...

Zero: Deal?

Zero says as he looks at Brandis.

Brandis: I need a steel knife...

Mistress: Done... walk this way...

Brandis follows her into what appears to be her bed room. It resembles her office but instead of the desk there is queen sized bed with drapery and tons of pillows. She then hands Brandis a steel dagger.

Meanwhile Ivory is telling Nightmare and Zero all that has happen up to this point.

Brandis then takes the knife and puts it to his wrist.

Mistress: Wait... I do not want any of this on my floor.

She then hands him a large chalice.

Brandis then begins to cut deeply into his arm until blood begins to spill into the chalice. The Mistress sits back and just watches with pleasure. The chalice is soon full until Brandis passes out. Ivory, Nightmare and Zero here the thud to the floor and come running to help Brandis. They find him on the floor and The chalice in the mistress hands.

Zero transforms his arm into his blaster.

Zero: Is he ok?

Nightmare: Yea just lost a lot of blood...

Zero: Stay back bloodsucker...

Mistress: Did you forget your in my house human?

She says as she smiles and snaps her fingers for Peanut and Edwards to stand by her side.

Mistress: Here I run the show.... make the threats... and hold lives in my hands... Feed them to our guest...

Edwards and Peanut begins to walk toward the four.

Nightmare: Wait what about the deal?

Mistress: I said I would restore your life... never said I would let you keep it.

The four are cornered in a room. Zero cocks his blaster. Nightmare prepares to use his MDM. And Ivory tries to bandage Brandis. As the mistress cheers to them with her chalice of blood.

Mistress: To deals and new beginnings...

She begins to take a drink of the blood.

Mistress: Oh and by the way... my name is Mistress Mortis... Ana Mortis.