A God… not a Hero pt.2

One who holds enough power holds the fate of all things. If you could and had the power, how would you use it? To conquer, to rule or to save? Would you be a god? Or a man? A villain? Or a hero?

The city is under siege as evil invades. Inferno, Mortis and Zero fight in the streets with various citizens in Atlantis. Back at Sevenfold Labs Athame'’ lies unconscious, Lament lies broken (ripped clothing and a broken wrist) and beaten on the floor looking at her brother whom while weaken to the point where he is barely able to walk or lift himself up, Jack Nightmare stands up to Brandis with courage of a warrior and not a scientist for the first time; to defend his family.

Brandis: Ooooo (sarcastically) da little brotha rises from off of his sista’s breast finally growin’ a pair.

Nightmare continues to pant weaken.

Brandis: Dat’s a… new interesting little trick… can ya do it again?

Nightmare: Ya… can’t… d… this… stop.

Brandis: Pardon me what? Ya need some INSENTIVE?! (saying as he begins to grab Lament)

Nightmare then begins to lift his hand again to admit another blast but Brandis stops from grabbing Lament and telekinetically pulls Nightmare into the air with one hand, who reacts in pain.

Brandis: Dink I’m dat stupid t’actually let ya get anotha lucky shot? (Saying as he walks closer to Nightmare hanging in mid air) I will take dat power though… (Saying as he extract his talons with the other hand)

Suddenly Brandis is hit in the arm by a blast from Zero whom has just entered the room. The blast doesn’t even scratch him, only directs his attention.

Zero: BRANDIS! (saying with a blaster aimed at him)

Brandis: Persistent pest. (saying as he looks at Zero)

Brandis then telekinetically throws Nightmare into Zero. When the two look up from the floor they see Brandis levitating outside the window.

Brandis: I was tryin’ to do yall a favor. Ya only delayin’ da inevitable. (saying as he falls toward the ground.

Zero: Fuckin’ asshole!! (saying as he gets up)

Nightmare: Zero… don’t!!

Zero then charges the broken window and jumps out several stories to the ground. Meanwhile Athame’ awakens Lament and both go to help Nightmare back into his bed, in their weakened state.

Nightmare: You have to stop him…

Lament: He’ll… be fine..

Athame'’: Worry of… your self.

Nightmare: No… you have t… (saying as he passes out and they put him in bed)

Lament: He should be fine… I’m just…

Athame': Not now… we have to contact the headmaster.

Lament: I can’t…communications are all down… we can’t even call...

Athame'’: Then we have to do what we cant authorize… have to get the city into the air.

Lament: But to do that would require…

Athame': Accessing the main frame with Nightmare’s voice and face recognition… I know. Can you do that from here and over ride the command with out using him?

Lament: I can try…

Athame'’: Don’t try… do it…

Lament begins to do what she can from the only semi-working computer in the room with Athame’s help. Meanwhile Zero chases Brandis through the battle field. Mortis and Inferno have their hands filled with Cold Fusion and the minions who continue to pour into the city like locust. Eventually Brandis finds Cold Fusion and lends her a hand against her foes as Zero arrives sooner after to assist Mortis and Inferno.

Back at the lab Lament and Athame'’ continue with the computer when Athame'’ begins to look forward in a daze, speechless slightly holding her hand.

Lament: Are you ok?... Athame'’ are you ok?

She then snaps out of it.

Athame'’: Oh my…

Lament: What’s wrong?

Athame'’: We have to get this thing in the sky… NOW! ( the two rush faster)

Back on the battle field Mortis and Inferno team up nicely battling Cold Fusion’s attacks of wind, ice and cold. Zero fairs well against Brandis, using various blasts guns- including his own arm blaster- simultaneously. He only toys with Zero for the longest time. The two soon find themselves in close combat battling hand to hand. Brandis best Zero being more of an experienced expert. Zero soon finds himself at mercy of Brandis when he goes to grab Zero’s only human arm to break.

Brandis: Ya know wit all dat hardware revving ya up, I almost forgot how human ya actually are. (saying as he uses his power of cryokinesis-freezing objects- to freeze Zero’s arm)


Brandis: Dink Jack can make ya a new o…

Brandis is kicked in the face by an unseen enemy- the drow, Rynth.

The city begins to quack as it starts to rise from the ground growing loud with sound and Monsters simultaneously begin to deplete.

Back at the lab.

Lament: Shields are up!! The city should be protected from any electrical conducts in the clouds!!! WE DID IT!

Athame'’: Good!

Lament: Wait where are you going?!

Athame': I have to get to the others!! (saying as she jumps out the broken window and hovers to the ground using wind element)

Back in the city Zero lies in pain with a frozen arm, Mortis and Inferno continue to battle Cold Fusion. Rynth and Brandis begin to battle.

Brandis: I knew I should’ve killed ya when I saw ya…

As the city begins to reach the clouds Inferno sees Brandis and Rynth battle and runs to help Rynth fight Brandis. Most monsters have left the city. Inferno proves only to get in Rynth’s way as she fights Brandis. The closer it rises above the clouds, the more the last of the monsters continue to scatter like roaches in the natural sun light that begins to pierce the city surface one ray at a time.

The city begins to rise further into the clouds and the evil soldiers disperse more and more leaving only Brandis and Cold Fusion, as the city makes its final climb. As the smoke begins to clear Athame’ shows up. She sees the battle waging between allies and enemies. She then summons enough electricity from broken currents around the city to strike at Brandis and Cold Fusion. Stepping in front of Zero to protect him and is soon joined by Rynth, whom she notions over to her side. Inferno flies in joining his friends with a proud look at Athame', Mortis also stands on her side.

Inferno: I knew you’d pull threw…

Athame'’: I know you did…

Using Earth bound elements Athame’ binds and holds Inferno mid air with broken rocks and boulders from the debris in the city and moves him over to the other side.

Confused and shocked

Inferno: Wh… what? What’s going on?!

Athame'’: (with small tears in her eyes and her hand raised in anger) you know exactly what’s going on?

Inferno: Wh… wha…. I don’t under… stand?!

Athame'’: Stop it!! Just stop!!! This is all you… you did this!!! ALL OF IT!!! The city... the invasion… Bran (saying as she looks at Brandis)

Inferno: You… you’ve gone mad… I’m not…

Athame': Really?! THEN HOW?! HOW did all the monsters find us?! WHY is it that every since you return there’s been one ordeal after another!!!?? Reunions are supposed to be different! You go away and then you return and then all of this starts?!

Inferno: Athame'’… I swear it not…

Athame': That’s another thing… you haven’t called me star fire since you got back… (saying as she continues to hold him bound in the air)

Dropping his head in shame then back up with pride.

Inferno: … Ya know… the only reason I didn’t kill you all when I first got back… was cause I felt sorry for ya.

He then explodes out of the binding field created by Athame'’ sending shards of rock in all directions. He then hovers back to the ground.

Inferno: You’re not wrong (saying as he walks toward Athame'’) all you see before you is my doing. The fire… the brimstone… the death… the chaos…. The lies…and even the deception. Genius right?

Athame'’ grows angry with small tears standing almost still.

Inferno: Don’t worry… the end will be here soon enough…

Rynth then jumps to attack Inferno but is stopped mid air (using his telekinesis) by Brandis.

Inferno: New power?

Brandis: Yes… new power. (Brandis then pushes Rynth away into a large broken wall)

The sun begins to show a lot more on the city as Inferno looks up at it.

Inferno: Might as well enjoy your days ahead… they are numbered.

Brandis creates a shadow portal (Rynth’s power) in front of himself, Cold Fusion, and Inferno.

Inferno: Come along vampire…I’m afraid the game is over.

Mortis walks over to Inferno and stands by his side. Zero and Athame'’ show a not surprised look on their face. Inferno, Cold Fusion, Mortis and Brandis begin to submerge into the shadow as Inferno wave’s sarcastically good bye. Brandis seconds later shatters Zero’s frozen arm (using his lightening power) and laughs behind it sinisterly and they vanish as the shadow closes behind them. The natural sun shines on the city. Zero screams in severe pain. As his screaming echoes through the half destroyed city.