Master of Deception

Betrayal seems to be the only thing shared in this world with all species. Both human, machine, creature and immortal alike; it’s almost second nature. But to the people of the city of Hidden-Atlantis, one would figure it would be non-existent; and above; the natives of the city who have been present but hidden from the world for centuries. Nevertheless, perhaps even the uncanny human traits can’t elude those of high sophistication, wisdom, power and intellect.

Brandis, Athame’, Ana Mortis, Zero, Jack nightmare, and Ivory have defeated Saint Christopher and stopped his plans to destroy existence, but have lost their ally LD in the confrontation. The outcome has only gotten worse to reveal the master behind all effects and causes that have been happening around every one. Saint Christopher was only the puppet; The Headmaster of the hidden city is the master- the visionary.

With Nightmare unconscious, Zero magnetized to a wall, and LD dead; the Headmaster is soon met with force from the others. Ana Mortis tries various martial arts moves using her vampire speed but is stopped in mid air using telekinesis from the Headmaster. He then takes the sword from LD dead hand and thrust it through Mortis’ chest.

Headmaster: I know sharp objects through the heart won’t kill you… but it will hurt.

The headmaster then takes the sharp end of the sword and jams it into the wall, opposite Zero, pinning her in pain.

Headmaster: Your kind always did discuss me the most…

The head master is then attacked by Brandis and Ivory at the same time, and using a strong combination of wind and telekinetic energy; the headmaster blows both away from him. When they land, Brandis falls on top of the spear of destiny ramming it through his stomach- removing it he is still weakened. Ivory is thrown through a broken window into the nothingness outside- incinerating her existence. Time and all existence continue to turn to nothing around everyone, while Athame’ is the only one who stands against the Master.

With disappointment and pain in her aura sense eyes.

Athame’: Why?

Headmaster: Why what exactly?

Athame’: Why would you do this… our people have always existed for the greater good… to help… to guide…. Not this…

The headmaster hovers closer to Athame’. (Using his telekinesis)

Headmaster: My child… lived forever, I have. And far most than many, Witness more than you can ever dream.

The headmaster begins to hover around Athame’.

Headmaster: For two millennia, I have for seen war, bigotry, hate, racism, corruption and even the fall of reality itself. So much death… so much pain… so much… sorrow…

Athame’ begins to cry gently as the Headmaster continues hover around her, sending uncomfortable chills up her spine as he whispers in and out of her ear.

Headmaster: Know what its like do you not? To foresee things before they happen… prevent them as much as can only to still have things turn out worse than you foresee… especially when see the worse to come…

Athame’: It’s not right… we live to guide… protect... give the greater good a chance… not this.

Saying as she looks at all her allies around her defenseless. The headmaster begins to hover away to gaze out the window as the last moments of reality fall to chaos and chaos into nothing; all around them.

Headmaster: And right you are my child… see by restarting things from the beginning… giving the greater good a chance we are.

Shortly after finishing his sentence Athame’ hits the Headmaster with a barrage of stones (using her telekinesis). The stones barely leave a scratch on the head master as he recovers from falling to the ground.

Headmaster: See, I do… it seems you have learned much in your time in the outside world.

The Headmaster counter attacks with a bolt of lightening from his hands, sending Athame’ to the opposite wall.

Headmaster: But much to learn you still have…

Brandis summons enough strength to get up and attempt an attack but is met with a lightening charge from the headmasters opposite hand, sending him back to the floor with force. The head master uses one hand to telekinetically hold Athame’ to the opposite wall of her, and grasp Brandis throat with the other using telekinetic power.

Headmaster: Love for her you have monster… (Looking at Athame’-who sits in pain- with slyness) just as she does you… but in mere moments. Matter it will not.

The Headmaster relaxes his hand down to his side and begins to walk back toward the window. But everyone is soon blinded by a bright light that once cleared shows a live and radiant young form of LD.

Headmaster: Very interesting… assumed I would run into you in my life time… only sooner than later.

Floating in mid air with blue orbs circling him.

LD: My old friend… what have you done?

Headmaster: Simply I am… just doing what is right for the greater good of man… and creature alike.

Everyone else can only watch defenseless.

LD: This isn’t the way friend. Compassion… Protection… this… this is wrong… evil.

Headmaster: Gabriel… you have lived longer than I have… seen more than me you have… lived it you have… How do you see this isn’t the way…

LD: Because it’s heartless…

Removing his sword that is sitting in a holster on his waist.

LD: And you my friend are out of line…

Headmaster: Two thousand years its been… exiled from the light… living among the humans as a mortal… no wings… ageless… and still barking orders at me you do…

The Headmaster then telekinetically moves the ancient sword from its alter and moments later the two fight in aerial combat. Clashing swords in mid air as the temple around them starts to come down in a hurricane like formation. As they fight the orbs and energy around LD seems to be reforming reality back to how it was before the destruction began around everyone slowly. But the negative energy from the Headmaster continues to turn everything into nothingness as they continue to fight and fly about clashing swords as well as powers from all elements- fire blast and fire balls, water concussion blast, wind currents and telekinetic energy waves. They even use various magical spells- the head master even uses some of the dark side. But is unmatched by the inner light of LD.

LD: The centuries have made you powerful my friend!!! But evil has made you weak and Predictable!!

LD then reaches out and creates a powerful orb of light in his left hand- the size of a beach ball. At this time every thing is in total blackness and only ones around are parts of the floor (what left of the temple) and LD and the Headmaster.

Headmaster: The orb of light…. Made to incinerate the evil within a living being from inside out… only one problem… you have to touch me with it…Gabriel!! The Headmaster then begins to fly toward the nothingness to expunge himself from existence. LD begins to fly toward the Headmaster. Within centimeters from the swirling black vortex LD grabs the Headmaster by the left ankle and pulls him away from the vortex.

LD: Old and Careless…Guess you forgot how fast angels fly…

LD then presses down on the chest of the Headmaster with the orb of light. The orb spreads itself like a virus through the blood and skin of the Headmaster. Seconds later the Headmaster begins to convulse in pain and just after a pure light shoots from his mouth, ears and eyes. The light is so bright it blinds LD to where he covers his eyes. When he looks up to see, the vortex has vanished around him. The temple is whole and every one is back to where they were last, in their defenseless positions.

With his last dying words.

Headmaster: Think you have… done this… pathetic world…. justice? No…wh… when… he rises…re…return… you’d wish… I killed you all…

Athame’ opens her aura eyes to see LD standing above her.

Athame’: What happen?

LD: It’s over… come on… lets go home…

LD says with bright hope in his face.

Athame’ and LD wake up Jack Nightmare. And the 3 of them help the others down from the walls and remove the metal shards from Brandis who is carried by Zero in his weakened state. Everyone stands in front of LD, surrounding the body of the Headmaster looking down on him, wounded and slightly weak.

Zero: What do you suppose he meant…. When he rises?

Mortis: He was kinda insane so… I doubt it meant anything…

Nightmare: What do we do now? I mean… the citizens of the hidden city… what do we tell them…

Athame’: I don’t know… What do we tell them Gabriel?

LD: I’m sure you will figure it out…

Zero: So what do WE do now?

LD: Live… times that are coming will be hard… for everyone… stick together…

LD then begins to hover and fly off with a bright light surrounding him and his orbs making the form of wings. He then telekinetically moves all ancient artifacts and they begin to hover in front of him.

LD: You’ll need each other in the trials ahead… trust me…

LD then begins to fly off through the window, with the artifacts fallowing him close behind.

Athame’ stumbles off to stop LD.

Athame’: Gabriel wait!!! Will we ever see you again?

LD: I guarantee it… and please… call me LD.

LD then proceeds to fly through the window. He stops takes one last look at his friends and vanishes in bright light. Slightly blinding everyone, when it clears only thing every one sees out the window is the scorched sky, the stone rumble of the Chang dynasty, millions of non animated corpses, and chaos and destruction all around them, just like before- the after wreckage of a battle. Everyone looks concerned and worried at the sight, but pleasant at the fact they survived what was almost the end.