The Fallen Angel

Fields. Miles of Endless fields of ashes…bones…waste…and over all death of those that were surround Athame’ and Inferno. Various particles of sand, dust and other waste particles blur their sight on all sides of them.

Inferno: I don’t know about you but I can’t take much more of this! The stuff is blinding!

Athame’: I understand! But we have no choice! All vehicles around us are uncooperative! If they would work then we would be ok!

Inferno: Well why not just fly us to the nearest shelter ‘til this Ash Storm passes!?

Athame’: I can’t see! The storm has clouded my vision as well as yours! I can’t even see the aura’s of things we saw earlier! And if I were to fly both of us it would just make matters worse!

Inferno: …

Athame’: …

Inferno: We should stop moving then! Any further and would be walking into our own deaths!

Athame’: I agree… Look!! I see an enclosed vehicle!

Inferno: Good! We should be alright in there ‘til this storm passes anyway…

The two seek shelter in an old abandoned van. And about 2 hours pass. They are rudely awakened by a large rumbling.

Inferno: What was that!?

Athame’: I don’t know…small tremor maybe?

Inferno: Or was it?

Both step out of van to see nothing as they study the area around them.

Inferno: If this engine wasn’t shot I could fix it…but it’s no use…

A loud scream suddenly cuts Inferno off. Athame’ stumbles toward the direction of the scream.

Athame’: *gasps* oh no!

Inferno: What is it? What do you see? (As Inferno step up to her side)

Athame’: From the looks of it…. (She uses her aura sense to gaze through the fog) Two humans… and looks like one are battling something huge and nasty!

Both immediately begin to run toward the scene going south. When they get to it they see a large beast with brown scaled skin, Hunched over with large talons and claws, and with a mouth large enough to consume a small building. It’s not long before the beast spots them helping a young red head male armed with broadsword. His clothing is very ragged and torn, covering a small muscular physique. The young man shares and awkward look, but joins in without thinking when Inferno and Athame’ attack the beast as well. The three fight using all they can. Inferno throws various fire balls and streams at the beast scorching its flesh with every hit, even blinding it, but it keeps coming. Athame’ uses her telekinesis to throw large forms of matter around her at the creature. She also uses the earth to her advantage in the fight, but he beast continues to pursue his meal. The stranger with red hair manages to remove skin off the creature using various swordsman attacks on its hind legs. But all this effort is useless and just makes the creature angrier. So angry it stomps its hand into the ground causing a small tremor, forcing the three to take cover and hide from the fearless and blind monster.

The stranger: it’s a Ravager!

Inferno: A What?!

The Stranger: A Ravager! It eats any organic organism. The hungrier it gets the stronger it gets. Fighting it just pisses it off even more when it’s hungry!

Inferno: Oh great! So we signed our death certificates?!?!

Athame’: So what do we do?!

The Stranger: Listen! The only way to kill it is to get in close enough and impale its heart….how we do that…I don’t know.

Inferno: Oh I know! Athame’ follow my lead!!

Inferno runs out throwing fireballs left in right. Athame’ is hesitant then sees what Inferno is doing. She then begins throwing things at the creature to draw his attention. The two keep this up for a bit.

Inferno: GO NOW!!!

Slightly hesitant at first, the red head stranger jump to the top of the rock and leaps forward toward the creature with his sword in a stabbing motion impaling the creature’s heart. The Monster struggles for a bit as the stranger holds on, then it hit the ground leaving only a mild tremor behind.

Adrenaline pumping and air gasping. The stranger thanks them both, puts his sword away and continues begins to walk away.

Athame’: Who are you? The woman? The one you were with, is she okay?

Inferno: Woman? Athame’: He had a girl with him, that was the other human I saw from back there…is She alright?!

The Stranger: I thank you for coming to my rescue when I needed it but u arrived too late. The woman you speak of is no more… the creature consumed her just moments before your arrival.

Athame’: Oh…I’m really sorry…

Cutting her off.

The stranger: Don’t apologize, if she’d stayed hidden like I told her to the monster wouldn’t have seen her….she’d still be alive, and at the Hidden City by now.

Inferno: You know about the Hidden City?

The Stranger: Who doesn’t know? It’s like the promise land to humans…only few make it though…of the thousands already left.

He begins to walk on again.

Athame’: Wait where are you going? To the city? We can take you want…its just that way.

The Stranger: I know where it is… I was guiding the woman to the city…now I must head back.

The winds begin to pick up.

Inferno: Well where to?

Athame’: …

The Stranger: Far…into the waste lands…

Winds get a lot stronger.

Athame’: Well we can come…

She’s cut off by a loud rumble, and short seconds later violent tornadoes appear in the distance.

Inferno: Man!! I know that’s not good!! Come on!!

All three begin running away from the tornado storm as fast as they can. Minutes pass and the storm grows stronger almost pulling them toward the wind tunnels. Inferno gets picked up by a wind current and the stranger jams his blade into the ground and grabs him just before he gets off to far. Athame’ continues to run making in to a building. She then sees the two struggling to get back to the ground. Using her own wind sorcery Athame’ she wills them to the building and just barely making it, all three rushes inside and slam the door, barricading it behind them.

All out of breath.

Inferno: Thanks man.

The Stranger: Don’t mention it, just consider us even.

Inferno: I’m Inferno. This is Athame’.

The stranger shakes both hands and says.

The Stranger: LD

As he smiles.

Suddenly and unfamiliar voice says.

Man in shadows: Please to meet every fucking one!!! Now hands up!!!

As he cocks his gun and various other guns follow. The three can only see flash lights, and the barrels of the guns raising their hands up.