Eye of Darkness

Even in the right light, darkness exist; and allied with evil can spread to create the blackest of shadows. But sometimes and only sometimes is it only an eclipse with the brightest light waiting on the other side.

The city is invaded by an unknown and dark force lead by a mysterious winged creature in metallic, medieval-like black armor, and face unseen. Monsters and demon like creature of all shapes, sizes and kinds storm the gates, trampling the entrances to the city. With the city filled with mystic beings, evolved humans, and native Hidden Atlantians, a great battle is forged between the good and evil. Some flee for their lives while others stand in fight. Athame,’ along side Yunn, uses her skills in magic controlling the elements around her fighting off monsters using wind, fire and water. Lament, even though pregnant, uses powerful telekinesis to push, pull and throw all enemies. Brandis fights hand to hand with other melee instructors and advanced students (Master Stortion as well) using various martial arts and acrobatics. Even his best student Neo Gil decides to help lend him a hand. Inferno also uses his new powers as well, flying and slaying creature like flies.

Nightmare runs back to his lab to fend it using its security team and its defenses. The side of good has the strong upper hand in the fight. All of a sudden the invasion stops bluntly, and the artificial sunlight returns to the city once again.

Brandis: Whatcha s’pose dat was about?

Floating down from the sky with Yunn right behind her.

Yunn: A most sensible question.

Athame’: I found this. (Showing a single feather ranging about a foot in length, with multiply colors.)

Brandis: Dat looks very familiar.

Lament: Think maybe was an illusion or something?

Yunn: No… illusions don’t leave behind evidence such as a feather.

Athame’: He’s right. This seems more like a teleportation spell I believe.

Lament: Well only one way to see. I will take it back to the lab. Nightmare and I will run a particle displacement analysis.

Brandis: We’ll meet ya there…

Neo: Master is it ok I go?

Brandis: No… go back wit Masta Stortion I’m sure he needs ya help more.

Stortion: He’s right.

Yunn: No. Brandis, Stortion, Inferno and my self will tend to the injured. Neo get back to your home immediately, this is no place for students. Stop for nothing on the way.

Brandis: But I…

Cutting Brandis off.

Yunn: We do not need everyone going running off to Sevenfold Labs. If they come back its best to be divided equally in strength.

Feeling wrong for agreeing.

Athame’: He’s right.

Brandis stays silent, crosses his arms and looks away as Athame’ looks at him.

Yunn: Lament… Athame’ get back to the lab and inform me when all information is gathered.

Everyone separates to their assignments as Lament and Athame’ venture to Sevenfold Labs in a courtesy shuttle. (a small hover vehicle the size of a Volkswagen beetle that is available to all citizens to the city. They are scattered about like taxi cabs and charge credits on mileage. Citizens are allowed to drive them any time anywhere for a fee) Lament drives herself and Athame’.

With displacement in her voice.

Athame’: Bran’s mad at me… I know…

Lament: What makes you think that?

Athame’: … Well how about the obvious…

Lament: I don’t think that had anything to do with you… more of your new boss and the cities new leader giving him orders. He’s not use to it.

Athame’: Well it is my fault… new job and all… not to mention I’m kinda obligated to Yunn as leader of DOWP and advisor now.

Lament: Yes, but you’re also kind of obligated to Brandis to… don’t you think?

Athame’: ….

Lament continues.

Lament: I mean you did bring him and his mother here… changed their lives… not to mention he saved yours right?

Athame’: yea… he did…

Lament: And… you can tell me to mind my own business… but haven’t you been kind of ignoring him the last few weeks?

Athame’ growing quieter looks out the window at the city.

Athame’: ….

Lament: What’s been going on? I mean for you it’s not really normal. You use to take much care in your friends and job. A nice balance…

Athame’: I’ve just been much occupied with a lot of… things.

Lament: Listen, I know you’re trying to gain the trust of the council and various important members of the Atlantis… but that could be the fall of what you and Brandis have… ask your self… is it worth it?

Athame’: ….

Meanwhile Brandis, along with Stortion, Yunn and Inferno help many injured citizens, cleaning up and moving debris. Brandis moves various scraps twice his size with a dissatisfied look on his face along with Inferno, while Yunn and Stortion help and escort people to the hospital with medical vehicles and droids.

Removing large debris, plasters and stones of buildings over to a pile next to Inferno (whom is molding things together with his fire power so they are easy to move for hidden city construction droids) Brandis and Inferno talk. (As a Drake -or dragon that looks human- Brandis has the natural abilities of a dragon. Inhuman strength, {can lift up to 8 tons and gets stronger with age} endurance, longevity, abnormal speed and reflexes, heighten senses and durability. In their transformed state {natural dragon form} all abilities are increased and they are able to breath fire. But Brandis is incapable of transforming or breathing fire for unknown reasons. But he is resistant to fire unlike all Drake's)

Inferno: You’re exceptionally stronger my friend. How is that?

With slight anger in his voice and ignoring looking at Inferno.

Brandis: Well it’s been bout a year… get stronga wit age like ever’one else.

Inferno: Perhaps…. But you and I aren’t like everyone else are we?

Brandis: Ya well what eva…

Flying briefly over to Brandis as he begins to pick up another large plaster.

Inferno: Whoa… whoa… what’s wrong man?

Growing frustrated.

Brandis: Nothin… just fagettboutit…

Brandis punches a stone (sparks release from the stone) splitting it in two alarming others around him.

Yunn: Is everything alright over there?

Inferno immediately tries to settle Brandis down by pulling him to the side, Brandis looks curiously at his hands.

Inferno: Nothing Headmaster. Everything’s fine… um just needs a five minute break. Come on man lets talk.

The two begin walking away. Inferno with his arm around Brandis in a friendly perspective.

Inferno: Now what’s happening? Everything ok… I mean with your mom and all…

Brandis looks down as he and Inferno walk.

Brandis: Yea… she’s fine… not gettin’ worse but not gettin’ betta eitha.

Inferno: I see… well I guess that’s good… what about you and Athame’?

Brandis: She’s ok… been lookin’ afta her like ya asked me…

Inferno: Not what I meant… I mean how YOU BOTH…are

Brandis looks at Inferno with confusion.


Inferno: I’m not slow man. You storm off upset she leaves with discontentment in her face… I know you’re together. I might have been gone for a year but not stupid.

Brandis smiles shy like.

Inferno: So what’s the deal?

Both stop and then sit for a moment on a broken bench.

Brandis: She been very distant las’ few weeks. I’ve tried talkin’ to her… spendin’ time wit her… but she’s jus been away… physically and mentally.

Inferno: Well she’s been busy right? New job and all… it’ll blow over.

Brandis: How ya know bout her job?

Inferno: Yunn…

Brandis: O’Course…

Inferno: Don’t like him very much do you?

Brandis: ….

Inferno: Just give it a little time man… she’ll come around.

Brandis: Jus…dat she’s all I have now… brings feelin’s in me I never felt…

Inferno: …You love her…

Brandis looks down in slight shame.

Brandis: Is dat bad?

Inferno: No way. Love can be a good tool in a warrior’s hand, my friend. But careful… it can also be used against you in the wrong hands…

Brandis: ….

Inferno: Don’t worry… you’ll have it the right way. I’m sure both of us will get what we want in time with patience…. Everyone does…

Growing jokingly curious.

Brandis: When did ya get all optimistic?


Inferno: I’m guessing some time in the last year?

Small chuckle.

Brandis: And in dat same short time frames ya seem ta learn how ta fly but not only shoots flames but control them to?

Inferno: Well one discovers new things of themselves when alone in a dark place… we both know that. (Implying that he and Brandis learned and experience things they did not know originally; Brandis- love of a woman; and Inferno- abilities he didn’t know he had)

Both laugh and beginning walking back to help Yunn and Stortion.

Brandis: So I take it ya learned what ya dreams was all bout…

Inferno: Indeed… that and more…

Brandis: Well what ya discov…

As they walk Brandis gets a familiar scent.

Brandis: What is dat? (Sniffing)

Inferno: What?

Brandis: Somethin…

Brandis then walks over to scrap metal and picks up another feather and sniffs up close.

Inferno: What is it?

Brandis: I know who did dis.

Inferno: Who?

Brandis: We gotta get back to Sevenfold Labs.

Inferno: But we have to help these people…

Brandis: They will be ok. Droids on der way as well as more help… can hear it from here. Lets fly.

Inferno: Uh… I’ve never carried anyone while in torch mode or flying for that matter.

Brandis: Discova new things ever’day… besides… I’ll be alright…

Inferno: If you say so.

Brandis hops on Inferno’s back with the feather in his hand and the two take off like a plane.

Back at the Sevenfold Labs, Nightmare, Lament and Athame’ sit running analysis on the feather found in the battle.

Nightmare: Hmm… the molecular components are definitely inhuman.

Lament: Which indicates the person is more than human.

Nightmare: No… not actually there are many components of human DNA but also animal annnnnnnd something undetectably mystical.

Athame’: Demonic energy.

Lament: What?

Athame’: Demonic energy… that’s the mystical property.

Nightmare: Of course… you can see it… aura sight and all.

Athame’: But what is it is the question, I mean how does demonic energy merge with a human or animal hybrid or whatever.

Interrupting as they fly in through the open window with Inferno.

Brandis: It’s da sphinx.

Nightmare: Pardon me?

Brandis: Not jus any sphinx… da hybrid sphinx from Draco. (Brandis home. A series of mountains surrounded by a dark forest of mystical inhabitants from plant life to creatures that eat or kills anything that moves. Owned and ruled by various dragons.) Inferno: You mean Cold Fusion or whatever her name was?

Brandis: One in da same.

Watching the computer analysis screen Nightmare only listens to the conversation as he looks on.

Nightmare: Interesting…

Other continue to converse.

Athame’: Impossible.. h…how did she get across the cities mystical barrier…

Lament: We both know it’s not impossible…

Brandis: I know her ver’ well… if she came once she’ll come again…

Athame’: Then we have to find her some how… people stay here to feel safe. If demons and monsters can just come in when they want… then it’s quite the opposite.

Inferno: Um… Excuse me… Jack… how’s that interesting?

Nightmare: Her DNA has mystical and advanced scientific traits of genetic engineering. Almost like she was made… there’s no junk DNA at all.

Athame’: So?

Lament: So that makes it harder to track her. Even our advanced equipment can’t find her in the outside world. Her various properties will not let us pin point her exact position.

Brandis: I can track her.

Inferno: What?

Brandis: I know her scent… I can find her… might taka few days tho’.

Inferno: No way man, we can’t just let you go off in that hell hole by your self.

Brandis: Got no choice, who’s to say’ll happen if she comes back? Besides… I won’t risk anyone’s life…

Rudely interrupting.

Athame’: Cept your own. (Saying as she storms out of the room.)

Everyone is curious to her reaction as they look up to see her leaving.

Inferno: I’ll go talk to her.

Inferno jogs after Athame’ and stops her in the hallway as other scientist past with lab specimens of all kinds.

Inferno: Wait up… Athame’ what’s wrong?

Wiping small tears from her eyes.

Athame’: Nothing. Just… never mind.

Inferno: Seriously… what’s going on around here? I leave and come back; everyone’s a crazy person.

Athame’ chuckles.

Inferno: Now tell me… what’s going on?

Athame’: I ruin everything… took this job to fix things… only to have it take up my time… now I’m losing the one person… its just how she said it would happen…

Inferno: Who?

Athame’: Lament…

Inferno: You’re listening to Lament now? Wow… things have changed. Listen… you haven’t lost Bran yet… nothing set in motion. And if you care about him… need to show him… stop hiding…

Athame’ begins to smile.

Athame’: You’re right… You know I missed having you around.

Inferno: Well I am quite likable. (saying with a sarcastic smug smile)

The two hug.

Athame’: Welcome home.

Inferno: Now… let’s go back in there and show him…

Back in the Lab with Nightmare, Lament and Brandis.

Brandis: I can make da trip in shorta time with somethin’ dat moves fasta dan me.

Nightmare: I’m sure I can supply something small but fast.

Interrupting with Inferno.

Athame’: You might want to think bigger if we are all going.

Brandis: We? You’re not comin’…

Athame’: Says who?

Growing more bold and stern.

Athame’: You can’t leave the city with out proper security clearance from the headmaster. And that can come only from him or me as head of the DOWP.

Lament: She’s right…

Brandis: Whata bout ya Jack?

Nightmare: I answer to the headmaster and council…

Inferno: Looks like we’re tagging along man.

Athame’: I’ll make preparations in the morning… Jack, suit us up with what we need.

As the day goes on, night fall’s eventually revealing stars and a full moon. Brandis walks alone on a bridge alone thinking, watching the city rebuild its self in the distance. Athame’s quietly walks up.

Athame’: Penny for your thoughts.

Brandis: Are dey even worth a penny… (with distraught in his voice)

Athame’: What’s that suppose to mean?

Brandis: Nothin’…

Athame’: Can you talk to me please?

Brandis: Oh so now ya got da time, care enough and wanna talk?

Athame’: I’ve always cared…

Brandis: Sure ain’t been able t’tell.

Athame’: I know I’ve been busy lately… but I that will stop… I promise.

Brandis: Really? When?

Athame’: I don’t know… but soon.

Brandis: Well how bout now? What were ya gonna say at the game?

Athame’ then sits down on a bench and holds herself as if she’s nervously cold.

Brandis: Tell me…

Athame’: Does your kind have or believe in marriage?

Sitting next to her.

Brandis: We ain’t oblivious to it if dat what ya mean. But we have it… may not be da same as ya kind… but da same concept… Are ya sayin’ dat ya wanna get married?

Athame’: No… I’m saying…what’s going to happen with us? Where do you see this…us going? Marriage? Kids?

Brandis: Wait what? Slow down.

Brandis goes to hold Athame’.

Athame’: Nothing… forget it.

Brandis: What? Ya think cause my race is a slight more primitive dat we don’t take t’such things?

Athame’: …

Brandis: Well we do. Look… I’ve neva felt anythin’ like what I feel for ya. It’s strong… powerful. Can’t see da future… don’t know what will happen… but whateva dis is… I want it... and I want ya… and anything dat can come wit it.

Athame’: Do you really mean that?

Brandis: If ya could read m’mind you’d still have no idea h’much I do…

Athame’ smiles as Brandis leans in to kiss her.

The next morning Nightmare sits in his lab and begins to shoot himself with another serum syringe. As he begins to convulse Lament walks in to find him seizing on the floor. Growing great concern she runs over to him and finds him alright seconds later.

Lament: Wh…what was that? What just happened Jackie?

Out of breath and sweating as he straightens his hair.

Nightmare: It’s nothing… I’m… I’m ok.

Lament: Don’t lie to me!!!

Nightmare: ok… Remember the headaches I was having few months ago? Well lately they’ve been more frequent…this serum… helps prevent them.

Lament: Understand… but… don’t you think you’re tactic to controlling them is a little wrong… I mean maybe you should see a mystic or medicine doctor?

Nightmare: It’s alright… nothing that severe.

Saying as he closes a case with serum and other gadgets.

Lament: Well everyone is at the docks waiting to depart, we should get there soon.

Nightmare: Lam… I don’t want you coming… it’s… it’s too dangerous.

Lament: No way… I’m coming this time.

Nightmare: You don’t know what it’s like… outside… it’s dangerous… monsters trying to kill you every where you turn… and who’s going to watch Sevenfold Labs while I’m gone? Not to mention you’re pregnant with my niece.

Lament: The Lab will be fine for a couple days okay, there are enough great minds here to keep it up and going, and I can take care of my self. Trust me no monster or creature will mess with me. And I’m tired of being kept up in the lab… you got to see the outside… why can’t I this time?

Nightmare: But Lam…

Cutting off.

Lament: No buts… hate to go all grade school on you but I’m older and bigger than you… I’m going.

The two then leave the lab together, after Nightmare submits, and take a glass elevator to docking yard. In the docking yard are various hover crafts all shapes and sizes. Nightmares favorite and personal ship is the death bat. (looks similar to the hover crafts in the matrix) Upon there arrival they spot a blissful Athame’ and Brandis.

Lament: Well you too look like you worked everything out.

Nightmare: Where’s Inferno? We’re leaving in ten minutes?

Flying in like a human flame.

Inferno: Right on time. Sorry, had a date last night… guess my special return sparked some interests. (Smiling Proudly)

As the five begin to enter the Death Bat hover craft a familiar face step on deck from another hover craft.

Zero: Holy shit… is that the fire bug I see?

Inferno: Patient Zero… still cursing like a sailor and toting all weapons you can hold.

Patient Zero is one of the last leaders of the human resistance in the post apocalyptic world. He has a scar over one eye which reveals an enhanced prosthetic eye (ables him to see far, read heat signatures, and detect heart rate increases). His right arm is a genetically engineered cybernetic made of an organic metal created by Jack Nightmare. The arm can transform from a blade, to a protoplasmic energy blaster, to a torch. He has a scruffy beard and wears black military infantry clothing with the sleeves ripped off on his jacket. His boots are metallic and knee high military like. As a member of DOWP he works with Athame’ researching the outside world (to save it) and finding the last members of the human race.

Inferno and Zero shake hands hello and greet each other as other soldiers and other humans leave Zero’s craft.

Zero: So where’s everyone off to?

Athame’: DOWP mission of my own.

Zero: But I do the field work in this division.

Athame’: Yes but…

Cutting her off.

Zero: So I’m coming along….

Brandis: Waita sec…

Zero: Don’t… it’s my world you’re goin’ to… I know it better than anyone… besides… can do a lot better out there.

Inferno: Well let’s wait ‘til later to hold hands and kiss. Let’s go.

Everyone then boards the hover craft. Nightmare sits in the pilot seat as Zero sits in the co-pilot seat. The craft then begins to take off. The inner city gates open and shut as the outer gates open every one hovers through.

Nightmare: Weather output seems normal… no unexpected events.

Lament: Jack you told me it was dark…. But not like this…

Nightmare: Well looks I might have left some details out…

Athame’, Brandis and Inferno look out the window.

Brandis: What do ya see?

Athame’: Lots of darkness…

Inferno: Well this is setonas.