Close your eyes and imagine the perfect world. A world where there is no hate, bigotry, corruption, prejudice or injustice. Everything is clean, from the air to the soil that you walk on top of. There is no disease for there is a cure for all diseases. The world is one hundred percent peaceful, the perfect Utopia. Keep looking. Can you see it? Good. Now destroy it. Take it all away, and fill it with chaos, destruction, and death. See a world where the sky is scorched from the fire of war, and sun light is extinct. Visualize a world where there are endless fields of bones and ashes left from the death of rotting corpses, and the screams of the innocent echo through the air. The great lands of Earth have been shattered, torn, and separated through the water that bound them for 2000 years. All major cities have become rubble and wasteland sites if not demolished cities of darkness for the cruel, insane and demonic. The year is 2021. The world has had a turn for the worse ever recorded in history.

In 2012, war broke out among the states and like a plague spread rapidly through the waters engulfing the cities and lands overseas. This was just the beginning. The nuclear radiation created a subspecies in human beings. Some with special abilities, some with deformity, other with both. These after affects caused society to turn on each other, completely collapsing civilization. These events were nothing compared to what lied ahead. The radiation not only affected man, but society as well and nuclear winter begins to come into affect. Violent temperatures of hot and cold gave creations to new and more unstable weather. The terrible after shock of this new weather caused a ripple and eventual tremor that separated realms. This allowed new creatures, thought to only be myths and legends, to survive and exist in the Earth realm. In 2015, the leaders of society decided to set aside their differences and rebuild what was destroyed, and take back the world that was once theirs. They built machines, and a fast processor capable of running on the rays of the sun. These machines mass produced themselves into massive quantities allowing humans a fighting chance to exist. But trouble again took a turn for the worse. The Artificial intelligence main generator, which controlled the machines, brain evolved. The machine soon didn’t see just these new creatures as a menace but all living things as a threat. It started its own war on mankind and all other beings. To destroy these machines, mankind did the last thing they could; they took drastic measures to extinguish the rays of the sun, and they succeeded. But for all choices come consequences, the destruction of the sun rays gave birth to an eternal scorched sky, and the dawn of darkness. It was if the Earth opened up and imploded from the inside. More creatures of the unknown, filled with pure evil, were free to roam the lands once again. With the machines (and a new breed of machines made to look human called AH's) and this new demonic reign mankind has been sent into a thin line of extinction. There is now an estimated of 1600 humans on the planet Earth. Most live in secluded sub-cities and villages slightly guarded with primitive technology. While others are enslaved if not hunted down and captured. The world is under constant shadow, and order has fallen to the oblivion.

But not all is completely lost. Off in the distant oceans lie a great city that has existed for thousands of years unnoticed. It was said that the city was lost. It was also said the city was destroyed by the technology that created it; that it and its people became too evolved. Once called Atlantis- it has been given a new name of Hidden-Atlantis, for it has hidden from society for centuries. Cloaked in stealth the city lies safe from the outside world. It has been rumored and talked about as a myth among the last people of the human race. Some humans have spent their lives looking for it- and they succeed- while others fail. Hidden-Atlantis is heavily guarded with an advance security system where nothing of a threat can penetrate it. The city has simply one rule, no Hidden-Atlantic can venture out the doors to covet and show humans the way. They believe if the humans survive the journey then they are capable of the pleasures, teachings, bliss and life style of the people in the city. Only the pure of heart can enter and the wicked is turned away.

On a content and pleasant evening, on the edge of this hidden city, a beautiful girl sits gazing at the night sky bewitched with stars and clouds on her balcony. The city looks most rich at night when the moonlight shines down on it. The light beams on the city scrape allowing the skyscrapers to be seen as far as the eye can travel. Only, like most pure blooded Hidden-Atlantis, this beautiful girl can not see; yet she does. She, and like many other pure bloods, are born without pupils which leaves them blind. But all see another way. Everyone and everything has certain and distinguish aura about them or it. If a human, with purity of the heart, a Hidden-Atlantis sees your aura in ocean blue colored mist. They see others like themselves in a vibrant and golden yellow with shimmering white lights. But if evil or have even a spec of inhumanity within, your aura is seen in a dark and blood red fog. The dimmer the fog the more evil a creature or person is to them. This ability is just one of the many talents this girl and other Hidden-Atlantis have. Having dreaded hair of shoulder length blowing in the night wind, this girl sits and ponders the various life signs outside of city; the outside world she was taught about when growing up in the city. She has pale white skin, and a very silent and soft spoken voice, this beautiful young girl goes by the name Athame’. This night for her was somewhat sorrowful because earlier that day she had been suspended from her teaching position at the Merlin Academy of Spells and Mystic Art, a school where she taught young humans, mutants, and Hidden-Atlantis how to use and conjure magic. She specialized in sorcery and commanding the elements with the force of will, many had graduated from under her wing. Athame’ is a strong believer in all around peace in the world. She thinks that her people and all their teachings can actually bring the world back to light and rid it of all the chaos and evil that dwells within it. She thinks all should venture out into the world after mastering the Arts and help the outside, or at least show the last of the humans in the world the way to the city for a better life. These are some of her beliefs she was caught teaching at the school and was asked to leave.

Wearing her night time bed gown she heads to bed in her nice and cozy apartment. As she lies down she is interrupted by a knock at the door. She gets up slowly to answer the front of the door.

Athame’: Who is it?

Unknown Voice: It’s me.

Recognizing the voice of a long time good friend, she opens the door.

Athame’: Inferno? What are you doing here, it’s late?

Eternal Inferno: I know, but I just heard you were fired from the school. Why? What happened?

Athame’: I wasn’t fired; I was suspended until further notice.

Eternal Inferno: Wow, well why? I don’t understand.

Athame’: Because of what I believe…

Eternal Inferno: Oh? They found that out. Well I didn’t say anything, I swear, I kept it secret.

Athame’: It’s not your fault it’s mine. I shouldn’t have tried to influence the students to believe what I believe. I’m only supposed to train them and teach them inner light in order to use magic. Not fill their heads with nonsense.

Eternal Inferno: Believing in something so great and possible is not nonsense nor is it foolish. If I could I would be out there now trying to make a difference to the world with my powers. (Inferno is a strong pyrokinetic who has mastered his mutant ability of controlling, creating, and manipulating fire. He has long black hair and tan white skin, and is very loyal and kind. But has no recollection of his past. He has complete amnesia. He was given the name Eternal Inferno by the people of Hidden -Atlantis after competing in the Universal Tournament and becoming champion of the city.) The two sit for a few moments, and Inferno gets a clever idea, but also very foolish and jumps up off the couch in excitement.

Eternal Inferno: That’s it.

Athame’: What?

Eternal Inferno: We’ll leave. We’ll leave and venture out into the world and help guide the last remaining humans back to the city.

Athame’: We can’t, it’s against the rules. If we got caught…

Eternal Inferno: Oh com’on, You your self said you think your people should be out there helping the world and bringing back the light not just sitting in some city hoping the last of the humans survive the trip here. I say we jus’ go out there…

Athame’: I don’t know. I mean I want to. But if we got caught, there is no coming back. We will be stripped and thrown into the out world with no powers. Eternal Inferno: Trust me, we will not get caught.

Athame’ thinks for a split second, walks around the apartment for a minute sensing Inferno looking at her and waiting for her to make a decision.

Athame’: Alright. We’ll do it. We have to leave tomorrow morning. Hopefully we can find the last cities inhabited by humans, I can sense them from here but when out there it will be a little more difficult because of all the evil. Eternal Inferno: Well we will just have to wing it. No one can know we are leaving, and they can’t catch leaving either.

Athame’: Why are you doing this?

Eternal Inferno: Because I believe what you do...

Athame’: What’s the real reason? You know you can’t lie...

Eternal Inferno: …I ...I wanna know ...I wanna know exactly where I came from. The Headmaster here can’t help one can... maybe I can find some answers out there...and help at the same time...

The next day is filled with a bright bewitched sun, Athame’ and Inferno journey to the back city gates early in the morning. When there they do not just walk up to it and enter. Instead, Athame’ uses a strong sleep dust to rend the three guards asleep. With the guards asleep, Inferno and Athame’ tread quickly through the back gates of the city. Athame’ dress gets caught in the door, and her struggling sets of the security system. Bright yellow lights and sirens begin to blare as Athame’ and Inferno try to rip her loose. Inferno uses a spark from his finger and burns the dress free. The doors slam shut, and the two run off into the wasteland around the city, listening to the sirens fade out behind them. When then stop they look around sharply.

Inferno: You sense anything?

Athame’: No....but lets say I see a lot of fog....and that’s not good.

Inferno: Yea....this world is Setonas....